P6 Extreme Review: GOOD or BAD Quality Anabolic Stack? [2020]

P6 Extreme

Constant decline in stamina, poor growth of muscle mass and repeated failures to bring down the unhealthy weight indicates towards the deficiency of an indispensable hormone, testosterone.

The demand for testosterone always tends to be higher for the bodybuilders and weight lifters.

And they can never accomplish their goals without an external testosterone boost!

Amidst the plethora of testosterone boosters available in the market these days, there is a supplement by the name P6 Extreme.

P6 Extreme is touted to be a very promising product for men in need of a good testosterone booster.

However, most of you have landed here to know the real truth behind these claims.

That is, if P6 Extreme is a legit or a scam! 

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Before we discuss how effective or futile P6 extreme is, let us highlight the core functions of this performance enhancing product.

P6 Extreme benefits

Of course, since it is a testosterone booster, the very first promise it makes is to increase your testosterone production.

Secondly, the supplement purports to impede the transformation of testosterone into estrogen. This signifies that P6 extreme does not contribute to gynecomastia, a complication that is commonly led by other testosterone boosters.

And thirdly and very importantly, the formula claims to reduce the conversion of testosterone into DHT, so that the body has enough testosterone to benefit from.


P6 extreme is basically a tried and tested supplement with encouraging reviews and positive feedbacks.

There are some fact-based researches backing the quality of its ingredients and many customers swearing its efficacy.

On a whole, it is a supplement designed to surge your performance power. But on top of performance, the testosterone enhancing abilities of P6 extreme can do further good to you.

For example, it can push your muscle growth, promote fat cutting and help with muscle healing.

All in all, the formula can help you with your trainings or say; help you reap all the much desired results from your trainings.

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It comprises of some very powerful and tested ingredients that are wisely combined to complement and enhance the effects of others.

P6 testosterone booster

These contents are what really credited for the testosterone boosting and performance enhancing abilities of P6 extreme.

  • OVINE PLACENTA POWDER: The ingredient promotes balanced production and release of testosterone.
  • BETA-SITOSTEROL: A very imperative agent, beta sitosterol prevents DHT transformation.
  • AGARICUS BISPORUS: It has been added to avert the alteration of testosterone into estrogen.

As you can notice, the aforementioned key ingredients possess the qualities to come up with the three promises made by its manufactures. They embody how the combination of this supplement has been engineered.

But the effects of ovine placenta powder, agaricus bisporus and beta-sitosterol are not limited to these points, they further prevent hormonal breakdown, giving more power to P6 extreme.

In order to maximize the production of testosterone, the manufacturers have added another very effective ingredient in the formula of P6 extreme.

The agent called tribulus terrestris, holds the competence to stir the production of testosterone and is said to be more powerful than other test boosts in P6 extreme.


Considering the active ingredients of P6 extreme, we can say that the supplement holds powers to provoke testosterone.

p6 ResultsParticularly the dosage of tribulus terrestris is favorable enough to excite the sluggish production of testosterone.

But despite this, we cannot claim that the testosterone booster will create wonders for all.

Even though, it has a good customer base, average to good customer feedbacks and some researches supporting the quality of its ingredients, yet, we cannot engender any conclusive statement on these parameters.  

In spite of this, men who have experienced P6 extreme have touted that the test boost can endow the much needed edge to the weightlifters and bodybuilders failing to acquire serious results from their endeavors.


  • Significant growth in muscle mass and strength gains.
  • Slashing of body fat.
  • Better focus, energy and confidence.
  • Defined muscles and shredded body.
  • Big gains and brawny physique.


  • The price of P6 extreme is at the higher end, compared to other similar products available.
  • It is said that the formula of P6 Extreme is powerful, which makes it more favorable for the advanced bodybuilders and inauspicious for the beginners.

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While you shortlist some good testosterone boosters for yourself, you will realize that P6 Extreme is an expensive product against other test boosters in your list.

p6 results

No doubt, the supplement has quality and the company behind it is also reliable. Therefore we can say that customers may not mind paying some extra bugs for it!