RICH PIANA Death Due To The Overdose Of Steroid

Celebrity Bodybuilder Died By Heavy Doses Of Steroids

The 45 years old epic bodybuilder Rich Piana had died on Friday after the two weeks of medically induced coma.

The celebrity bodybuilder catastrophe two weeks ago due to the overdose of Insulin.

The Girl Friend Of Rich Piana Had Paid The Tribute To Her Boyfriend After His Death:

Chanel Jansen shared a post on the Instagram in which she wrote “We are supposed for together” while the couple is lying on the bed.

Rich Piana with Girl friendShe wrote in the touching tribute:

“We both just finished the Notebook yesterday and now how it was supposed. We are supposed together and the time to go somewhere because I don’t want to go anywhere without you.

Rich girlfriend was just cutting his hair at the home, while he was reported collapsed thus Jansen called for 911.

At that time Rich Piana was unresponsive and transported to the hospital which is located near as the emergency.

According to the law enforcement officers, he had suffered from the overdose of the steroids.

Ex-Wife Of Rich Piana “Sara Piana” Confirmed His Death:

Sara Piana also confirmed his death after the medical emergency through Facebook on Friday.

Sara just shares the post in which she expressed her emotions:

Rich Piana wife Sarah PianaYou truly motivate and touched the heart of peoples as well as helping them.

The act inspired me in the many ways to see the massive impact you had on the people in all over the world.

I’m in tears while writing this:

I just thanks Rich Piana,  for teaching me so much about the life,  whether it is easy or the hard

We had the awesome time together with the happiness and the fighting as well.

The truth is that we are legally married yet and I actually saved his life before, RIP

I also want to thanks Jansen for her presence and showing the love and support to him.

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Calum Von Moger paid tribute to Rich Piana:

The Australian bodybuilder also paid tribute to Rich:

Rich Piana cycle

Death of Rich Piana make the sad week for the fitness world and remind us life is too short and the precious for us.

Rich Piana And The Anabolic Steroids:

Rich has been admitted previously in front of the public that he had been spending up to the thousands of dollars in a month for enhancing his career in the bodybuilding career.

In the YouTube video, Rich said that he took the steroids in the on and off both courses since the age of 27 years old and advised his followers against the unhealthy routine.

If you have the option of build up the physique naturally or genetically freak so why you are looking up for the steroids.

You are just only hurting your body and yourself through the steroids.

But what, if you want to become a professional bodybuilder so don’t you have any choice. That’s the boat I was in.

What Is The Cause Of Rich Piana Death:

The cause of Rich Piana death is still unclear, but the man of physique had the 20 bottles of testosterone in his house.

He had also the history of steroid use and admitted in the YouTube video.

Rich disclosed that he had taken the steroids from the 25 years in order to gain and maintain the physique in the fitness competitions.

Obviously, I know that what I’m doing.

I’m not abusing. When I was competing on the stage and the moment when I feel getting blown off stage so I’m going to do the steroids.

He claimed that I did not suffer from any side effects result in the use of an anabolic steroid.

According to the medical, those who use the steroid for a longer time period are associated with the risk of heart disease and the stroke.

About Rich Piana And His Career:

Rich PianaRich Piana started his career at the age of 15 after taking steps in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

He started to fame after awarding the title of Mr. California title and took part in the state and the national competitions.

Rich has almost 950,000 subscribers on the YouTube and has 1.2 million followers on the Instagram.

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Overdose Of Anabolic Steroids:

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the overdose and the long term use of steroid can cause the following side effects which are mentioned as below:

Anabolic steroids can cause the hormonal changes in the body, such as the less production of sperm count and the shrinking of the testicles.

RIP Rich Piana

It can cause the loss of hair in the male, whereas there is a growth of hair, reduction in the size of breasts and fat in women, the process is also called as the masculinisation.

Effects On The Cardiovascular System:

The overuse of steroid is also associated with the effects on the cardiovascular systems such as the heart attacks and the stroke.

They are linked to changes in the lipoprotein levels in the blood.

There is also a risk of accumulation of blood clots in the blood vessels.

Effect On Liver:

Steroid abusing can develop the tumors in the liver, upon rupturing results in the internal bleeding.