Sergi Constance Steroids: The Great Effects + Results Inside! [2020]

The efforts to make grow better and the most better, he has risen from the very beginning to the top level of fitness in industry and become the CEO of his company.

Sergi Constance using steroids or natural

The Sergi Constance was born in Spanish 1988. The guy with a competitive nature, is one of the most classic fitness models of the world in a very short time period.

Sergi Constance wants to inspire fans and show world wide that he has not only good on stage, but loaded with many extra affection and competency.

I have been endowed to earn wings the body with greatest physique. I am thankful for the years of vigorous workout training and diet plans. The life with the fitness is very rewarding and I have loved or crazy about every little to enormous bit of progress.

Sergi-Constance workoutSergi accomplishments are not only limited to the fitness world or the Men’s Physique Competition, he has a degree in Sciences Of Physical Education And Sports (5year).

He is the owner of his own clothing.

I remember the time, when I was too young and wanted to become sizable and athletic so I started a local gym.

After a few weeks of intense training I fell allegiance about bodybuilding and then I decided to make as more as possible in this field to achieve the best body as it is possible with all focus and concentrations on the peak from my side.

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Sports science, modeling, sport science and fitness model:

The Sergis’s journey first started from the gym in order to boost up with strength and improve his overall size and shape of the body.

Sergi-Constance diet plan

Since Constance was born in Valencia, Spain.  He has a love of sports in the very beginning and afterwards his favorite subject in the school also related to the Physical Education.

Being overloaded with sport abilities, Sergi’s continues education in university with a highly preferred subject, for example Sports Science and Physical Education.

With the continuation of studies, he had a hard work of the model for creating his physique like aesthetic.

He turned his attentions on the competitive bodybuilding shows after modeling.

After completing his studies, he continues his successful career with a WBFF PRO Muscle Model. Rising in popularity or fame among the peoples in a very short period of time , led to growing up with unlimited fans on the social media.

His work as a Global Ambassador (for sporting brands), fitness model, trainer and entrepreneur.

I always wanted to get in a better or amazing physical shape so I started a workout in the gym and played a lot of sports. Work hard and learning can improving you to get the amazing body.

Athletic Statistics of Sergi Constance:
  1. Weight= 93.0-102.1kg (215-225Ibs)
  2. Height= 6ft 1’’ (185.5cm)
  3. Body fat= 5-8%
  4. Arms=19.5
  5. Chest= 49.5
  6. Waist= 34.3

Sergi transformation from 2010 to 2016: (From lean to shredded)

It’s hard to say criticize anyone that he is on the steroids or naturally. For example, if someone remains about the same size, then suddenly he becomes double in size that indicates something is wrong.

Sergi Constance workout training

The Sergi’s fan is pointing or rebuke his transformation in order to: How he is jacked within a six years without using of any drugs?

In my point of view, he has not built up a huge muscles, simply he achieves a body fat approximately 5-8%.

Most of the pictures of Sergi’s shows that how amazing he looks with 5% of body fat from lean to shredded.

The kind of transformation like a Sergi is possible if you have a genetic supreme. He has been a massive or muscular for a long period of time since he started lifting of weights

Competition reports of Sergi Constance:

He has competed in the WBFF (Category of muscle model), NPC and IFBB events.

Although these federations are not strict in drug test, so we can’t say that he is natural or on the steroids on the basis of steroids.

Training plans:

Sergi-Constance physiqueSergi achieves a perfect physique by the work on a different muscle group within a week.

He pumps up his all body parts for the maximum growth

The  recommends a training plan for improving strength, size and aesthetics.

  1. Incline Chest Press = Helps your body to boost the growth of upper area including a chest muscle,
  2.  Squats = legs and squats provides you an aesthetic body.
  3. Deadlifts = This exercise helps works on the different kind of muscle groups.
  4. Cardio = Low intensity cardio is better for the burning of fat or weight loss and maintaining your fitness.

Diet Plans:

Sergi’s diet includes in healthy fats, lean mass and a good carbohydrates. He prefers the only healthy or fresh diets and the foods that can increase the growth of muscle like protein.

Assumption: Natty

He is natty because he has no any symptoms of the steroid user, such as flushed skin, gynecomastia, bloating, steroid gut, acne or stretch marks and hair loss.

Sergi Constance does not have a dry appearance physically. The body like a Sergi is possible to achieve with genetic freaks.