Oprah Winfrey Made a Whopping $12 Million From One Tweet About Bread

According to a latest report by Of course this happened, the media magnate made a lot of cash by posting a single tweet.

It was further added by Market Watch that the star made a whopping amount of $12 million for purely writing about how she managed to lose weight, while still consuming bread.

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What is this bread-mania all about?

Oprah Winfrey on WeightwatchersWell the news might sound confusing. Who doesn’t love bread? We all love bread. And she did not even use the 140 character limit.

That sounds totally unfair, but this is what exactly happened!

First of all, let’s not ignore, she is Oprah!

That has to be the end of the story, but there is a lot more to it.

Her post in earlier 2016, in which a short 30 second video clip was also included, was basically meant to promote her ride with Weight Watchers; keep in mind that Oprah is the biggest individual stakeholder in Weight Watchers International Inc!

What did she say about bread?

Now, you might be wondering as how bread and losing weight together make sense.

How can you lose weight while you are taking bread, regularly?

But Oprah surprised everyone by ensuring her weight loss, despite taking bread daily.

Weight Watchers and the crazy jump in their share prices:

Only an hour after Oprah posted her story about bread on Twitter, the share prices of Weight Watchers started to surge and finally reached to $2 mark per share.

Oprah Winfrey talk about bread

Interestingly, Oprah singly owned 6 million shares in the company, so the star made almost $12 million in a blink.

However, this gain of $12 million is unrealized until she decides to sell her shares; which doesn’t seem possible by looking at the way things are moving!

Oprah’s role as a shareholder in Weight Watchers:

In October 2016, the television mogul announced her role as a spokesperson of Weight Watchers right after purchasing 10% of company’s shares.

Oprah filmed a commercial to endorse her partnership, following the footsteps of previous celebrity spokespersons (Jennifer Hudson, Jenny McCarthy, & Jessica Simpson).

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Oprah’s motivational video for every woman:

Oprah Winfrey posted a one-minute video, sitting on a chair and enlightening why she became a part of Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers

She explained that inside every woman exists a woman that she knows she can be.

Several times while looking at your reflection in the mirror, you fail to recognize yourself because you have already been buried under the weight that you carry.

She emphasized on the fact that life is a continuous struggle and you have to make countless of efforts to achieve your goals.

She believes that a failed attempt makes us powerful and more confident for our next attempt.

Oprah likes the easy way:

Oprah’s tweet about eating bread shows that the star wanted an easy way of shedding weight.

Oprah awardsShe didn’t want to promote a method that makes its attendants frustrated and demotivated in the end.

She knew that people love bread but do not eat with the fear of gaining weight. Well, it seems like Oprah has hit the right spot by talking about bread.

Only a single tweet made her richer by $12 million as Weight Watchers share prices jumped up. Good going Oprah!

The attached sentiment with Oprah’s message:

Oprah’s tweet has successfully instigated the sentiments within audience, as the 61 year old star talked about weight loss in a lighter tone.

She showed that this journey can be lightened up by adding things that we like and not discarding them.

A small example is that Oprah indirectly encouraged her audience to eat bread without any fear of gaining weight.

Seems like Oprah knew what she was talking about and how it might affect the sentiments of her fans!

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Oprah’s role in Weight Watchers – A final glance:

Oprah has become the spokesperson of the company and is doing her job pretty fair.

Diet plan b y Oprah winfrey on Weight Watchers

Her single tweet increased the value of the company in the form of increased share prices. But this might lead to several questions that might sound confusing to you.

For instance, why exactly she is encouraging to eat bread when generally, people avoid eating bread during the cutting phase?

Secondly, what are the benefits of eating bread and how is it possible to shed weight while eating it?

In the end, whatever her motive is, the star is $12 million richer now!

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