Selena Gomes Scared to Lose Her Boyfriend – The Weekend

So far, no trouble has been observed between the fabulous duo, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, but if something goes wrong, the break up will be too devastating.

As per the recent reports, this brunette beauty is scared of losing her boyfriend.

Now, here is the catch!

Relationships are not always like fairytales:

Well Selena and The Weeknd have to admit the fact that all relationships go through thick and thin and same goes for them.

selena gomes hugging the weekndEvery relationship has its own dynamics but have to go through some rough patches too.

Hopefully, the duo manages to face any storm together.

So, if they fail to carry on their relationship due to some downside phase, this will break Selena’s heart into pieces.

Or let it put the other way round, if The Weeknd decides to dump Selena, it will be her worst ever breakup, as reported by a source to exclusively.

Are they headed towards a ‘split’?

Well you need not to worry as the couple is no way headed towards a split or a heart wrenching breakup.

That might only be the worst possible scenario.

She has given all her love, attention and vulnerability to Abel, and if he decides to leave her, she will be totally heartbroken and shattered to the very core.

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The couple seems mad about each other:

For a while, let’s forget about the duo moving towards a breakup and focus on the very fact, their intense chemistry and love for each other.

Abel unfollowed Bella on Instagram and so did his whole crew // @turntdallas

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A super cute photo was posted by False Alarm, in which this superhot singer was seen kissing her sweetheart passionately on cheeks.

Up till now, the couple had maintained silence over their relationship, so yes, this picture was a big step ahead.

The couple was also seen cuddling in Belle’s birthday party all night, while mingling with other A-list guests like Ashlee Simpson, Drake and French Montana.

Bieber vs The Weeknd: Who is the hottest one?

Well that is a valid question as who is the hottest between the two. Let’s say Biebs has millions of fans around the world.

justin bieber love selena gomesGirls go crazy over him wherever and whenever he’s spotted. But some of his appearances didn’t go really well with his fans.

He is usually shamed for his fashion sense, especially his clothing.

The Weeknd is completely a different person, when it comes to style and personality.

His hairstyle gets more reviews and comments than the singer himself.

But it seems like Biebs have more fans than The Weeknd, as he is always voted the hottest one!

Is Selena Happy with him?

Well apparently from Selena’s statement, it seems she is madly in love with her boyfriend and is in no position to lose him.

selena with the weeknd

Though, the couple has preferred to zip their lips about their relationship but there are certain hints that can be taken.

Since Selena is heartbroken from her relationship with Bieber, she might have found the true love with The Weeknd.

The 24 year old singer seems really happy and joyful in his companionship and seems to love her relationship.

Well maybe let’s say, she has found the love of her life, a man who treats her like a princess. And maybe Biebs was not able to do that at all.

What Justin has to say about Selena-The Weeknd relationship?

Surprisingly, Selena’s romance came on screen just few days earlier the release of her new soundtrack.

selena gomenz weeknd kissSelena’s ex Justin Bieber, presented a different opinion about this fling.

He believed it to be nothing but a publicity stunt by the duo to promote their latest duet song.

Well, it seems like Biebs is not happy or impressed with his ex GF’s latest love interest.

It’s not only Justin that has reacted negatively about Selena’s relationship, as Bella Hadid, The Weeknd’s ex promptly deleted Selena from social media.

Selena appeared indifferent by the criticism from Bella’s fans and posed for a racy photo shoot by fashion photographer, Mert Alas that triggered lots of abuse.

Her posts were trashed with cruel comments tagging her as ‘snake’ and ‘traitor’.

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Selena and The Weeknd relationship: At a glance:

Let us put aside for a while the criticism this duo is facing from their exes and the exes’ fans.

The couple appeared completely indifferent from the harsh remarks they have received so far and seems to enjoy each other’s company a lot.

But what if Bieber’s remarks are true, as the couple might have hooked up together to promote their latest music together.

So, whatever may be the reason, let us just focus on the fact that Selena is apparently happy with him and is in no mood to end this relationship at all!

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