Phil Heath Steroids: The Untold Secrets Inside! [2020]

Phil Heath – 6x Olympia Champion With An Amazing Physique Including A Most Dominant Muscle Group And A Gifted IFBB Professional Bodybuilder.

Congratulations To Mr. Phil Heath

Phil Heath, nickname “The Gift” has won a title of Mr Olympia champion for the six times from the year 2011 to 2016.

Phillip Heath was born in the Washington December 1979

The life of Phil is not easy as other that makes him a formidable character and the greatest bodybuilder of all the time.

He learned to cook, train for the basketball and knows the value of hard work.

Phil attended a Rainier Beach High school team due to love with basketball and then quickly earned a scholarship for a full athletics at the University of Denver in Colorado.

He continues with playing basketball with the administration and IT.

Phil was taking bodybuilding seriously in the year of 2002 and learned about a nutrition supplementation and training strategies in the local gym.

He has tied with the 7 times record of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates record and very come closer to the Ronnie Coleman’s of 8 wins Mr. Olympia.

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Body Statistics And Measurements Of Phil Heath:

  • Height of the body= 5’9’’ (175cm)
  • Competition weight = 240Ibs (109kg)
  • Weight during offseason= 275Ib (125kg)
  • Body fat = 3%
  • Neck= 18.5 inches
  • Ams = 23’’
  • Chest = 54’’
  • Calves= 20 inches
  • Thighs= 32’’
  • Waist= 29’’

Does Phil Heath Take Steroids?

1. Matched With Natural Bodybuilding

Phil Heath bodybuildingAccording to the natural bodybuilding standard, men with 5’9’’ height can naturally build up the 163Ibs.

Phil Heath weight fluctuating between 240Ibs to 275Ibs during competition and off season so there is a big difference of  80Ibs to 112Ibs as compare to the natural standard.

2. Symptoms Of Steroid User

Phil heath is addressed is with the many symptoms that directly indicates the use of steroids such as the balloon like arms or muscle, steroid gut and the dry appearance.

Have you ever noticed the head of Phil Heath? Because the use of steroid can cause the thinning of hair.

Phil Heath Is On Steroids

He is admitted to taking the steroids in the Video when he was asked for why you take steroid and replied because, but Phil was further interrupted by his bodyguard by asking for a break.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has also admitted to taking steroids, although he was just 5Ib lesser than the Phil Heath.

Ronnie Coleman weight is 305 Ibs, a big monster also took steroids.

kai greene vs phil heath

When we talk about Dwayne Johnson, so he also admitted to the use of steroids in the past.

There is a difference in pounds due to a number of steroids that are taken.

Little dosage and more dosage have the different impacts and the result on body measurement and statistics.

There are many famous bodybuilders with an amazing physique also accepted for steroid use.

Despite from the steroid use, we cannot deny the Phil Heath efforts in the workout and diet plans because there is none of any steroids are available that gives you the result without any work.

Phil heath diet:

Phil diet is included with a lot of protein, chicken breast per week, red meats and a fish.

The carbohydrate source includes in the Sweet potatoes and a fast metabolism that can help to perform better.

Phil heath Workout:

Phil’s training routine is included in the Hamstrings, Calves and Quads on the Monday, chest and triceps (Tuesday), back and biceps (Thursday), shoulder and traps (Friday).

Wednesday is the rest day.

What Steroid Does Phil Heath Take?

In our opinion, he is most likely to take steroids for the purpose of bulking and cutting such as the human growth hormone, Anadrol, Anavar, and Trenbolone.

Phil Heath Bodybuilding

1. Trenbolone:

Trenbolone is most likely taken by Phil Heath because this anabolic steroid has the power to build up the muscle everywhere, hence this is most widely used among the bodybuilders.

Look at the Phil pictures, his overall body developed with a lot of muscle mass.

Meanwhile, Trenbolone also gives your body dry and the shredded look.

HGH And Insulin Combination:

The sign of Steroid gut is usually a result from the use of anabolic steroid and especially with the combination of HGH and insulin.

This sign is more common among the bodybuilders.

2. Anadrol:

Anadrol is another most powerful bulking steroid that is contributing to increasing in muscle size and maximum gains, but the side effects are: a large amount of water retention, thus there is a bloated appearance.

This is the reason of Phil looks.

3. Anavar:

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is used for the cutting purpose and defined muscle appearance.

This steroid is also responsible for giving the dry or shredded appearance.


Phil has admitted the use of steroid and the symptoms is similar to the steroid user.

Getting as big as Phil heath is not a very easy task for everyone, even you take some help from the steroids.

There is need to follow the workout as well as the diet for an effective result.