Sadik Hadzovic Steroids: Shocking Facts Revealed Inside! [2020]

Sadik Hadzovic is famous due to his well known appearances in men’s physique (aesthetic look) category Mr. Olympia

IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic Workout and Diet

Since he was 28 years old, won successfully the numerous high competitions

He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the year 1987

He took steps in the fitness journey at an early age, due to uncomfortable weight.

As he grows up, he becomes noticed some changes that can boost up his confidence level every time when he exercised.

IFBB Athlete, Mr. Olympia Men With Classic Physique:

The biggest accomplishments of Sadik Hadzovic are qualified for the Mr. Olympia and won IFFB Pro league titles for 3 times consecutive years in a row.

Olympia Runner-up, 4x IFBB ChampionSadik had aimed for achieving success without wasting any time.

In the very first Professional competition in 2012 “ IFFB Greater Gulf States Pro”, he placed the second position.

After a title “The Physique”, in the year 2012-2015, he got fame from the more 8 competitions.

Together with Olympia title, he also places the title of “Classic Physique” with his name.

Statistics Of Sadik Hadzovic:

  • The Weight Of The Body= 185-195Ibs (83.9-88.5 Kg)
  • Off Season Weight= 210Ibs/95kg
  • Height Of The Body= 5’11’’ (180cm)
  • Arms = 18’’
  • Chest = 46’’
  • Waist= 30’’

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Does He Take Steroids For Build Up The Defined Physique?

Those who actually have an amazing physique and big muscle mass in the bodybuilding field or in the fitness area are most probably encounter with the debate on natural or on steroids.

Sadik Hadzovic motivation

According to the standard scale that completely matched up to the natural, there is the possibility to build up the 177Ibs (80kg) for 5’11’’ males.

Sadik Hadzovic is just only 8-15 Ibs more than the normal range.

Back to the point, we are going to look up the sign or symptoms of the juicer, his gain timeline and many other factors that can predict Sadik gain is completely natural whether he take some help from the steroids.

1. Sadik Hadzovic Is Genetically Freak:

He has been big since very old time and before presented onto the stage.

Sadik looks have not changed too much as there is a little difference show by a picture.

He had the awesome genetics.

2. Gain Timeline:

You can see his pictures, he looks bigger from the start.

However, there is a difference in gaining rate for the year 2012 to 2016.

But he has not gained too much, the reason behind this that he did’ not retaining as much water in 2016.

3. Features Of Body:

Sadik Hadzovic looks natural in his all pictures as you see there are no any sign of steroid gut, balloon like arms and gynecomastia.

His gaining timeline is not rapid. He has not enlarged skull.

His head is full of hair, whereas those who use the steroids are suffering from thinning of hair.

4. Sadik Hadzovic Always Work Hard:

Sadik always prefers to hard work. His motivation to workout is incredible.

He works seven days a week without any taking gap shows us that hard work can be a reason behind the fitness or professional bodybuilder.

Sadik has also a strict diet plan for achieving his goal.

His routine is loaded with strict plans that can predict to a natural one. You can find out the Sadik Hadzovic workout and diet below.

Sadik Hadzovic Workout:

Sadik’s workout training is incorporated with heavy weights and a higher rep range.

He believes that this training is the key to build up the maximum lean muscle mass.

He does not take any off from the gym as he always works hard around a year for being the best.

His favorite workout is Cardio exercises for gave him a flat look, in which HITT is top on the list, followed by 1 minute intervals for 30 minutes per session.

I take pride in off season too for being a top condition in a whole 365 days year ago. As a man physique competitor and fitness model, it is important for me to always be ready and in shape.

I did not start seeing myself to bigger or mass gains till I recognized the importance of eating healthy and clean diet.

DaysTarget AreaWorkout

Barbell Rows

Seated Cable Rows

TuesdayChestInline Dumbbell Fly’s

Bench Press

Decline Machine Press

WednesdayCardioInterval Sprints
ThursdayLegsLeg Press

Leg Extensions


FridayArmsHeavy Barbell Curls

French Curls

Seated Preacher Curls

SaturdayAbsCable Crunches

Running Plank

Alternative Leg Ups

SundayShouldersDumbbell Shoulder Press

Seated Dumbbell Side Raises

Barbell Standing Military Press

Sadik Hadzovic Diet:

Sadik diet consists with six different types of meal.

He reduces the dairy products from his diet plan and follows the Paleo diet in the whole year.

Sadik Hadzovic Diet Plan and Workout RoutineHe limits the daily intake of calories around 2,500-2,750 calories for maintaining his amazing physique.

The ratio is 2:1 for protein and carbohydrates.

He intake a lot of protein and healthy fats for keeping a better body.

Sadik Hadzovic also added a cheat meal in which pizza and sushi are favorites.

The Sadik Hadzovic diet is loaded with an egg whites, tilapia fish, tuna fish, lean turkey breast, nuts, bison steaks and a lot of vegetables.

Diet Plan:
Meal 1Lean chicken, turkey, ½ cup of oats and 8-10 egg whites
Meal 21 cup white rice and red meat
Meal 3Fish and large potato
Meal 4Protein shake
Meal 5Fish, Broccoli and Asparagus
Meal 6Lean protein chicken, turkey, 8-10 egg whites, egg yolks and almonds


He does not identify with any one of the symptoms that shows the steroid use.

Sadik strict plans and routine also supports the statement that he did not take any help from the steroid.