Rejuvalex Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Rejuvalex is the hair growth supplement for men only who are struggling to mend hair breakage, hair loss, baldness, and thinness.

There is a high chance you are getting bald and that’s because of the bad genes.

Male Pattern Baldness is the common condition which is haunting millions of men and women worldwide.

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - Male pattern baldness

Here is the short life cycle of human hair that actually shows how they got shed.

  1. The first process for hair growth is called the Anagen which is basically the growing phase that lasts 2-6 years.
  2. Catagen is the transition period where the hair follicle goes through a vivid change.
  3. Telogen is the resting phase for hair where they do not grow any longer and it’s sort of resting time for them. About 8% of hair is in this phase.

Any disturbances in this cycle can cause hair loss of weakened hair follicles.

The major enemy is the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that keeps on converting testosterone into estrogen that harms the follicles at much dangerous speed.

Natural supplements for hair loss include Rejuvalex that is designed to revitalize the hair follicles, but like hundreds of hair growth supplement, is Rejuvalex is useless or does it has important functions that we still don’t know?

What is Rejuvalex?

Rejuvalex is a one-way formula that promotes hair growth and maintains its original health.

Rejuvalex Hair Supplement

It is a dietary supplement that is made to restore the appearance and texture of your hair by preventing the damages. 

Rejuvalex is the hair growth supplement for men only who are struggling to mend hair breakage, hair loss, baldness, and thinness.

There are nutrients which supply the enhanced circulation to the scalp and thereby improve the volume of your hair.

About Rejuvalex Manufacturer/Company

This is the part where the actual importance of the supplement is known.

Company profile is the major step for any brand which in case of Rejuvalex isn’t available, even at the very official website.

But the claims of the manufacturer are given which says “Restore your hair’s youthful appearance, abundance, and texture when used as instructed”.

How Rejuvalex Works in Hair Loss?

Rejuvalex works in 4 different steps:

  • As soon as you have the formula, it promotes the secretion of oil on the scalp along with other restoring nutrients that support the hair growth.
  • The 2nd step prevents the hair falls and damage caused to your hair, this will also straighten up your hair appearance.
  • Reactivate and re-energize the hair follicles that promise the full hair growth.
  • The 4th step is also known to prevent hair loss.

Rejuvalex Ingredients

After taking a look at the ingredients of Rejuvalex, which is not displayed on the official website, by the way, we could identify some of the ingredients but these are not sufficient for the ideal hair growth.

That’s right, you may wonder the ingredients below are potential, but it’s not about the potency of the ingredients unless they are available in very low dosages.

 These are the ingredients you can find in the Rejuvalex hair growth formula.

  • Biotin

Biotin is a mildly active ingredient when it comes to improving the elasticity of the hair follicles and skin. Biotin in Rejuvalex helps the hair to re-grow with the most of their dormant follicles on the active state.

  • Beta Carotene

It is an excellent anti-oxidant that level up the free radical that cause hair damage. If you want to keep the hair healthy, stronger and thicker than you can take plenty of benefits with Beta carotene.

  • Folic Acid

Folic acid is a replenishing agent as well as it speeds up the process of cell division. Human hair gets extra dried when they are devoid of folic acid accurate concentration.

  • Silica

Maintain the hormonal balance and restore the volume of the hair more proficiently.

  • Vitamin C

Promotes the production of Collagen that contributes to the density of the hair, it also increases the iron uptake that is good for the hair health.

Rejuvalex Side Effects

No, there are no side effects related to the use of Rejuvalex.

The natural ingredients are the reason why this hair fall formula has no side effects, but that’s not the only reason.

Did you see when we talked about the strength of the ingredients being lower than expected, this can be also the reason for stimulating no side effects as well as the RESULTS.

In some pages giving the review about Rejuvalex, a large number of customers complained about palpitation, jitteriness, and insomnia.


  • Improve hair appearance and thickness with shine
  • Reduce dullness
  • Promote hair growth
  • Nourish natural hair growth cycle
  • Offers 60 days’ money back guarantee


  • No company profile
  • Negative customer feedback
  • Some users say it doesn’t work
  • It’s an expensive product
  • Improper information available on the official page
Rejuvalex Pricing

To buy Rejuvalex from the official retailers is the pain in the ass, according to consumers.

There are 4 different packages of Rejuvalex available, their pricings are mentioned below.

  • 1 Month Package= 1 Bottle- 30 Capsules at $56.00
  • 2 Month’s Supply= 2 Bottles – 60 Capsules at $89.98
  • 3 Bottles in $110.97
  • 5 Bottles in $129.95

Rejuvalex Customer Reviews

Rejuvalex before and after

So far, this didn’t work on me a bit! I am a big fan of long hair but there is a very limited amount of them on my scalp.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone using Rejuvalex, it’s just like its name, hopeful but useless.

Dale Santino

Talking about the innovative and most awe-inspiring hair fall product of whole time? Well, it isn’t Rejuvalex and it can never be. I only bought this product a week ago and I already know what this is about. Beware of the scams and products like Rejuvalex, what a rip-off!!!

Tim Harper

Truly, I only got the natural growth with no markings or distinct form of effects. Massaging my hair regularly with oil and keeping them from dust, Rejuvalex capsules are not worthy unless you take them for 6 months. Now that’s a drag, but sooner or later you will grow some and that’s for sure.

Oscar Oliphant

Choosing the Right Hair Loss Product – Rejuvalex Alternate

We have done days of research about finding the best supplement for hair loss, and so far we have found the one that may fit all of your needs.

Before telling you the name of this supplement, we should tell you it’s not only available in oral taking capsule form.

Provillus – Top Rated Hair Growth System

Provillus is the latest invention in the hair loss domain that requires so much than just capsules.


It is a 2-way formula which is designed for men as well as females who have thinner, dull, weaker and lack of hair.

The 2-way formula comprises a scalp spray that is on the main focus, it replenishes the needs of the hair follicles by actually reaching down to them.

Then comes the pills which are to maintain the hormonal balance and everything that’s going inside and causing hair loss.

Within 3-4 weeks of Provillus use, about 96% of the customers grew their hair back.

The customer satisfaction rate is impressive as well as there is no form of complication with its use.

Altogether, Provillus will provide your hair a sufficient dose of the following ingredients which are clinically tested and approved to be used in Alopecia a.k.a hair loss.

  • Minoxidil 5%
  • Biotin
  • Horsetail Silica
  • Para-Amino Benzoic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Muira Puama
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Pumpkin Extract

Now, that’s the formula you can completely trust!

Final Verdict – Should You Consider Buying Rejuvalex?

No! Because we care for you!

And also because it would be a total waste of your money, which is the more sensible reason.

Hair problems can be overcome by applying the natural remedies which involve the coconut and other forms of oil, but this treatment gets dull after which you need something extra, something that adds power to your hair stems and all through its branches.

provilus hair regrowth formula

In this scenario, we don’t find Rejuvalex effective in comparison with Provillus.

Provillus covers a large area of male and female pattern baldness that has been ignored for a long time.,

Shiny hair, thick structure and without hair loss, there would be a definite charm in your personality that you cannot ignore.

For the best results, choosing the best hair fall supplement is a wiser choice, rather than choosing the latest supplement with no company background.

But if you are still interested in Rejuvalex formula, you can buy it from Amazon Here.