5 reasons why your belly fat won’t burn!

While building a smart body structure is troublesome, one body part which needs the most effort is the belly!

Whether men and women have a large built or a small one, a protruding belly never appeals.

burn belly fatBurning Belly fat should be more than mere vanity as puffiness around the organs can lead to heart diseases, a high blood pressure, etc.

With that said, there are hundreds of ways to burn belly fat either through exercise or diet but somewhere along the journey, you might realize that there is no change.

Has this happened before?

Did you give up on the diet and stopped visiting the gym?

Guess what, neither were the correct solutions!

That is why we have brought you the top 5 reasons why the belly fat does not burn easily and each problem mentioned below is accompanied with a realistic solution so that you know what to do to trim the waistline effortlessly!

Here we go.

Reason 1: Age!

Just like our facial features change with age each year, our body’s ability to gain and lose weight also changes.

age limit for quick weight loss

Age plays a major role when it comes to losing belly fat as women deal with menopause and men deal with a depleted testosterone level.

Moreover, age slows down the metabolic rate and weight gain can usually be affected in the belly region.

Solution: While there is no solution to aging, other realistic solutions are to stay as active as possible while indulging in healthy foods and drinks such as fruits and green tea.

Reason 2: You consume less MUFA!

MUFA are monounsaturated fatty acids which are ideal for the optimum functioning of our body.

You consume less MUFA!

While these fats are good for our overall wellness, they are also great when it comes to burning belly fat. Many people do not consume the required amount of MUFA daily.

Eating a handful of mixed nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and hazelnuts are ideal when snacking is concerned.

With high doses of energy and low calorie count, these snacks can give you all the goodness you need.

Other monounsaturated fatty foods such as avocados and olive oil are also great waistline busters.

The solution is to eat your MUFA with every meal or at least twice a day if you want the belly fat to burn.

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Reason 3: Binging on Junk Food

Eating is the primary reason of our weight gain, especially in the belly region.

Binging on Junk Food

Sometimes we prefer junk food items for the sake of fun and sometimes due to the time crunch and not being able to cook.

Whatever the reason, junk food or processed food items are mere bad choices for your overall health.

Not only do they lurk around the stomach in the form of fats but they are also harder to digest and are very low in nutritional value.

The solution is to ditch all sorts of junk food items if you want to lose belly flab.

Junk food items are not only ‘ready to eat pizzas, burgers from the fast food chains or the quick microwave noodles’, junk food also includes crisps, crackers, biscuits and refined sugary items such as bakery goods.

Get the drift?

Reason 4: You Don’t sleep well

If eating is the primary reason for weight gain, consider sleeping to be second!

Sleeping is much more important that you perceive it to be as it not only allows our body to go into rest mode but a sweet slumber helps our muscles to relax and repair.

Our bodies heal overnight and furthermore, grow properly.

A bad sleep can cause the metabolic rate to slow down, decrease digestion and much more.

It is stated that people who sleep less than 6 hours are more likely to gain weight up to 30 pounds as opposed to those who sleep for 8 perfect hours.

If you think this is where you go wrong, simply enjoy a good night’s sleep for up to 8 hours daily and see the weight loss difference.

Reason 5: Your Food is Full of Salt

The ideal dosage of sodium is no more than 2300 mg. With that said, a lot of people not only exploit their daily sodium intake but the problem is that they are unaware of it.

Your Food is Full of Salt

Sodium is not only present in the table salt but also in processed food items, canned foods, crisps such as Lays, Doritos, etc.

Sodium is also found in some drinks and sodas. Moreover, how can you keep tab of the salt when you dine out?

The excess salt intake gets stored deep in our skin, making us feel and look bloated. It also doesn’t allow the water to flush out properly as salt is an absorbent.

Stick to low salty foods and maintain a healthy sodium intake.

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