Snooki Weight Loss: #1 Shocking Transformation Inside [2019]

Snooki was showing off her slimmer figure and most impressive results on the cover of Us Weekly in the leopard print bikini.

She has done by following a diet 1,300 calories and several workouts.

Snooki weight loss before and after

Since Snooki gave birth to her first baby “Lorenzo”, she never looked in shape after giving birth to her baby.

The former Jersey Shore star has undergone an amazing weight-loss transformation by shredded 42 pounds.

The real name of Snooki is Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi while nicknames are snooks, Nicole and Snooki.

Snooki revealed diet and workout plans that help her to lose weight.

She wanted to get in shape and also wanted to show her fiance “Jionni LaValle” that she could still toned or sexy as a mom.

The former Jersey star has been training for looking good in the wedding gown and proof to lose the baby-weight.

My aim is to focus on the lean muscle mass once I get married.

I want healthy for myself and even for my children.

I want to live and run with them.

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She is a mom of Lorenzon 4, and daughter Giovanna 2.

Statistics Of Snooki:

Height of the body: 4’8’’

Weight of the body: 105.8lbs (48 kg)

Body Measurements:


Snooki was initially lost weight by first two months of breastfeeding and then began a 1,300 calories per day and followed workouts by the personal trainer.

I started a gym with a new trainer “Anthony Michael

I was so excited about going to the gym because I had not worked out in a six month, so when I was there it looks “Let’s do this”

Snooki currently lives with LaValle in New Jersey.

Back to the fitness regimen is not hard as having a long break when I was pregnant.

Snooki Workouts

Nicole “Snooki” putting a lot of extra work in the gym.

snooki weight loss workout

We also have done some high-intensity-internal training for 10 to 15 minutes.

The selection of these exercises can elevate the heart rate,  HITT is combined with a plyometrics, and some cardio moves.

Workouts With A Pal:

Together with my sister-in-law, I trained with weights and targets different area in every single day.

The body parts that are focused are the biceps, Abs, legs, and shoulders.

The flipping tires and the weight ropes are playing a role in burning of fat from the arm region.

snooki weight loss workoutI don’t like the workouts with legs that is the worst part, but I like workouts with arms.

When I hold Lorenzo, it seems like a workout, you can see the arm muscles as well.

I have been trying a workout for everyday, but it usually comprised of four days a week.

The workouts are great because they stimulate a hormone called endorphins.

Endorphins play a role in your weight loss journey.

The Cardio Training:

In addition to the other workouts in the gym, Monday and Friday are dedicated to cardio or at least three or four times per week.

I had enjoyed spin cycle classes at the local gym per week.

This is extremely effective to burn up the fat around 700 calories per session.

The Dance:

Despite the dancing, Snooki also loves dancing to exercise.

“Dancing is an amazing workout that keeps my legs and everything well toned”

Snooki enjoys jogging and running as well.

The running time period is thirty to forty minutes.

Snooki Diet For Weight Loss

Snooki had transformed the living style to lean and sexy figure.

The diet is included with a less source of carbohydrates and reduce intake of calories

snooki weight loss planThe healthy new diet consists of a lot of chicken and vegetable designed by the Anthony Michael.

He also treated Snooki with a Turkey burger that Is really good in taste.

When I started a lot of greens, whole grains, and lean meats so I felt my brain is waking up after a coma

My life turned out and everything clicked from relationship to careers.

If you want love, strength so feed your body a healthy food.

The mother of two had defended 42 pound weight loss.

I look healthy and slimmer, but my arms are still jiggled with 4’9’’ height

Skip The Carbohydrates:

With the help of a trainer Anthony, I cut down the carbohydrate content of the diet and go for completely lean and veggies.

Snooki was seemed to be saying Goodbye to whole-meat, pasta and even bread for having a dream of tone body.

The salad was according to my choice and pasta dishes are always served with a homemade sauce.

Scoop Of Peanut Butter:

The scoop of peanut butter is actually good because it contains a high content of protein and I have no any problem to treat myself to a peanut butter.

One scoop of peanut butter at night, but now I’m totally addicted to peanut butter.

According to the Michael: Snooki Is perfect and healthy with this size because she is too small.

It is perfect that Snooki lost inches every year and her waist, arms that are very committed.

I want the weight near to 95-96 pounds and that is completely muscle.

Snooki weight loss before and after photos

You should work out for five days a week while dedicating 2 days of rest.

You can not even train a single day without taking a rest.

The rest should your first priority as compared to the other things.

snooki weight loss diet planSleep is a great way to reduce stress, Snooki has a newborn, so she had done a great job

The only wedding bells are a reason for looking fitter than ever.

This is ridiculous! Snooki hubby “Jionni” like lazy type, she said:

He does not really like a workout and if he does so he will lose 10Ibs in one day.. It’s really annoy, that’s a reason Snooki can’t buddy up to her husband within the gym.