PhenRX Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

NexGen PhenRX has an edge over the other available supplements on the market and that is why before buying PhenRX you do not need a prescription.

The weight loss is a very common issue today in our world and there are thousands of brands who claim to have the apt solution for it.

Unfortunately, among all these brands, most of them are working just to exploit the weakness of the innocent people.

PhenRX ReviewsObesity is an increasing problem and it is a weakness of millions too.

These so-called brands are aware of this fact and that is why they keep on releasing products on the market product after product.

These fraud companies are still on the top of the game due to two factors.

  1. Their advertisement is certainly powerful and persuasive.
  2. The regulations regarding such supplements are not tough and there are a few loopholes in the policies related to weight loss supplements.

To avoid such fraud companies, who for their temporary benefit can give you a permanent loss, it is better to research properly.

Speaking of the presence of fraud brands, NexGen comes in which category- good or bad?????

Keep reading to get the genuine facts.

NexGen PhenRX:

Nexgen Biolabs Inc is the manufacturer of PhenRX.

Just like any other supplement of weight loss NexGen also claims that their product can be a real lifesaver for all the people who are upset due to their overweight.

Nexgen Biolabs

Moreover, the company is advertising PhenRX with this claim that it is a substitute of Phentermine and Phentermine needs a prescription.

Therefore, in this context, PhenRX is a better option.

Bottom Line: you can easily purchase NexGen PhenRX whenever you are willing.

Everything sounds good about this supplement!

I can buy it now.

Naa,  aaan….!!!!!

Not so fast;

Still, there are things that you need to learn about this supplement.

Certainly, with the claims and product description, this product seems worth trying but do not forget that there are many supplements that do not require a prescription this quality alone cannot justify the goodness or badness of a supplement.

There are various other factors too that one needs to keep in mind before making the purchase.


Ingredient List:

  1. Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine): It works for metabolic improvement and it can also be helpful in appetite suppression.
  2. Beta-Phenylethylamine: It mainly works as a neurotransmitter. It improves the responses to depression, anxiety, and stress.
  3. Synephrine HCL: Its main source is bitter orange. It works for suppressing the feeling of hunger. Moreover, it also works to improve the energy levels that are quite essential during weight loss period. (1)
  4. N-dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenylethylamine: This substance happens to improve metabolism.
  5. Schizandrol A: It happens to better your cognitive abilities as well as reduce stress.
  6. Yohimbe HCL: It is a powerful stimulant. (2)

However, there are a few things that are not right about the product of PhenRX.

Well, the very first No-No is the ingredient list.

Phenrx ingredientsIn today’s time, checking ingredient list before making a purchase is more necessary than you think but in the case of this supplement, the ingredient list is not available properly.

It is likely to generate many doubts.

We do understand that for the sake of privacy, the company cannot disclose the actual formulation but not providing ingredient quantities is not right either.

The company really needs to improve it. It may generate the suspicion that the pills may have something that is harmful.

Moreover, almost all the displayed ingredients are stimulants.

Thus, it implies that if the ratio of these stimulants is even a little up and down, then the consumer will be most likely to suffer.

Additionally, not every ingredient is proven to be effective for helping out in losing weight.

The only ingredient that can come in the safe zone is caffeine.

The other products of the same company:

No doubt, the product list of NexGen is extensive but most of their products are not of the standard quality, they do require a prescription as well.

The benefits of PhenRX as per the company’s claim:

  1. The weight loss process works at a fast pace.
  2. Speeds up the user’s metabolism for sure
  3. Improves fat burning procedure
  4. It can let you have a control on your emotional eating habits
  5. Improves the mood of the user

Does this supplement work?

The immediate answer is yes, the long answer is also yes yet with various cautions.

nexgen phenrx

We do agree that a stimulant like caffeine is a proven strategy to be helpful in losing weight due to its abilities to improve metabolism.

However, the mixture of safe and unsafe stimulants in the composition of NexGen can actually be a cause of some serious problems, particularly to those who are already suffering from any illness.

Therefore, using PhenRX simply indicates that people who already have allergies with these stimulants can suffer more and people who are not healthy can also be the victim of these diseases.

In short, there is a risk.

Side Effects:

Well, the ingredients and more specifically stimulants are able to cause you a heart attack.

However, this is one of the worst scenarios and it will not be happening to every consumer of PhenRX but the risk is there.

Nonetheless, people who already have even the mild heart problem should keep themselves away from this supplement.

As, the included stimulants will able to speed up the heartbeat rate or increase the blood pressure.

Even healthy individuals have complained that they often experience a severe type of headaches and not feel well after consuming the pills of PhenRX.

It may be just a myth but if it has even the slightest bit of truth, it will not be a very refreshing news.

Moreover, it may cause dryness of mouth in a few individuals.

Final Comment:

PhenRX is a good addition in the supplement industry; it can work in many areas where various supplements cannot perform well.

However, the company surely needs to improve the details of the ingredient list and they should also provide proper clinical studies on their site for the reference purposes.

As a few thing are still ambiguous and only the company can clarify these doubts.f

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