Sir Patrick Stewart is Quitting X-Men

Indeed, it is very sad to hear, as he might be your last reason to watch X-men!

We have been known for quite a while that Logan was Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine.

Unfortunately another report awaits us – Sir Patrick who plays the role of Professor X since 17 years has decided to quit too.

He made the announcement in February this year, in SiriusXM Town Hall function, with Hugh Jackman and Logan’s Director James Mangold, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

The director further added how they all three watched Logan last week in Berlin and broke into tears.

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James Mangold’s speaks up emotionally about the departure:

James openly expressed his grief, which he felt while watching Logan with its stars last week in Berlin.

loganThey had to go up on stage but not before movie credits get over.

So they had some time to sit on their seats and there where he pondered that there can never be a more perfect, sensitive and emotional way of saying au revoir to Charles Xavier than the movie Logan.

And the very same day, he told Hugh that he’s done too! Logan was released on March 3 this year.

Sir Patrick dropped the bombshell in Graham Norton Show:

Patrick Stewart first dropped the bombshell in Steve Norton Show that he will soon take the decision about his role in X-men.

His announcement left the co-guest Hugh Jackman and host Graham Norton in utter disbelief, whereas the show’s audience let out a loud gasp.

But Graham invited a surprise guest to lighten up the mood, Sir Ian McKellen, actor who played Magneto along with Stewart and Hugh both.

McKellen continued to tease both the characters about leaving X-Men.

He said when the person starts to get old, he no longer wants to get associated with old franchises and wishes to try out something new.

He continued to chit chat and asked Hugh if he can continue to work for another one while it’s completely OK for Stewart to leave, as he should be dead by now!

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Will Professor X stay alive as the character?

Since Steward has announced his departure, a logical question we could not resist to raise is, will the character of Professor X stays alive or dies in the end?

sir stewart patrick at xmen

He further added that he might reappear in some future movies of the same franchise, though not too sure about it.

So, the speculations continue to move, as what will be the future of Professor X. But, the reality is who actually cares when Patrick Steward is no longer a part of the series.

The guessing-game finally subsided when James McAvey’s picture surfaced on social media.

Is James McAvey the new Professor X of X-Men?

It seems like 20th Century Fox always keeps one of its X-Men movies in working and the next might be releasing sooner than we expect.

Recently, James McAvey posted a picture of himself with X-Men series writer-director Simon Kingberg, giving a hint of their union in upcoming summer.

Sir Patrick Steward is also seen in the picture.

There are many ongoing speculations, as which X-Men project James McAvey would a part of, but Stewart’s presence in the picture shows that he might be your next Professor X.

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How fans are reacting to this news?

It seems that X-Men fans are not happy with two protagonists leaving the series.

Wolverine and xmen togetherOn multiple forums, fans have expressed their shock and disbelief on Sir Patrick’s decision.

Many believe that the series will start to lose appeal without its two protagonists.

They want Wolverine and Professor X to be always the part of X-men.

Some fans have tried to justify their decision as they (Hugh and Stewart) need to try something new and are no longer interested in old franchises.

Seems like Hugh and Steward have already made up their mind of leaving X-Men and pays little attention towards their fans’ sentiments.

But this might not be the end, as both the stars will continue to entertain their fans in other projects for sure!

So, keep your fingers crossed!

What is the future of X-Men now?

It is too early to decide the future of X-Men franchise, but the series of past events might be helpful to make any recommendations.

xmen apocalypse

For instance, X-Men – Days of Future Past delivered a good reset of story with fresh character, X-Men – Apocalypse didn’t do any justice with the storyline.

With two protagonists leaving the series, the future of X-Men seems questionable.

It seems like fans need a strong reset story to be convinced about the exit of its two main characters.

The overall situation is creating several questions in our mind, like, how well the series will deal with the loss of two major characters in one go?

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