Selena Gomez Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Selena Gomez, 24 year old star has been seen with her boyfriend on the weekend, looking  slimmer than before.

In 2015, Disney channel star had criticized by the cyberbullies on wearing a small bikini, but she swiftly rebuffed her chunky look.

Selena Gomes Weight Gain SecretShe told in Ellen DeGeneres, The first time I had ever been called as the chubby but it was just a weird for me because it’s sounds like a she is a mess, it was just because of wearing a bikini on vacation? But this was nothing for me, actually I just love myself and I did not care about other business.

The new look of Selena with a new haircut on Instagram, followers are pointed her appearance as she looks like a dead body, other commenters defended her about the quick  transformation of overweight with lupus.

One of the follower commented on Twitter: This is not like a droll ever she is suffering from lupus. Don’t you all thinks about the reason behind her weight gain and the weight loss transformation.

When she was on the Revival World Tour, She told that she needs the time to take care of my health. I have suffered from the depression or anxiety, panic attacks may be the side effect of the lupus.

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Why she had gained weight?

Most of the people said that Selena had gained weight because the Barney and Friends star are involved in the improper routine in the fitness like eating the junk food and unhealthy diets.

But the truth is different. She replied in the interview with Hollywood Life that the cause behind the weight gain is the medicines.

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Those medicines which I took upon the prescription of a doctor for the treatment of Lupus. Selena’s body reacts with the interaction of medicines, as a result, we have seen the weight fluctuations in the Wizards of Waverly Place.

After her pictures seen by the viewers in the Social media, One of the Instagram user claimed: Please stop eating the unhealthy or the Junk foods. She is not chubby at all.

As an actress, she needs to be shape her body. I’m just saying she needs to be working.

You are offensive, I am in the business where I already know how to look. I have just only the work to make love with myself and my work, take care of my friends and the family. It is not your work to judge what they should do and what they should not to do.

Statistics of Selena Gomez:

  1. Weight of the body: 54kg / 119 Pounds
  2. Height of the body: 5ft 5”
  3. Body measurement: 34-24-33

How she lose the weight in just only three weeks? below is the detail about her routine.

The Diet Plan Of Selena Gomez For Weight Loss:

Tips That Can Help You To Shed 20 Ibs In Just Only Three Weeks:

Selena gomes diet plan

1. Control Your Appetite:

The most important step that is followed by Selena Gomez is to avoid all the sweets from the diet. The trainer instructs her every time you crave about the brownies and the cake so take the powerful metabolism boosting pill that can help you to overcome your hunger.

The other crucial point is that she had also drink the apple cider vinegar which is completely organic. The combination of both metabolism boosting pill and the apple cider vinegar gives a powerful benefit in order to keep her away from favorite treats for about the 3 weeks of losing weight.

2. Swap the carbohydrate diet with the healthy diet:

Selena lost the 20Ibs of weight by replacing the carbohydrate diet with the healthy alternative such as the fresh fruit like watermelon, pineapple and grapes instead of eating the cookies and the candy sugar.

Although all these fruits are full with the high amount of sugar, but eating it as compared to the cookies is more beneficial as it also contains the plenty of minerals, fibers and the Vitamins.

3. No more fried foods:

Selena Gomes height weight and other statisticsShe added the grilled fish in her diet in order to replace all the fried items. The fried fish and fried chicken are composed of the fat and approximately 9 calories per gram.

She enjoyed the salmon, swordfish and Wahoo.

The hallmark is you should consume 1000 calories from the meal per day.

4. Cyclic Fasting:

She has undergone the intermittent fasting, means that you have to consume a calorie in a limited amount and after that you spent your rest of the time in the fasting.

This method will allow your body to increase the metabolism speed, high energy level and turns the body into the fat burning machine.

Selena would close the windows for eating at 9:00 PM.

5. The diet full of fiber content helps in fasting:

Selena is loaded herself with the full of fiber and the carbohydrate diet before going to cyclic fasting.

This trick allows her to go on the intermittent fasting for the longest time and helps to stay away from the favorite diet.

These all ways allow Selena to complete the three week plan successfully.

Whenever you feel hungry, munching with some almonds and drink the coffee with lemon will definitely overcome your diet.

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The Workout plan Of Selena Gomez For Weight Loss:

She lost the weight in just only the three weeks is due to hitting the gym by putting herself into the cardio and the training.

The trainer said that the reason behind her rapid weight loss as she started her workout at the time of the morning on an empty stomach.

The variety of exercises, diet plans, metabolism boosting pills and the strict diet plans turn her body into the fat burning machine.

                                              Selena Gomez Workout Plans Routine 
Monday                              Cardio Workout
Elliptical Training (3o Minutes)Incline Raining (15 Minutes)Rowing Machine

(15 Minutes)

Tuesday             Lower Body Resistance Training And Compound Movements
 Walking Lunges

Barbell Front Squat

Leg Extension

Leg Press

Step Ups

3 Sets

60 Seconds Rest

Wednesday                           Cardio Exercises
Running Or Walking On The Beach
ThursdayLower Body Resistance Training And Core Work
Russian Twist                       Leg Press                    Hamstring Curl Machine  Deadlift                    Horizontal Crunch

3 Sets

75 Seconds Rest

Friday                                      Cardio Exercises
3 Separate Cardio Exercises2o Minutes

Selena Gives Kick To The Cardio Exercises

Selena gomes workout

1. Monday:

The Monday workout training consists of purely cardio exercises. She begins the day from spent the 30 minutes on elliptical, 15 minutes on the treadmill and spent 15 minutes on the rowing machine.

This Monday workout helped her to burn up the approximately 800 calories.

Resistance Training And Compound Movements For The Lower Part Of The Body:

2. Tuesday:

She worked on the resistance training, especially works on the lower part of the body. She has also done the compound movements in order to burn up the excess fat.

Selena performed the 3 sets for the 60 seconds on the following exercises such as the walking lunges, Barbell front squat, leg extension and single leg.

3. Cardio exercises:

Selena gomes cardio exerciseEven with Monday, Wednesday is also stuffed with the cardio exercises. Selena Gomez favorite cardio is walking, outdoors in the morning time or on the beach in the Southern California.

Low resistance, body training and core work:

Thursday workout is brimming with the lower body resistance training and the core work and integrated three times in the week.

She has performed the 3 sets of these exercises like Russian twist, leg press, stiff leg dead lift, horizontal curl machine and hamstring curl machine with 75 second of rest time.

Make Splash With Hammer On The Cardio:

Again the cardio day (Friday) , second time in the gym. Selena performed the cardio exercises and ended the day with some hardcore burning.

She enjoyed the gym with her friends by doing the three different sets of the cardio exercises.

Sometimes she repeated the Monday regimen or sometimes done the completely different.

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