Steroids Side Effects- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

If bodybuilders and athletes get the benefits of muscular and powerful, so are they get any harmful effects?

The steroid abuse can’t good ever at any cost.

side effects of steroids

The anabolic steroids have many possible side effects, even they are used for the medical conditions.

Here we explained all criteria that how steroids are bad for your health.

Here you get the four sections that are addressed with steroids side effects.

First, you should understand the types of steroids.

There are several types of steroids such as corticosteroids and anabolic steroids.

  1. Corticosteroids have the synthetic analogs of hormones and used for overcoming the hyperactive immune system and reduced swelling.
  2. While, anabolic steroids have a capability to fulfill the bodybuilding goals such as the building of muscle and explosive strength to push the level of competition.

What is Steroids?

It is an organic compounds that contain four rings of carbon atoms. Anabolic Steroids are made by using synthetic testosterone.

what is steroids and how it worksDifferent steroids have different properties due to changing in carbon atoms.

In medical, the purpose of steroids to treat the disease of muscle wasting (AIDS) and loss of testicular functions.

The doctors are not allowed to prescribe steroids for enhancing athletes performances.

The testosterone is naturally produced in the body and provide the maximum benefits including fighting from the stress and promoting the growth and development.

Some of the peoples started abusing roids and start taking in the form of gels, pills, injections, and creams.

The main question is,

Are steroids legal?

We all very well know that something which is not approved by FDA and labeled as illegal, definitely it has chances to harm your health.

Without a prescription of a doctor, it is not allowed to sell and distribute anabolic steroids.

According to federal law, the first time, anabolic possession will be one year prison and a $1,000 fine.

Anabolic steroids are powerful and effect human system, the response rate may vary from individual to individual due to gender and age.

If we focused on the sports and bodybuilding, these drugs are referred as roids and juice.

When Mark McGwire talked about using Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the year 1998, so it becomes a part of Pro game.

Dudes are not stopping trying, Even they know that the steroids are illegal (reported in the Drug Enforcement) whether they are available in the injectable form and tablet form.

Just because of thinking benefits, but in reality, they are in the dark and stand in the worst place of their life.

Maybe they are unaware of the drawbacks

Let’s have a deeper look at the nasty effects of steroids.

Section 1: Steroids Are Bad For Men

the side effects of steroids for men

The side-effects associated with anabolic steroids are following:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Shrinking of the testicles
  • Painful erections
  • Low count of sperm
  • Increase risk of infertility
  • Become impotent (inability to get an erection)
  • Pain and discomfort while urinating

When a normal guy begins steroid practice to increase levels of testosterone in the body, so he is actually interfering with the normal production of testosterone, resulting in the shutting down of normal production and smaller testicles.

The reason behind this statement is that our body has a feedback mechanism which regulates the functions whether active or turns down the thermostat, when the level is enough, so our body turns to stop making the testosterone production in the testicles.

This may become normal after quitting the use or short-term use, but it becomes severe if the practice continues for a long-term duration, the longer duration can suppress gonad for the longer, you may observe the cases related to low level of testosterone after stopping drugs about two years.

Some of the cases, it is observed that the person who takes anabolic begin to suffer from the erectile issues and ended up with the erectile dysfunction.

The reason for development of gynecomastia is that the men naturally convert some percentage of testosterone into estrogen, the higher dose contributes to enlargement of the breasts.

The anabolic steroids can also increase the risk of a nasty condition such as the aseptic necrosis of the femoral head, exact reason is not known, but it is associated with the high level of testosterone.

Male-pattern baldness can induce by the imbalances of hormones, this sign attack those who have experience in the puberty.

Section 2: Steroids Are Bad For Women

steroids effects on women

Naturally, there is a difference in physical appearance between male and female.

Not only physical difference, the internal composition of both of the gender is entirely different.

Because our topic is based on anabolic steroids mainly, so we have just focused on hormones.

As I mentioned above, steroids are based on the synthetic molecules of testosterone.

Testosterone is a natural hormone that is present in both of the genders, but low level found in women as compared to men.

If women injected testosterone in their body, so their natural level of hormones begins to disturb and imbalance may result in the low level of estrogen and increased level of testosterone.

The imbalances of hormone result in the following effects.

Because, they get a high level of testosterone in their body, so they are much more susceptible to developing the male appearance because testosterone is well-known as a male hormone.

  • The growth of excessive hair (face and body)
  • Deepening of voice
  • Irregularities in a menstrual cycle
  • Reduction in breast tissues and size
  • Enlargement of clitoris
  • Masculinized female fetus
  • Loss of feminine body characteristics

Steroid Are Bad For Men And Women

Some of the effects which may experience both men and women due to use of an anabolic steroid.

  • Acne breakouts
  • An oily scalp and the skin
  • Hair loss or Baldness
  • Increased risk of heart attacks
  • Enlargement of the heart
  • Rupturing of tendons
  • Risk of jaundice
  • Developed a risk of liver diseases and cancer
  • Mood swings
  • Delusions may occur

Which Group Is Near To Developed More Severe Symptoms By The Use Of Anabolic Steroids?

Mostly the individual’s who get steroid after getting prescription so, they are not susceptible to develop the life-threatening symptoms because they are using drugs under the supervision of a doctor.

Despite patients, who are at risk to develop the severe symptoms and may be fatal?

Anabolic steroids are illegal and their use is comprised of prison and charges, but these drugs mean a lot of the bodybuilders

According to my opinion, peoples in the bodybuilding and younger generations are more susceptible to get harm from anabolic steroids.

Section 3: Steroids Are Bad For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders are also related to man category, but I have made this separate section because the duration of steroid use and many other factors are different in the common individual and the bodybuilders.

steroids side effects for bodybuilders

The second reason is that the common individual corticosteroids dose is prescribed by doctors due to the treatment of specific disease, whereas bodybuilders do steroid practice combined with a proper workout regimen and strict diet plan.

Definitely, they have some unique type of signs together with common signs and symptoms.

The common symptoms are acne, losing hair, baldness, decreased sperm count, and shrinkage of the testicles.

The specific types of symptoms may appear in this group, I’m going to discuss some of the crucial that are mentioned as below:

  • Steroid gut
  • Wider or bigger traps
  • Gynecomastia

1. Steroid Gut:

The steroid gut is similar to the belly of a pregnant woman, which is developed by stacking of HGH with anabolic steroids.

Use of insulin has also enhanced the steroid or HGH gut.

2. Wider Or Bigger Traps

Upon intake of steroids, the androgen muscles that are present on the shoulders are responding very first.

When their first interaction combined with workouts, resulting in the bigger and wider traps.

3. Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the male breast tissue becomes enlarged due to imbalances of hormones.

It can be controlled by using the drugs that have an ability to reduce the estrogen effects.

In Addition,

Most of the bodybuilders already known about the equal dosage of each steroid and have very wide information related to each cycle.

steroid gutsThey have complete and perfect knowledge of stacking.

More than Stacking, they are stacked anabolic steroids with some supplements and the drugs that have the capability to inhibit the estrogen effects and reduced the liver toxicity.

The high level of estrogen developed the gynecomastia, which can be treated by estrogen inhibitors, but in some cases, the excessive development of breast leads to surgery.

Some of them are developed a very defined physique by using a proper dosage of each steroid and following an accurate cycle.

See the greatest physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Some of them are equally trying to get a lot of benefits in both of the aspects, for instance, physique, and competition, but ended up with the steroid gut.

The perfect example is Kai Greene steroid gut

  • Some of the beginners are developing very freaky shapes due to lack of knowledge about stacking, even they are going for other compounds such as Synthol.

You can see the bigger arms of Moustafa Ismail, if I’m not wrong.

  • It is sad to say, some of the bodybuilders are winding up the steroid practices by lost their precious life.

Read about the Dallas McCarver, Rich Piana, and Kali Muscle death, also check the Post Martam report of Dallas.

They were dying due to intake the heavy dose of anabolic steroids.

The Dallas was dying at a very young age and his steroid cycle is known as the death cycle.

The heavy dose of steroid badly affect Rich Piana, Dallas McCarver, and Kali muscle

The most common finding in their medical and Post Martam report is the enlargement of organs and increase the toxicity of the liver.

All of the anabolic steroids are impacting heavily on the liver as a toxic compound.

The enlargement of organs can be fatal because internal organ begins to move near the bones, the main reason for the enlargement is HGH.

HGH is human growth hormone and widely used as stacking with anabolic steroids.

HGH use is also illegal and as prescription medicine, it is used to treat the children who have the growth and development issues.

You may hear carpal tunnel syndrome and thickening of bones, jaws, toes, and fingers due to excess amount of HGH.

There are also physical changes appear related to enlargement of the skull and wider jaw.

Section 4: Steroids Are Bad For Teens (Young Guys)

negative effects of steroids in young guys

Moreover, anabolic steroids are not suitable for teens:

  • They have usually short height due to arrest growth of bone.
  • The possibility of suffering long-term masculinization for girls

The Other Nasty Side Effects:

Steroid abuse ‘raising health risk for thousands’ (BBC).

The steroids are taken as an injection form, so there will be increased chances of spreading the infections.

The infections are related to AIDS and HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus), hepatitis C, bacterial endocarditis, liver disease, and infection of the inner lining of the heart.

It has serious psychological side effects, some of the steroid users become aggressive, combative and have an extreme fear.

The steroids can increase the rate of addictivity, steroid users probably develop a high risk of using the other drugs such as cocaine, and alcohol.

Even, the bodybuilders becoming addictive to cycle their steroid doses and adding the doses over a period of time.

They are going towards pyramid means starting a low dose and gradually increase the frequency, and number of drugs in a cycle.

They are carefully changing the compound according to a season.

In the sum of all, it becomes hard to stop taking steroid and once anyone tries to quit, they may feel the undesired symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, and depression.


“Anabolic Steroids Are Bad For All Groups”

The use of anabolic steroids are considered as illegal and banned, but still, some athletes and bodybuilders are taking these to get the benefits of competition levels.

They will destroy their career once get a positive drug test as well as increase chances of serious health consequences.

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I think this is enough for understanding why steroids are bad for you?

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If you want to become a super, so being a real man means following a hard working, training, and the healthy foods without the use of steroid.