Not Steroids: Shocking! These 3 Things are Not Steroids [2020]

Here we cleared some compound as the statement “Not Steroids But Have The Anabolic Properties”.

The Majority of opinions is going to negative in this article.

anabolic properties

There is a lot of misinformation as the compounds, stimulants and the growth hormones are lumped/connected to steroid use.

The falsity arise from the misuse of drugs and the steroid abuse, not by the medical treatments

It is important to understand the difference between anabolic steroids and the anabolic properties.

There are many foods that have the strong anabolic effects, but no one can say ground and beef an anabolic steroid.

There is some information collected on the arena of fitness, sport, and the bodybuilding.

1. Does Clenbuterol Have The Anabolic Properties

There is confusion among the individuals that the Clenbuterol is an anabolic steroid.

So do you think that the drug is anabolic steroids?

Here I cleared the chagrin related to Clenbuterol.

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol SteroidsClenbuterol is popular among the bodybuilders also known as Clenbunal.

The drug use considers as legal for the medical purposes, it is used for control and the treatment of asthma.

In the bodybuilding, there are a lot of males and females look Clenbuterol as the miracle drug in order to provide the anabolic effects.

Clenbuterol is a Beta 2 sympathomimetic and not steroids, so it is not promoting the rapid growth of muscle and does not have any drastic effects on the liver and the hormonal system.

Clenbuterol interacts with a Beta-2 receptor that can increase the metabolism and the fat burning properties.

It can improve the efficiency of cardiovascular health, increase the lean muscle mass and the protein synthesis.

Yes, it carries the properties of anabolic steroid but Clenbuterol is not the anabolic steroid.

The drug is widely used with a stacking of Winstrol, Anavar and Trenbolone.

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2. Human Growth Hormone

During the sleep, our body releases the HGH with the help of a pituitary gland.

Further HGH release into the bloodstream, bind in the brain region responsible for the memory and the learning, stimulates the liver to produce the growth factor IGF-1 and promotes the growth of cartilages, muscle, and the bone.

HGH is banned by the FDA when the researchers find that the HGH extracted from the cadavers is responsible for the illness that is similar to the mad cow disease.

Afterward, HGH is produced by the recombinant techniques in which the bacteria are involved and free from the contamination.

The pure and synthetic form of HGH called as the Somatropin.

There is no difference between the effectiveness of the synthetic and the natural human growth hormone.

In the year 1985, FDA approved the use of recombinant HGH for the medical purpose.

The reason behind is that almost 150,000 children are suffering from the deficiency of HGH, which may have an impact on their development or growth.

Crazy Bulk HGH X2 ReviewThe recombinant Human Growwth Hormone use also allowed for the HIV/AIDS patients and the individuals with a short bowel syndrome.

Human growth hormone improves the metabolism of carbohydrates, minerals and the fat, stimulate the growth of connective tissue, maximize the number of cells in the skeletal muscle, increase the size and promotes fat loss.

HGH sends the signals to the cells of muscle, bone and adipose tissue for promoting the Lipolysis (fat loss) and the anabolism (steroid growth).

Most of the bodybuilders think that it is the anabolic steroid but there is no any shape of HGH to the anabolic steroid.

Growth hormone is popular among the athletes and the bodybuilders and they always used with a stacking of an anabolic steroid such as the Clenbuterol, Trenbolone, and Winstrol for the best results.

Does Human Growth Hormone Have An Anabolic Properties?

Common among the bodybuilders and athletes, it is considered that the human growth hormone (HGH) is an anabolic steroid.

Yes, it carries a strong anabolic effect but being with this effect does not make the anabolic steroid.

For better performance, HGH work great in conjunction with an anabolic steroid.

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3. Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitric oxide is a natural gas which is produced in the body through the specific enzyme called as the Nitric oxide synthases.

Nitric oxide booster plays a role to dilating the blood vessels, increase the blood circulation, signaling molecule in the vascular system and allows the supply of nutrients to the muscle cells.

Crazy Bulk No2 Max ReviewPeoples think that the nitric oxide booster is an anabolic steroid but the main thing to understand that the many anabolic steroids such as the Dianabol and Trenbolone are plays role to increase the nitric oxide level in the body for increased the muscle.

While nitric oxide boosters in the form of supplements are amino acids based like Arginine and Citrulline.

These amino acids can improve the nitric oxide level in the body to stimulate the production of growth hormone and improve the blood and oxygen circulation in all over the body.

The foods like watermelon, beets, and walnuts can improve the nitric oxide level naturally.

  • Nitric Oxide boosters have the anabolic properties, but it is not the anabolic steroids.
  • The bodybuilders stacked nitric oxide booster with the Dianabol, Winstrol, and Clenbutetrol for the best result.

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Although Clenbuterol, Human Growth Hormone, and nitric oxide booster are not an anabolic steroid even they have some drastic side effects.

effects of steroids on body

  • Clenbuterol can cause the muscle cramps, insomnia, cardiovascular complication and the nervousness.
  • Nitric oxide booster can cause the stomach discomfort, electrolyte imbalances and increase bleeding
  • HGH can cause the Carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and muscle pain, swelling in the arms and legs, increased insulin resistance and

Gynecomastia is the development of male breast, result in irregular hormone level, especially rise in estrogen level.

The condition develops when there is an abuse of an anabolic steroid.

There are many treatments of the gynecomastia depending upon the condition such as the liposuction, mastectomy, aromatase inhibitors, and raloxifene.

The surgery and the medications have some drastic side effects.

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Clenbuterol alternative is Clenbutrol, the Nitric oxide booster alternative is NO2-Max, and HGH alternative is HGH-X2.

You can also treat the gynecomastia by the Crazybulk supplement Gynectrol  which plays a role to balance the hormone level and reduce the excess fat tissues in the pectoral muscle.