Nitric Oxide Supplements: The Shocking Truth About Performance Booster! [2020]

A little boost during the performance hours is always welcome, who does not like it? Well, almost everybody loves to have that elevated levels.

This is the point where Nitric oxide supplements come and perform their role.

Nitric oxide supplements

Hence, if you feel totally exhausted and worn out after a long workout session and you feel like saying goodbye to your workout regimen, it is high time that you introduce NO2 supplements in your life and you will surely thank us for that later!

Today, the supplement market is not short of NO2 supplements that seem so promising and there is a huge variety of brands, which offer Nitric Oxide ameliorating products.

Nearly 3 decades ago, scientists and researchers discovered a natural gas that our body produces to relax and soothe muscle tissues or tendons in the vessels of blood, increase oxygen and blood flow.

Since that identification or discovery, there have been thousands of scientific papers published that acknowledge the cardinal role of Nitric Oxide in the function or process of vasodilation and communication of cells.

What is Nitric Oxide (NO)?

It is basically a natural gas that the human body produces.

The human body happens to form this gas via the working of particular enzymes- nitric oxide synthases, it breaks down the amino acid (arginine).

Primary action of nitric oxideThus, NO works as an essential indicating molecule in the vascular mechanism (system), dilation of blood vessels, improvement in the flow of blood and delivery of nutrients to the respective muscle cells.

As we have already described Nitric Oxide is a natural product of our human bodies and think it like a chain or circle.

The amino l-arginine does not turn into NO2, it turns into l-citrulline that the relative enzymes turn again into l-arginine.

Hence, the cycle begins once again.

So what does it do?

Well, consider nitric oxide a biological moderator that assists body cells of the human body to talk to each other and this is not it!

It also helps out the body to maintain the blood circulation the right way.

Moreover, keep the organs’ functionalities in check.

Does it actually work?

Prior you make a purchase and spend your valuable cash on a NO2 supplement. One question’s answer we are eager to learn, “do these Nitric oxide products really work?

Well, a lot of people believe that it is just a laughing gas that can make people laugh involuntarily at the dentist clinic or a gas that the car racers use to accelerate the speed of their racing cars.

However, this is not the complete picture. This gaseous compound has the potential to do much more than this.

enhance muscleIn a clinical study, the participants either took black current juice as a placebo or nitric shot.

During the observation period, the bench press performance was way better after taking Nitric oxide.


The results disclosed a huge amelioration in reps and overall performance with the Nitric oxide supplement.

If you dig a little further, you happen to realize, it is not totally the same.

What does it mean?

Well, as per a few studies, it may not work for some people as the formula of Nitric Oxide will work for you or not; it often depends on the factors like

  • Diet
  • Age
  • Existing fitness levels
  • Overall health

Nitric Oxide Benefits

We have talked about research work and its probability to be helpful, now it is time to talk about the benefits of Nitric Oxide Benefits.

More than 60,000 studies have been conducted on nitric oxide in the last two decades and in the year of 1998; the scientists received Nobel Prize to discover the Nitric Oxide’s signaling role.

Benefits of nitric oxide supplements

1. Nitric Oxide booster and heart diseases

Nitric oxide benefits certainly include its effectiveness for cardiovascular health.

Alfred Nobel is the founder of the Nobel Prize. The doctor prescribed him nitroglycerin almost 100 years back.

At first, Alfred Nobel was doubtful about nitroglycerin effectiveness because nitroglycerin is part of dynamite composition.

He used it and it provided relieve with his condition of the heart.

The human body produces nitric oxide in the internal part (endothelium) of arteries.

When plaque develops in the human arteries, called atherosclerosis, the body loses its ability to form nitric oxide.

Therefore, this is the very reason that doctors prescribe nitroglycerine for stroke or heart patients.

2. Nitric Oxide for bodybuilders and athletes

Nitric oxide boosters are the innovative secret weapon for bodybuilders and athletes.

improve performance

Athletes and bodybuilders are now habitual to supplement their performance with the compounds like L-citrulline and L-arginine to promote the better flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles of the skeleton.

They also consume them to cater the elimination of lactic acid (exercise-induced) that happens to decrease the levels of recovery time and fatigue.

Since arginine levels go down, the entire chain or loop of arginine-nitric oxide- citrulline is likely to lose its efficiency.

Thus, result in less than appropriate levels of nitric oxide and dramatically high levels of lactate. Nitric Oxide supplements are able to retain and restore this chain or loop letting for ameliorated workouts and quick pave recovery from workouts.

With the deficiencies of nitric oxide because of the age factor; smoking; high cholesterol; lack of healthy food items in the diet; and smoking, better levels of nitric oxide levels are able to promote elevated energy levels, overall wellness and vitality.

Hence, the basic benefit of eating well and staying active just make sense now.

3. Excessive Glucose consumption

People who are willing to lose body fat are likely to benefit from the consumption of nitric oxide.

One American Journal of Endocrinology and metabolism study analyzed the influence of mandatory L-arginine on the metabolism of glucose during the exercise.

They experimented it on nine male subjects, the endurance-trained subjects cycle for 2 hours which was later followed by a quarter hour (max) effort cycling period.

During this whole period, the glucose levels of subjects were examined and it was easily observable that subjects who were on L-arginine possessed a noticeable higher glucose rate of appearance, the disappearance rate of glucose and clearance rate of glucose.

It reveals that these trained athletes were utilizing the glucose faster into the cells of muscles.

Moreover, nitric oxide booster also assists the improvement in the concentration of nonesterified fatty acid and glycerol in the body, indicating the likelihood of burning fat as fuel for energy formation.

Therefore, people who are in search of something that can aid burning body fat tissues.

4. Decline levels of fatigue during higher rep protocols

enhance enduranceNitric oxide is quite helpful in coping up with fatigue. If you are one of those people who think that the feeling of fatigue is limiting your workout, the nitric oxide supplements can help.

When you do weight lifting exercises, the body tends to deplete the levels of oxygen. Thus, your body starts producing lactic acid in the muscle tissues in such scenarios that later happen to produce a high level of fatigue.

Often enough this fatigue that felt like a burning sensation is a trigger that ceases you to exercise further. If you are willing to go for a higher level of rep protocol something like 8 to 12 rep range, this excessive fatigue is able to be highly influential in your progress.

Hence, transporting more oxygen to the muscle tissues, basically, a great method to lessen the ratio of lactic acid and simultaneously decrease fatigue, the change will be dramatic.

5. Improvement in the availability of energy

Another noticeable indirect of the nitric oxide boosters on exercise performance is the amelioration of the flow of blood because better blood flow means the better regulation of core temperature of the body.

The temperature of the body tends to increase just after an intense workout, the body does every attempt to cool down the body a bit and bring down the temperature so the body does not overheat itself.

The good flow of blood supports the body and the body can easily utilize the optimum energy into workout session rather wasting it into rising the temperature.

Nitric oxide foods

Nitric oxide foods are certainly a great option to introduce nitric oxide into the lifestyle.

  1. Citrus: citrus fruits like orange, lemons, grapefruit have amounts of vitamin C, which has been proven to shield molecules of nitric oxide from free radical damage.
  2. Pomegranate: this highly tasty fruit has the potential to elevate nitric oxide and it also has anti-inflammatory characteristics.
  3. Dark Chocolate (raw cacao): eating chocolate is a sinful pleasure and dark chocolate can actually improve your health. Well, that is partially right but it is a reality that raw cacao has the capabilities to promote nitric oxide and it has numerous antioxidants to offer.
  4. Walnuts: Dry fruits are already good for health but this brainy dry fruit walnut is actually a good source of vitamin E due to the high ratio of L-arginine, walnuts can easily maintain the free blood flow.
  5. Beets: Beetroot is actually full of nitrates. Various studies are available to confirm it as a vasodilator that happens to lower down the blood pressure and has the ability to improve erectile functionality. Moreover, beetroots contain betalains and antioxidants which are anti-inflammatory.
  6. Meat and Seafood: Wild seafood and Grass-fed meat are a tremendous way out for getting CoQ10. This substance is a vital co-factor to increase nitric oxide. Liver and other organs have the highest ratio of CoQ10.
  7. Garlic: Well frankly, Garlic does not have any nitrates in it. However, garlic has the tendency to kick-start their formation by elevating the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS). NOS alters L-arginine into nitric oxide in the availability of cofactors such as vitamin B2 and B3.
  8. Watermelon: Watermelon is full of amino acid, L-citrulline, which is transformed into L-arginine and eventually into nitric oxide.
  9. Spinach: Are you willing to be stronger like Popeye? Well joking apart, eating fresh spinach is loaded with nutrients and for sure nitrates.
  10. Arugula: Arugula is also famous with the name of rocket lettuce; arugula has the tremendous amount of nitrates. This bitter green is apt for sautéed or salads with other vegetable recipe and thus, it becomes easy to add it to daily consumption.

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How Does NO2 MAX Work?

Crazy Bulk No2 Max ReviewThe best mechanism of NO2 Max is actually the improvement in the blood flow.

To feed muscles the right way, opening up of muscle vessels is highly crucial.

This is the most common issue that various people are not able to maximize their muscle nutrition.

Therefore, when muscles receive the right nutrients, it will be much easier for them to maximize their growth because blood is the carrier that transports all the nutrients.

Plus points:

  • Energy booster
  • Improved oxygen as well as blood flow
  • Acceleration in nutrient absorption
  • Improvement in endurance
  • Better muscle growth
  • Speedy recovery
  • No Prescription or No needles

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Negative points:

It can accelerate or assist the growth of muscle but it does not grow muscle itself, it can support only.

Use the recommended dose

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