Simeon Panda Steroids- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Simeon Panda attracts the fitness community and a lot of people by his physique.

A man with a huge upper body mass and a tiny small waist has the most aesthetic physiques around the world.

Simeon Panda

Simeon has over 4.7 millions of fans on the Facebook.

The athlete physique similar to the Arnold is amazing, whereas the Simeon is natural and the Arnold is a steroid user.

Simeon Panda is an owner of his sport and clothing company.

The Accomplishments:

Simeon Panda has competed in the different bodybuilding competitions worldwide and winning the European championship and Musclemania-Pro status in the year 2017.

Statistics Of Simeon Panda:

  • Weight of the body: 220-235lbs (99-106.6kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’1’’ (185.5cm)
  • Body fat: 7%

Body measurements:

  • Chest: 50 inches
  • Arms: 21 inches
  • Waist: 31 inches

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We are hearing that Simeon Panda takes the steroids, so what is true?

It is very well known that steroids can give the very effective result in a short period of time, but they can cause the harmful effect further.

Simeon Panda ExerciseIt is important to know the truth because the Simeon Panda continuously criticize by the peoples.

Some of the peoples are said that he is just similar to the Arnold, only the difference of chest size, which is 8 inches shorter than the Arnold and 1 inch less than the Arnold in arm size.

Simeon as bigger as Arnold, so people criticize for fake natty and take the steroid.

This is not important for all the time that the guys who is bigger are most likely to consume the steroid, sometimes there may be reason of genetic freak.

We are going to discuss Truth About Simeon Panda through our investigation.

Our assumption is based on the physical evidence.

Test For The Natural Or On The Steroids:

simeon panda diet

1. Hair Follicle Test: 

Simeon has checked for hair follicle test which can be used for the detection of steroid or natural for up to the 90 days.

This test is not 100% proof but provides the accurate and the reliable result as compared to the urine and blood test.

If the test is performed at any time of year, so the result can actually indicate the use of steroid.

He passed the hair follicle test.

2. British National Bodybuilding Federation:

The federation BNBF perform the very strict drug test randomly outside of competition and there is no chance of leaving the stage.

3. Musclemania:

Simeon also competed in the Musclemania bodybuilding federation which conducts the weak drug testing.

These tests are easy to cheat due to the analysis of urine

This test is not suitable for detecting the steroid user and the natural one.

However, he cleared this test also.

4. Polygraph Test:

He passed the polygraph (lie detector) test.

The reason for arranging this test is a criticism of the peoples for the fake.

The test was performed by the NADAC senior examiner “Don Cargill”

Don performed the tests on the murder cases.

The Simeon Panda got 98% of accuracy in the polygraph test, higher than 3% of standard polygraph result.

There were ask the two questions n polygraph

  1. Have you ever used any form of steroids in your life?
  2. Have you ever used any kind of human growth hormone in an entire life?

He answered NO in both of the questions.

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Simeon Panda Video On Steroids:

Simeon Panda published a video on the YouTube in which he said about the natural.

Simeon Panda Natural BodyIf I was on the steroids and claim for natural, so definitely I am not going to put myself in the stressful situation.

Simeon claim as natural and further added:

If I was natural and people claim me that I was on steroids, so I would go for a variety of drug testing, just for proving myself natural.

I become an angry if somebody calls me a liar.

If you are in the position of Simeon, so what would you do?

1. Gain Timeline:

There is a difference in the gaining of natty and steroid user.

You can differentiate through the bulking time period.

The natural one requires the longer time period for bulking and those who use the steroid undergoes the rapid transformation.

When the natty begins the lifting of weight, so he gained slowly at the snail’s speed.

Simeon Panda in the beginning not added so much mass after experience the newbie gain.

After four years, in 2006 he is putting some extra muscle which looks natural.

For the rest of 10 years, Simeon has fluctuated between the same weight.

Training for the many years and having a world class genetics result in the 90% of bulking and amazing physique.

2. Physical Symptoms Of Steroid:

a) Tiny waist:

Simeon has the tiny waist of 31 inches.

The use of steroid can develop the steroid gut, but his tiny waist indicates the natty.

The human growth hormone is also responsible for developing the blocky and thick mid-section.

b) Flushed skin:

Simeon has a good skin appearance as compared to the steroid user whose skin color is pink and the dark.

The steroid can change the color of skin in dark color due to the elevated temperature of the body.

3. Genetic Freak:

There are only a few people in the world than can build up the muscle, fat as well as burn up the fat.

This is very critical for building up the muscle, burn up the fat and develop the aesthetic physique in the bodybuilding and then decided to go for a steroid.

Simeon Panda is a man who born with superior genetics.

Simeon Panda Workout Training:

The Simeon Panda training includes the workout that develops the strength and keeps his body fit.

Simeon Panda Workout

He believes in the training both mentally and physically.

Simeon normal do the warm-up and then go for a heavy lift.

He thinks that warm up before lifting heavy weight is a great way to gain the maximum weight.

His routine constantly changes according to the need.

Simeon targets the chest on Monday, legs on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday, arms on Friday and legs on Sunday.

Saturday is a rest day.

Simeon Panda Nutrition:

Tips by Simeon PandaSimeon Panda diet just looks like the diet of professional bodybuilders.

He follows the strict diet plan which is strict and accurate according to the need for training.

Simeon prefers the meal which kicks his metabolism.

His diet plan usually include seven meals.


Simeon Panda is Natty as he has no any sign of steroid use such as the bloating, acne and changing in the facial structure.

He passed the Polygraph test and the various bodybuilding test.

It is possible to gain the maximum as natty through superior genetics.