PhenQ Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

PhenQ is jam packed with all the revolutionary and effective ingredients, and it is able to provide you all the benefits that you can expect through any ideal weight loss supplement.

A Myth or Reality?

phenq pills review
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Obesity is one of the rising problems around the globe, alone in the United States; every 6 out of 9 people are the victim of it.

It is the root cause of many diseases and that is why people should take it seriously.

If an individual wants to have, a complete weight or he is likely to enhance his performance during the workout sessions; he must need something that is quick to show the results.

It is needless to buy things that late night TVCs try to sell with claims that are too good to be true.

Rather PhenQ has the potential to support your battle against weight loss.

Although it is a newly launched product it has the power to stand out from the crowd because of its unbeatable formulation and the apt combination of ingredients.

However, the results of this supplement also depend upon the consumers.

Bottom Line: this pill has the potential to support largely to your weight loss journey.

What is exactly this supplement PhenQ?

PhenQ is the product of Wolfson Berg Limited (a well-known brand in the supplement industry).

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All the products of Wolfson Berg limited are made under the supervision of FDA approved facilities.

Moreover, all the ingredients are herbal in nature and that is why they do not need any prescription.

Thus, this supplement comes under the category of OTC medicine, it means, it is available without any prescription.

Features of PhenQ:

  1. It is a unique blend
  2. It can easily torch the stored fat
  3. It has the potency to suppress appetite
  4. It can limit the fat production
  5. It can easily elevate mood and the energy levels of the consumer
  6. It is a quite high-quality formula

Additionally, the consumer can easily lose up to 8lbs to 22 lbs in a month’s time with a good diet and exercise.

What is the working Principle?

PhenQ is the one solution for all your obesity related concerns!

Why is it so effective?

It is a new formula with proper clinical and scientific studies.

The best part about this supplement is that all the relevant information is already present on the official website of PhenQ and in a very descriptive manner.

How does it influence Metabolic Activity?

All the human beings face a reduction in their metabolic rate as they age.

Young people have much better metabolism than those who are in adult life (except for a few exceptions)

Just after the age of 25, the human body starts losing its efficiency levels.

Hence, people, who are obese, should be taking their obesity seriously and they should be working on losing extra weight of theirs.

PhenQ accelerates the decrease of fat storage in the body.

Furthermore, It elevates the energy levels of the human body to its extreme levels that indicate you will be getting two major advantages from PhenQ.

  • Better mood
  • Better fat loss

The appetite Suppression:

Often enough the real problem is eating itself, when we eat excessively, we tend to put on weight.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten that what the primary function of eating was!

It was not to give only pleasure to our taste buds but to fulfill our body’s energy requirements.

Therefore, overeating is a curse than a blessing.

So, what should you do?

PhenQ can actually suppress your appetite and because of this key role, you will feel less hungry and it implies less food

It is totally a no brainer

Less food = weight loss

The Ingredient List of PhenQ:

PhenQ is tried and tested weight loss supplement that can cater your energy boosting, appetite suppressing and fat burning needs all in one.

phenq ingredients

  1. Capsimax Powder:

The cardinal ingredient in this powder is Capsicum.

This ingredient can perform multiple tasks in your body.

  • Firstly, it speeds up the blood flow to let your body absorb other ingredients in PhenQ in less time.
  • Secondly, it heightens your body temperature little bit to aid your body in burning more calories.

Bottom Line: This whole activity is thermogenic-burn and only this process alone can torch up to 250 calories in a day.

  1. Chromium Picolinate:

It is great at suppressing your hunger by maintaining good levels of sugar at the right range. It really works as the consumers experience fewer cravings after taking PhenQ.

  1. Calcium Carbonate:

Calcium Carbonate good for bones but it can also restrict your body from making fat reserves instead it helps the body to utilize the fat as a source of energy.

  1. Caffeine:

Caffeine is widely popular stimulant and for all the right reasons!

It helps you to stay focus, alert and it improves the energy levels of the consumer.

Additionally, just like Capsicum it improves metabolism and supports in burning more calories.

  1. Nopal:

This ingredient comes from one of the types of cactus and it is a great source of fiber. It can suppress your appetite and let you feel full.

Moreover, Nopal is highly effective to get rid of fluid retention and no doubt water weight is actually a problem but with Nopal, you can say bye-bye to fluid retention.

  1. L-Carnitine:

This is the ingredient that unleashes stored fat into the blood so that the body can use that released fat in the form of energy.

  1. a-Lacys:

It is an incredibly powerful ingredient that can easily accelerate the metabolism and boost your thermogenic process, gives your body the strength to melt away fat fast to get the dream body that you have always desired.

Thus, PhenQ can do the following tasks for you.

  • You snack less and you are in full control of your meals
  • Unleashes reserves of fat so you can utilize those fat molecules in the form of energy
  • 20% faster calorie burning process
  • Elevates your energy levels

What is the probability that you can lose weight with PhenQ?

There are testimonials from both genders who have tried PhenQ and the answers, and their reviews reflect that PhenQ is equally effective for all the body types as well as it is helpful for men and women.

The ingredients are natural and losing 8lbs to 22lbs is possible with PhenQ.

Moreover, there are many people who claim PhenQ to be the best ever supplement for the weight loss journey, as they are convinced that PhenQ can be the best companion that a person can ever have during weight loss.

If you are the one, who feels that you deserve the best then you shall opt for PhenQ because it has every possible thing to help you out in reducing weight.

Instructions for Dosage:

The recommended dosage is two pills to achieve the desired outcomes.

  1. One PhenQ pill with the breakfast
  2. One PhenQ pill with the lunch


Do not take more than recommended pills as PhenQ has ingredients that are responsible for higher energy levels, so after 3 pm it is better to avoid the pills so you will not experience any interference with your sleeping patterns.

If you are highly sensitive toward caffeine, limit your coffee and other caffeinated beverages’ intake while you are on PhenQ.

Results of this Supplement:

PhenQ works like a miracle for the people who are willing to embrace their new and more confident version.

phenq helps to lose weight fast

Even it restored belief of many such people, who once were highly disappointed in weight loss supplements and their vague results.

However, do realize, it is not a magic dust!

You ought to believe in yourself, and put sincere and the right amount of efforts to achieve the assertive outcomes.

Yet, if you want to take PhenQ and not ready to adhere to a healthy lifestyle then you should expect better metabolism, reduction in the appetite but the excellent results that are available on the official site, you will only be able to see when you will give your 100% sincerity and efforts in your weight loss journey.

People, take charge of your life and enjoy the fruit of hard efforts!

To optimize your benefits, some of the tips are given below; you may adopt to see some more improvement in your weight.

1. Water is pivotal:

The large portion of human body fluids is water.

Fresh water is always a yes and it is essential than your wildest imaginations.

Moreover, water makes your body functions smooth and it is also very helpful to circulate PhenQ throughout your body.

2. Opt for Suitable food choices:

Let us be honest, food has a lot to do with your weight loss.

Rational food choices can make a drastic change in your body weight.

So, be mindful what you put in your mouth.

Satisfying only your taste buds should not always your aim, as no matter what the taste is, it cannot stay longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Therefore, you had better focus on weight that stays!

3. Walk, run or hike:

Most of us really hate exercise!

We all have busy lives and we always feel that we do not have enough energy to put into exercise as well but with PhenQ, the things are another way around.

You can easily enjoy exercise sessions without even considering the drainage of energy levels because PhenQ has the ability to improve your levels of energy.

Bottom Line: you have this tremendous supplement to give you a backup, so enjoy exercise and improve your overall health and weight.

4. The Number of meals is important:

Having more meals but in small portion size is always a good idea even all the experts are on the same page on this point.

So, do not increase the serving size but the number of meals. The meals should be in small portions.

Why is it good?

Having small meals signals your body that you have a continuous supply of food and your metabolism keeps on working to digest the eaten food so you need a constant supply of energy and for that supply,

your body burns even more calories.

Simple is that eating food with small intervals and in small portions is actually helpful for you.

5. Include some fiber in your diet:

Fiber is actually a super hero in your diet because it can literally keep you full for a longer period and it is good for digestion too.

However, most of us do not really have a sufficient amount of fiber in our diets.

So, have some! If it is not your cup of tea to get fiber from fruits, grains, and vegetables then try to consume a few supplements that can fulfill your requirement of fiber, normally, these fiber supplements are available in the form of capsule or powder.

6. Say No to Junk Food:

Have you ever considered why do we call most of the fast food items “JUNK-FOOD”?

Because this is what they really are a “JUNK”!

No nutritional values, only insanely high on calorie index and taste.

When you are losing weight, it will be your primary desire that somehow you can keep this extra weight off for good, so the solution is already in front of you.

Go through your grocery list once again and strike off all those “JUNK-FOOD” items for your own good.

What about the side effects of PhenQ, are there any?

PhenQ is a natural supplement and it is the best possible solution.

This dietary supplement does not need any prescription to purchase.

There are no steroids in the composition of PhenQ.

However, a few people may experience headaches or a little disturbance in their sleep if they are caffeine sensitive.

When should you not use PhenQ?

Well, there are many situations where you should not go for PhenQ or any other weight loss supplements.

Those conditions go like:

  1. When the seal is broken (as there is no assurance of quality then, opt for properly packed supplement)
  2. If you are a pregnant woman, please talk to your doctor before doing any such adventure as your body is already going through from many different things.
  3. You are a diabetic.
  4. If you are suffering from autoimmune disorder
  5. If you are already on medicines
  6. If you have liver disease, breast cancer, kidney related disease, testicular cancer, depression

Note: except the first point, if you fall under any of the above-mentioned points, please see your doctor first before using any weight loss supplement.

Customer Reviews:

Apparently, PhenQ seems suitable but wait! Why should you believe blindfolded?

Phenq customer reviews and results

The customers are the real reviewers of any supplement and we do have a few customer reviews to share with you to make your decision a little more informed.

Because the customers have been using the product and their opinion does matter.

Angelica says,

I learned a great deal about the product through your review.

It is easy to go with the flow and I was searching something just like this to let me decide better.

To cut a long story short, I ordered three bottles and now I have almost finished the first month and the results are easily visible.

Now, I am sure that I will be able to get my desired body shape.

As I am following all the instructions, diet and workout routine religiously thanks for bringing such an informative piece of writing. Thanks again Sarah Hebrew!


Dave says,

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing the knowledge, yes I do agree,

PhenQ really works!

Honestly speaking, I used to be quite skeptical about the use of supplements for weight loss but one day one of my friends sent me the link of your this article, after reading it I thought to give PhenQ a try and I am glad I did not regret my decision.

Although, I had never been highly over weight I used to have 20lbs excess weight than the normal range.

I have shredded almost half of it already and it is just because of PhenQ.

I am glad that I have tried it. I can recommend it to others.

Rose says,

Trying PhenQ was a life turning decision.

I am now much more confident and living a good healthy and fit life.

I have put my efforts and I have got the shape of my desired body. It is completely amazing.

PhenQ is simply the best supplement to have! Truly

Alfred says,

I bought the 90-day supply.

I had used almost 60 tablets but the results were not significant enough then searched it on Google and came across your site.

I read this review and it was the time when I realized that 70% I was doing it all wrong.

I started to follow the correct directions and now it has been two weeks and I have already lost 3.5kg.

I am pretty excited to finish the rest of the tablets to see the result.

Thanks Sarah for the guidance; I owe me a big time!

Pricing of PhenQ:

PhenQ is available in the reasonable pricing; it will just cost you around just less than $3 for taking two tablets a day.

Perhaps, you want it cheaper than this, go for the packages or stakes to cut the cost further.

One Bottle:

It will cost you around $69.95 instead of $79.95, it means saving of $10.00.

Two Bottle:

In the price of two bottles, you will get three bottles, the cost will be around $139.90 instead of $239.85, it means saving of $99.95.

Five bottles:

For this package, you will be paying just the price of three bottles, the other two bottles and Advana Cleanse will be free, it means you will get in total five bottles and 1 Advana Cleanse bottle.

This package will cost you $189.95 instead of $399.75, it means saving of $209.80.

Are there shipment charges?

The shipment is free.

Where Can I buy PhenQ?

order phenq from official websitePhenQ is not available on GNC or Amazon.

To keep the quality as per the standard, the company sells this supplement only on the official website.

Actually, this thing is in your favor.

If you happen to purchase the product through the official site, you can be sure about the quality.

There are very good packages that you can avail through the official site but if you purchase it from somewhere else you cannot be sure first of all about the quality plus you will miss the packages and the reasonable pricing.

How to keep the weight at bay after losing it?

Losing can be hard but keeping the weight off for good is even the harder.

Normally, people neglect this very important thing.

After losing your targeted weight just do not leave the healthy life style and the good habits that you will have started when start losing weight and you will not gain any excess weight.

Be mindful of your eating habit and the workout even just 2 to 3 times in a week is more than enough.


PhenQ is an effective weight loss supplement due to the unique and powerful formulation.

Its formula has the potential to let you achieve your targeted body type with the proper diet and exercise regimen.

In addition, it is totally risk-free due to its natural ingredients.

Hence, a must try!