Rick Ross Weight Loss: Results & Reviews Inside [2019 NEW]

Rick Ross, a man once known for his huge body, inspires thousands of fans now with his 75 pound weight loss journey.

In the past, Ross was super confident about his size, but now, he has transformed his physique and looks totally unrecognizable.

His latest appearance with a sleek and transformed body has grabbed many eyeballs, as people are eager to learn about his experience.

So, keep reading to learn more about Rick Ross and his secret to success.

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What exactly is his secret?

While giving an interview to Men’s Health, he credited balanced diet for this pleasant change.

But that doesn’t include exclusion of him indulging in Wingstop, a chain of restaurant he has invested in.

Salute Mens Health Mag. -Renzel

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He is really happy with whatever he has achieved so far. Well, that is very evident from his toothy grin which he gave in a snapshot while being on a run.

He is still losing weight and is trying to gain some muscles. For him, it’s a continuous journey that doesn’t seek any stop.

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What inspired him to get into this journey?

In 2011, the rapper-turned-entrepreneur suffered multiple seizures and that triggered him to initiate a change.

His deteriorating health forced him to select a path that is healthy and beneficial for him in the long run.

rick ross 100 pounds weight loss before and afterHe felt that his life was going nowhere with the body he has.

He added happily that he is still committed towards his targets.

He is in no mood to quit and will stick to his plans of staying healthy.

He loves to have cheat days:

Ross has openly admitted of having cheat days, as for him, these special days holds a ‘special’ place in his journey.

On these days, he eats whatever he craves for and these mini treats keep him encouraged.

If he doesn’t treat himself in the midway, let’s say, control his cravings to the extreme, then it will be impossible for him to stick to his objectives.

So yes, he proudly admits of having cheat days in his routine plan, as for him, there is no harm in satisfying your whims once in a while.

Well, it seems like the rapper knows how to get things done his way!

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Ross works with the chef for his diet menu:

As we read, Ross admitted to have junk stuff from Wingstop and Checkers, something that he would always love to eat. But the junk intake is restricted to only 2-3 days a week.

For rest of his meals, he teams up with a chef and discovers new recipes that are healthy yet tasty.

He does not want to ruin his taste buds by eating food that has only nutritional value but no taste. But, in the end, he eats what he likes and that demands some efforts on his part.

Ross’ own version of CrossFit – RossFit:

To stay motivated, he started to workout with a bunch of friends and created his own version of CrossFit, which he named, The RossFit!

He goes for a warm-up jog four times a week, and then performs his routine exercises that include deadlifts and pushups, for 30 minutes.

He performs this set of exercises 5 times a day.

He shared that discovering the food and exercises he loves is an essential key.

He advised everyone embarking on the weight loss journey to ‘not make it feel like a job’. Well, the statement carries a lot of weight.

Ross’ fans reactions:

It seems that Ross is amongst the handful of celebrities who managed to get in shape without giving up on wings and burgers.

#Deadlift Push it to the Limit #Rossfit #

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The Grammy nominee embarked into this journey upon the insistence of his doctors, after facing multiple seizures in 2011.

His approach towards the weight loss, since beginning, is positive and healthy. This is the reason his fans have reacted positively, as his endeavor was a genuine one, rather a publicity stunt.

He continues to stun his fans from his positive statements that intend to make them motivated and determined.

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Rick Ross Weight Loss – At a glance:

The story of Rick Ross is more motivational and inspirational, as the star started to shed weight to save his life.

Rick Ross before and after weight loss

Honestly speaking, it is a different story, which is free from publicity gimmicks; a story that has grabbed attention and headlines owing to its genuineness.

For Ross, this journey has just started and he wants to build up muscles after shedding all his excess weight.

He is totally determined and motivated and is in no mood to quit. He has never felt so happy and contented before.

And surprisingly, all these changes occurred by making minor amendments in his lifestyle.

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