Phenq Vs Phen375 – Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Phenq Vs Phen375 – Now, you might ask that which one is better here. Well, below goes a comparative study on PhenQ and Phen375.

Yes, people always advise you on balanced diet plans and a hardcore exercise routine but it’s not always easy to follow such routines religiously in our packed busy life.

You always need some extra power boost that will do the hard work for you and hence you have the diet pills today.

However, again, not all such pills around can be trusted equally. Some are not so effective while some might lead to serious side-kicks.

But if you are looking for expert recommendations, the two most popular names are PhenQ vs Phen375.

Before getting the discussion started, it must be mentioned here that PhenQ is a product by Bauer Nutrition while the other weight loss pill is developed by RDK Global.

Both are legal to use as they are produced pharmaceutically accredited facilities.

PhenQ VS Phen375 - Which Is A Better Weight Loss Supplement
PhenQ vs.Phen375 – Which Should You Choose?

They differ in terms of market presence

First off, Phen375 has been in the market for more than 5 years now since its inception in 2009. It was developed as an answer to a highly controversial diet pill doing the rounds at that time.

On the other hand, PhenQ is a relatively new product in the market and hence if you are looking for something with a prolonged market existence, may be Phen375 could be great for you.

Having said that, it must be mentioned here, that PhenQ is also fast becoming a favorite among those looking for effective diet pills.

PhenQ’s secret ingredient found nowhere

It’s to mention here that PhenQ is armed with secret trademarked formula of a-Lacys Reset which is not available in phen375 or any other weight loss pill.

In fact, this very ingredient has upped the popularity and effectiveness quotient of PhenQ over many other such pills in the market. So, what’s so special about this particular ingredient?

capsimax powderWell, the formula is developed based on cutting-edge science and research and it has proved to be really effective by improving the metabolic rate of the body through thermogeneisis or heat production.

A boosted metabolism and thermogenesis assures quicker fat burn.

As per the studies taken to test the power of this secret ingredient, the results are truly impressive.

In one study where people were given a-Lacys Reset, people reported-

  • 44% loss of bodily weight
  • 24% loss in bodily fat
  • 8% boost in the muscle mass

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They differ in terms of ingredients

PhenQ and Phen375 are composed of separate line of ingredients. Apart from the one mentioned above, the ingredients of PhenQ are:

  • Capsimax powder that contains high thermogenic properties
  • Calcium carbonate that assures the body that it’s full and hence prevents further fat production
  • Caffeine- it provides instant energy boost , suppresses appetite & reduces fatigue
  • Chromium Picolinate that curbs one’s sugar & carb cravings
  • L-CarnitineFurmarate which helps the body to process energy from stored fat
  • Nopal that helps in suppressing appetine and charging up energy levels

Trimethylxanthine Phen375 IngredientsThe ingredients of Phen375 are

  • 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthinewhich helps the body to produce more energy from stored fat
  • Capsaicin-1.12 which comes with thermogenic properties
  • L-Carnitine which helps body to transform unwanted stored fat into high energy
  • Eurycoma Longifolia is a  great fat burner from Indonesia
  • Sympathomimetic Aminewhich helps in natural production of norepinephrine and boosts up metabolism

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PhenQ targets weight loss from all ways

One of the biggest differences between these two diet pills is that while PhenQ controls the problem in a number of ways, Phen375 takes to 2 main ways.

To start with, both the diet pills boost up thermogenesis in the body that leads to higher metabolic rate leading to improved fat burn and charged up energy levels- so that you are geared to exercise more effectively and lose weight faster. Besides, both of them are appetite suppressants.

phenq the best diet pills for womensBut apart from theses, Phenq offers some necessary additional help that is not offered with Phen375. These are:

  • This weight loss pill stops further production of fat in the body
  • It improves your muscle mass
  • It recharged the moos of the user through its mood enhancing properties. Weight loss is an overwhelming process that can lead to stress at times but PhenQ takes care of that as well.

No wonder, PhenQ is often dubbed as complete weight loss pill given its multi-faceted approach towards weight loss which is not available with other pills.

Phen375 might lead to some side effects

While PhenQ assures completely no side effects, Phen375 can mean some side effects. But don’t worry, those are not so serious.

As a Phen375 user, you might face-

  • Mild dizziness
  • Loose stool
  • Sleep inconsistency
  • Higher heart rate & BP

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Faster weight loss with Phen375

The best weight loss pills for men and womenAs per the feedbacks from users, a phen375 user might lose around 3-5 pounds a week while it is 1-2 pounds for a PhenQ user.

Longer cash-back guarantee with PhenQ

Both the diet pills offer cash back guarantee, much to the delight of the users.

But PhenQ offers a longer 60 day guarantee compared to the 30-day guarantee of Phen375.

Phen375 is cheaper

Phen375 costs cheaper to PhenQ. A bottle of phen375 costs 59.99 USD while that of PhenQ costs 69.99 USD.

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Our Conclusion:

In conclusion it can be said that both the diet pills discussed above are great products.

But when it comes to choosing a one, you have to depend on your particular preferences.

If you are looking to lose weight super-fast, Phen375 would be a better option since the weight loss rate is higher here compared to the other weight loss pill.

But then, with PhenQ you are getting an all-in-1 pill which takes a comprehensive approach to the weight loss pill.

Finally, no matter, whichever you choose, make sure to check what you eat and stay active with a steady workout plan.