Ramsford Smith – Body Builder And Personal Trainer


World Championship Bronze Medalist Ramsford And Former Mr. Universe Challenger

RAMSFORD’S passion for the fitness and bodybuilding is incredible from the young age as his preparation is now for the arena competition to show his back body at the age of 55.

Randy Smith

Most of the people think that is impossible for me to come back in the competitive level, but I know very well how can I make this possible.

“I was not burned out at that time. I’m older, but not colder yet”

The Martial Arts

Randy credits the martial arts to improve the dedication, discipline, and dedication throughout the fitness career.

He said: I gain, the more knowledge now and become wiser, I did not the knowledge before many years ago.

RAMSFORD Smith Carrier In The Army School Of Physical Training:

Randy joined the Armed forces in the Army public of school training in Aldershot where he enters for the P. T instructor course.

He won the achievement as the best student and asked by the school to continue his P.T work.

Randy Career In The Military

Mr BritainAt the end of his career in the military, he builds up the physique and train harder for maintaining the reputation as an athlete. He improves the hunger and maintained his self for being healthy, clean and safe.

I am always conscious about the health and stay away from the bad things.

Randy kept himself healthy over the years and returning towards the competition. He has three kids now.

The only difference is that the people who don’t know me think that I’m 32 years old but I’m 56 now.

After making the dominant place in the bodybuilding competitions over a decade, he took some break for the family. At that time, he was feeling for the competition once again and return to the bodybuilding competition in the year 2016 through the sponsorship of the Crazybulk.

I stopped the bodybuilding, many times, but now I am going to return because I want to compete for guys who are younger than me and let them find what are they do.

What Is The Relationship Of Ramsford Smith (Randy) With The Crazybulk?

The relationship of Randy with the Crazybulk is very strong because he is the very first athlete who has endorsed the supplements and gain the sponsorship.


He has the experience of 30 years in the bodybuilding field and also has the experience of a personal trainer.

Randy becomes the part of Crazybulk after return back to competitive bodybuilding in the year 2016 and add try to add more competitions and medals regularly in the year 2016.

I feel powerful in myself due to come back. I have spent the eight months to level up the working and training for the competition.

The Biggest Achievements:

      (NABBA,  CLASS 3) (1984-2016)
Year        TitlePosition
1984Mr. Universe5th
1986Mr. Britain5th
Mr. Britain1st
1987Mr. Universe5th
1994World Championships3rd
Mr. Universe5th
1995World Championships3rd
Mr. Universe3rd
1996Mr. Universe2nd
1997World championships6th
Mr. Universe6th
1998World Championships5th
Mr. Universe5th
1999World Championships4th
Mr. Universe5th
2016Mr. Britain5th

The Randy Ramsford Smith Thoughts

What Inspires You?

Crazy Bulk Personal TrainerWhen I started the Judo at the age of 11 and 12, I already inspired by the Bruce Lee than I had packed up with a six pack or a muscle.

When there is a talk about the weightlifting and the bodybuilding, so I already inspired by seeing the Charles Atlas in a magazine.

Recently I have inspired by the dreams of achievements. I want a body to be proud of myself to look.

What Is The Number One Fitness And The Bodybuilding Tip Of The Randy’s Smith?

I recommended to all for checking the nutrition side and the training side both.

If your workout training is suffering for any reason to check your workout training and diet too.

There is 70% of the proportion of foods that totally depends on your appearance and performance.

Where The Motivation Is Coming From And How Do You Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals?

There is a difference of motivational ways from one person to another person.

If you are imagining for a beach body and trying to impress anyone so you can easily find your own motivation.

There is a genuine motivation that is always coming from yourself as it can eliminate the entire negative thoughts from your mind and aloe to move forward.

Eliminate all the negative thoughts from your mind and motivates yourself to the next level.

What’s Your Favorite Part Of The Gym And Why?

I would like to say that the exercise which has the ability to work with my back. I love all the back exercises and want to see a body with a huge upper body and tiny legs that allow me to work all parts of the body.

All those exercises which required the need for improvement are my favorite exercise.

I am giving the three years to the circuit training because have changed so we should also change.

Randy Smith Main Goal For The Future:

My aim in the future is to compete for the Mr. England competition that will be my first.

I don’t expect for doing too much, but it gives me a chance to see where I’m exactly.

Ramsford Smith Crazy Bulk Athlete

What About The Randy Smith Diet Plan?

Randy smith diet plan includes the right and the clean.

His diet is contained the lot of eggs, vegetables, and fruits.

Diet Quantity
Free range chickens6 Piece
Green vegetables6 pounds
Fresh fruit15 pounds
Soy milk5 Liters
Potatoes20 pounds
Pasta5 Pounds
Root vegetables30 Pounds
Pulses10 Pounds

I’m trying to put a lot of muscle in the next four or five weeks through the protein diet that plays a role to cut down the fat and build up the maximum muscle.

Why Did You Choose To Become A Crazybulk Athlete?

Randy becomes the Crazybulk athlete because the nutrition in the supplement is natural and encouraged me to form a relationship.

The supplements from the Crazybulk are awesome in the result and allow me to promote the result.

What Is The Randy Recommendations About The Crazybulk Supplement?

With the 30 years of experience in the bodybuilding and as a trainer, he recommends the 3 supplement of the Crazybulk which are effective in the result and best to compete.

Crazy Bulk Testo-Max1. Testo-Max

Ramsford said: I have found the Testo-max is essential in all supplements.

No matter, how much time you spent in the gym and even what is your diet.

Your body should have a high level of testosterone in the body to pump out your workouts to maximize.

2. HGH-X2

Crazybulk HGH-X2HGH-X2 is great for the growth of muscle.

Improve the level of HGH in your body has the variety of benefits including health too.

The supplement has the ability to recover more quickly and provide strengthening of the joints, muscle, and tendon.

3. Anadrole

Crazybulk AnadroleI like Anadrole for the greatest muscle bodybuilding property with extra boosting power.

I actually recommend this supplement to my client also during the personal training.

They all are noticing the incredible changes from this supplement.