Phenblue Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Phenblue is a weight loss supplement that burns fat that is beyond the grasp of diets and exercises, and helps shedding weight from even those areas of the body that exercises and diets alone cannot reach.

Phenblue review

When the body hits its plateau and becomes adapted to the hard workout routines and strict diet plans, it is an indicator that the body has reached its maximum capacity and needs an additional booster to kick-start body firmness.

Phenblue is a reasonable remedy to safely and effectively suppress appetite and burn fat when your body has reached its maximum potential, to rebegin the weight loss process and provide more energy while dieting or exercising to further sculpt the body.

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The formula of Phenblue contains well-researched and thoroughly studied ingredients for proven weight loss.

Phenblue ingredientsits ingredients along with their purpose of inclusion in the formula, is briefly described below:

The main ingredient of Phenblue is NeOpuntia which provides the foundation for this formula to work potentially for successful weight loss.

It is a lipophilic fiber, a natural element made from a certain type of cactus called Ficus-Indica by dehydrating its leaves.

This specific fiber content is a fat blocker which prevents the fat from food intake from absorbing and storing into the body and is proven by recent clinical research and testing.

Scientific studies suggest that taking NeOpuntia along with a regular exercising regimen and a balanced nutritional program can have positive impact on metabolic syndrome and help losing weight.

Another strong ingredient in Phenblue is Trimethylxanthine which is a powerful pharmaceutical grade caffeine to burn fat and boost metabolism in order to produce effective fat loss results.

Caffeine is a popular and proven weight-loss ingredient that safely burns fat through thermogenesis and provides other benefits like increased metabolism and energy in addition to weight-loss.

Although there is no doubt in the efficacy of all types of caffeine for losing weight, but the positive thing about Phenblue is that it has the highest grade of caffeine anhydrous in the form of 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine which is much more powerful and effective for burning fat.

This ingredient in its best quality is safe to use for weight loss, moreover, its benefits can be observed in the gym as it can have a remarkable impact on the workout routine and better calorie burning.

Phenblue fat blockerOrganic Matcha Green tea is another key component of Phenblue which is a rich antioxidant to clean and detoxify the body of all the unwanted body fats, waste and toxins.

There have been several studies and researches done over years to find out the fat-burning potential of green tea through thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Although all green tea is capable of losing weight, but matcha green tea is even a better type, and is considered as the premium quality which makes Phenblue a favorite among the health and fitness conscious community.

The matcha green tea is much higher in EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) than other commonly grown green tea.

EGCG is basically a compound found in green tea which contains powerful polyphenols that cause thermogenesis for increasing metabolism and producing energy to burn fats and calories.

Theobromine is the second most popular stimulant besides coffee for losing weight and boosting energy levels, and is one of the main ingredients in Phenblue.

It is pure and raw base of methylxanthine compound that is commonly found in cocoa.

Along with boosting metabolism to reduce weight, it can also help get in a better mood, and help increasing mental alertness.

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According to the manufacturers of this product, Phenblue is to be taken twice daily.

Phenblue benefits

The first dose thirty minutes before breakfast with a glass full of water, and the other dose thirty minutes before lunch with a glass of water.


This product does not require any prescription before buying and can be taken over the counter as a fat burning, fat blocking, appetite suppressing weight-loss supplement.

It accelerates the fat burning capabilities from all parts of the body by blocking the storage of fat that is consumed through the food.

It is a no-mess, pain-free, and easy-to-use natural appetite suppressant that helps you consume less calories and helps control your abrupt-eating urges, while also providing important nutrients to the body.

Phenblue boosts the metabolic rate of the body with the help of its natural and pharmacological ingredients that are clinically proven to shed stubborn weight and burn more calories.

The surplus amount of nutrients and energy gained through this weight-loss supplement provides abundant stamina to perform exercises and carry on with the diet.

When combined with a weight loss program, like a workout routine or a diet, Phenblue gives a powerful result of fat burning.

Some of the major benefits obtained from Phenblue are:

  • Fat burning
  • Reducing appetite
  • Increasing endurance
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Increasing alertness
  • Decreasing fatigue
  • Inhibiting fat storage in body


Phenblue fat burnerPhenblue contains clinically safe products that can be used to lose weight without worrying about any side effects when taken according to the directions given on the product.

This product and its ingredients are harmless and effective, however, avoid taking these capsules if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Also avoid taking it if you suffer from a heart condition or high blood pressure.

Also, consult your doctor if you wish to lose weight through this supplement and already taking any other medication or have a health condition that could be of concern.

It is also better to avoid taking caffeine based products with Phenblue, as it already contains the right amount of caffeine to keep you alert during the day and burn fat from your body all day long.

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Overall, Phenblue is a safe and effective diet pill to lose weight, even when the body has reached its maximum fat burning capabilities through exercises and diets.

This supplement reinforces the fat burning process with your current exercising and diet plan.

This non-prescription weight loss drug is also made of high quality natural ingredients and their well-researched pharmacological compounds to suppress appetite, burn fats, increase energy, boost metabolism, promote a good mood, and enhance alertness while helping in build a lean body.