Ronnie Coleman Steroids- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Did you ever think that all the massive bodybuilders with a monster like physiques can build up their muscles and maintain their all over the body through the exercises, diet plans, and the hard working?

A man with the greatest physiques is almost considered as the steroid user and enters into the conversation of natty or not.

Ronnie Coleman natural or on steroids

Most of the people think that it is impossible to reach the Superman level physique’s and a power like a professional bodybuilder is impossible without the use of illegal drugs and the steroid.

There are limitations of the body which can determine the level of gain through the genetics and the hard working.

There are many factors that are responsible for the development of strong frames.

Ronnie Coleman bodyIt does not mean that all the top bodybuilders can build up the amazing physique through the illegal substances.

Some of them get the professional physique and the monster power through the hard work and starting the workout in early ages.

The issue is that the young generation can follow the routine of their role models without identifying their abilities.

Here we are going to discuss the Ronnie Coleman, whether he took steroids or natural.

Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Olympia Champion is the perfect example of hard work and dedication.

He earned the nickname GOAT means the Greatest Of All The Time.

There are only two men in the world who holds the Mr. Olympia for the eight times.

In the beginning, he was failing to win a single trophy, but after the failure, he was back with the strong motivation and made his name in the bodybuilding history.

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The Accomplishments And Making The History:

Ronnie has won the many awards for the year 1990 to the year 2007.

He got the 24 trophies and matched with the Lee Haney’s record.

His film appearances are The First Training Video, The Unbelievable, The Cost Of Redemption And The Relentless.

Ronnie Coleman Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 305-315 Ibs (138-142 kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)

Body Measurements:

  • Arms: 24’’
  • Chest: 58’’
  • Waist: 36’’
  • Thighs: 36’’
  • Calves: 22’’
  • Year of birth: 1964

The Police Officer:

Ronnie Coleman was found on the opening at the Texas police station and after that he had gained his job successfully in the year 1989.

Ronnie Coleman as a police officer

He trained in the gym, spent hours on weight lifting in his new life of police force.

Ronnie Coleman has regularly taken the pre workout shake, post workout shake and the whey protein during his training.

The police station with the private gym encouraged him to join the other gym for more equipments available because of private gym limits on the availability of the equipments.

Ronnie Surgery:

After the retirement, Ronnie intense training sessions damaged his body.

There are seven operations are conducted for back within 11 hours of surgery.

He had on the wheel chair for the period of time.

Natural Bodybuilding Standard:

According to the natural bodybuilding standard table, the man with 5’11’’ or 180 cm can naturally build up the 177 lbs or 80 kg.

If we look up the stats of Ronnie Coleman, so there is a difference of 128-143 lbs which is massive upon the comparison

Can you believe that?

Is it possible to build up the 143 lbs or 64 kg through genetic freak and being as a gym rat?

Don’t rush at this point.

The other evidences can help you to find out the juicer and the natty.

Evidence That Indicates The Use Of Steroids

Comparison With The Bodybuilders:

ronnie coleman bodybuilding before and after

We have some well known bodybuilders for the comparison who had accepted the use of steroid in their past.

1. Rich Piana:

Rich Piana, the NPC Mr. California Champion had admitted the use of steroids and the growth hormone in front of the viewers.

He had the statistics of 6’1’’ height and the 285 lbs weight.

Whereas, Coleman height is 1 inch shorter and the weight is 20 lbs greater than the Rich Piana.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

With the difference of height, Ronnie is also 70 lbs bigger than the Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold had accepted the use of steroid with no any regret. He said that 50 years ago, steroid considers nothing as they are today and everyone has excited for something new and unique.

We started the use of steroids under the prescription of a doctor.

Ronnie Coleman Had Accepted The Use Of Steroid:

Ronnie Coleman did not admit to taking the steroid for a long period of time.

Ronnie Coleman WorkoutAs Ronnie Coleman profession “Police Officer” allow him to keep stay within the law rules.

The use of steroid consider as the illegal in the United States.

But with the time, through many videos and the magazine “Muscular Development” in the year 2011, he accepts the use of steroid but under the supervision of a doctor.

There is nothing wrong to accept the steroid use because the Rich Piana has also admitted to taking the steroids and the growth hormone before his death.

Ronnie Coleman Steroid Cycle:

Ronnie Coleman had denied the steroid and said about the clean, dedicate and had the use of supplements.

Most of the people want to know about the Ronnie steroid cycle.

Ronnie could have used the growth hormones, growth factors, and Insulin.

The others may include Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, Winstrol And The Dianabol.

There is no any proof that Ronnie actually used these steroids.

The article is based on the evidence.


Ronnie has well known as the bodybuilder of all the time.

After a lot of records and spent 15 years in the competing at the highest level, he made the decision to take retirement after Mr. Olympia title in the year 2007.

He always looked bigger since the college time.

Other bodybuilders who gain with steroid but Ronnie got more with the steroid which surely indicates that he has the very good genetics and the motivation for hard working.

We cannot deny the efforts behind the 8x Mr. Olympia physique.