Stephan Bonnar Tests Positive For Drostanolone (Masteron) Steroids

This was not Stephan’s first run on Steroids; he was previously convicted of using the performance enhancing drug, Boldenone.

The connection between steroids and mixed martial arts is old.


History is the witness; many names have made the headlines from time to time, underwent conviction and then, served punishment.

What is Drostanolone (Masteron) – the drug found in Stephan Bonnar’s system post his fight with Anderson Silva.

Amongst some popular names is that of Stephan Bonnar – the UFC hall of famer, now retired MMA fighter.

Interestingly, the 41 year old became the topic of discussion after being reported of using a performance enhancing drug in 2006.

While the fighter was subjected to a brief suspension, he did not resist in violating the anti-doping policies yet again, for the second time.

According to his reports released after his bout with Anderson Silva, Bonnar was on Drostanolone that is an anabolic steroid in nature.

As we normally get to witness the offenders coming up with all sorts of excuses, Bonnar chose a different way.

Thankfully, he was not in a denial of using anabolic steroids but was up with his justifications and clearance both the time.

On his previous tests that came positive for Boldenone, the fighter claimed to get injured weeks before his fight.

His intention of using the anabolic steroid was to pace recovery and hence, become fit for his upcoming challenge.

While an idea like this sounds justifiable to ears, this could not save Stephan from suspension.

The reason for this lies in the fact that it is against the anti-doping policies to use steroids for any purpose, including for the healing of injuries incurred anytime before the fight.

Now coming on to the second steroid controversy, before determining his ‘reason’ for using Drostanolone, let’s find out what exactly the steroid is all about.

What is Drostanolone?

It is a substance obtained from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate)

If you put it simple, it is meant to recreate the effects of the natural hormone, testosterones or say, it is the synthetic form of testosterone.

If we investigate its therapeutic effects, we will be surprised to notice that it offers great relief for women with breast cancer.

According to the experts, it has the ability to avert or hamper the development of tumor which is quite promising for women with increased risks of breast cancer or the ones undergoing such a deadly disease.

The substance, on the other hand, is quite a favorite choice in the weightlifting sports as it favors the goals, the achievement of which is highly dependent upon strength and stamina.

Apart from this, the agent can also support in the reduction of water weight, which is another essential need of the men belonging to the athletic group.

What are the side effects of Drostanolone?

Here are the negative effects of using Drostanolone:

  • Acne
  • Noticeable changes in voice
  • Higher sexual appetite
  • Unusual hair growth

Why is Drostanolone banned?

The consumption of Drostanolone is considered an offence as per the anti-doping policies.

In fact, the drug is also listed on the prohibited substances forwarded by WADA.

Thereby, anyone caught in the action of buying, purchasing or using any illegal substance will be subjected to penalty.

Stephan Bonnar’s explanation over the use of Drostanolone

According to the former wrestler, his intension of using Drostanolone was different and not to triumph over his opponent with unfair means.

He indeed admits of using a performance enhancing drug, but his motive was to treat his ailing knees before he could get into the ring.

ufc 116 stephan bonnar vs krzysztof soszynski

According to the famous MMA fighter, his career was fading and he was up with no challenge for months.

His expectations of giving his career a perfect end was dropping. And so he wanted to gym, get in shape, restore his stooping strength back and for that, he decided to resort to the chemical way!

But least to his expectations, he found a ray of hope when being offered to fight with Silva.

The fight was due three weeks later and so he stopped using the substance – considering it to flush out of his system in the meantime.

However, things turn unfavorable for him which he believes, have affected him on a whole.

Our verdict

As per our experts, a drug like Drostanolone takes at least 14 days to flush out of your system and so the fighter’s positive tests for the steroid, along with his clarifications remain questionable to us!


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