What are Steroids and How do they affect Men?

Bodybuilders, weight lifters, and athletes to amplify their workouts, use an organic compound.

The compound name is Steroid.

how steroids make you stronger
How Legal Steroids Work

There are different categories.

  1. They belong to one of the classes of anabolic steroids.
  2. Normally, legal steroids come in the category of steroids that you do not need any prescription for.
  3. You can get them from any bodybuilding studios or pharmacies.
  4. Their usage is great at promoting muscle development and decreasing the fat index of the body.
  5. Furthermore, the athletes and body builders are not the only one,
  6. who use Anabolic steroids to generate muscle mass
  7. but as a matter of fact,
  8.  these Anabolic steroids are also very helpful in treating many medical conditions from general type to more severe type
  9. Such as; complications in the process of puberty.
  10. Basically, Anabolic steroids are a variant of testosterone but the synthetic variant.

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What is Testosterone?

  1. It is an essential hormone that is present in both male and female.
  2. Plus, this hormone is responsible for performing many roles in the human body, including maintaining sexual characteristics in males.
  • However, the usage of some unauthorized steroids
  • or even their possession is not allowed in many countries
  • for example: in the United States
  • but even in these countries,
  • consumption of steroids is possible only when the doctor prescription is there.
  • Well, the laws regarding this subject vary from country to country. It is just good to have knowledge before considering the usage.
  • The production of legal steroids takes place in the controlled laboratory conditions.
  • Authorized tests on animal subjects are done to find the impact and apt amount of the dose of the product.
  • Since,

a lot of care and thought, the researchers put before approving these legal steroids.

Therefore, public opinion is positive about this product.

Who are the users of Steroids?

  1. Normally, people who need physical strength due to personal or professional requirements use Anabolic Steroids.
  2. These Anabolic Steroids have potential to provide competitive edge or advantage to improve physical appearance. Professionally, bodyguards; construction workers and law enforcement personnel require a well-maintained physique.
  3. The main purpose of Steroids is to enhance the lean mass and strength of muscles.
  4. It is said that steroids have the capabilities to recover the muscles soon after heavy workouts. Thus, it results in the longer workout sessions.
  5. Moreover, taking steroids can improve strength and endurance.
  6. These qualities make them likable for the people who are interested in muscle mass gaining products.
  7. People who take Steroids take them in an irregular succession and not in a consecutive manner to keep the side effects at bay plus to keep the body hormones in the right order so, they can recover in a normal way.
  8. However, the long term use of steroids tend to stimulate the human body reactions toward the drug tolerance
  9. plus the long term usage can force human body to stop secreting its own natural testosterone hormone.
  10. Interestingly, there are plenty of users who believe in stacking to see more prominent changes, or they simply wish for maximum gain of capabilities.

(Staking is basically combining different products of steroids for maximizing the results)


The Impact of Steroids on the Human Brain

impact of steroids on body
Impact of Steroids
1. Difference:

Steroids have their own impact on the human brain and its activity unlike other abuse such as heroin, coke, MDMA or any other type of drugs.

Steroids are different; they do not create the feeling of high in the users where the elevation of neurotransmitter takes place.

2. Long Term Effects:

There are no immediate signs of steroids usage; they (signs) take time to be significantly visible.

However, the long-term use of steroids may damage the functionality and essential chemicals’ production in the brain.

So, why these chemicals are essential?

These chemicals have potential to stimulate a person’s mood and behavior.

3. Extreme behaviors:

People who take steroids for the longer period are likely to show extreme behaviors

For example:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Irritability
  3. The aggression of extreme level
  4. Delusion
  5. or even in some cases serious mental disorders.
4. Body Addiction:

Regular use of steroids is not good because addictive behaviors are not in favor of the human body and brain.

However, in the name of achieving desired physical appearance people tend to neglect the side effects of long-term usage.

This is the case because the steroids do not show the same addictive symptoms as the drugs

but as a matter of fact, their usage is even more deadly than any other drug abuse

because it tends to cause

  1. Depression
  2. other mental disorders.
5. Signs and Symptoms of over usage:

There are clinical studies that can prove people even tend to ruin

  1. Their social life
  2. Relationships

The major signs are

  1. Restlessness
  2. Steroid cravings
  3. Insomnia
  4. Mood swings
  5. Reduction in the feeling of hunger.
6. How to avoid any such scenario:

The remedy is simple, taking steroids in moderation is the key because when you take steroids in moderation you are allowing your body to recover from the minor reactions.

The side effects will not increase if you give your body time to recuperate.

7. What about legal steroids?

Legal steroids, if taken in moderation can give you desired body shape and appearance, athletic ability or performance.

Yet, anything with over usage is bad and that is why long term use may cause

  1. Acne
  2. The appearance of feminine characteristics in men
  3. Masculine characteristics in women.

Steroids- Clinical Uses

clinical usage of steroids
Uses of Steroids

Categories of Steroids

There are two pivotal categories of steroids, which have usage in the medical field.

  1. Corticosteroids
  2. Anabolic steroids
1. Corticosteroids:

A drug class, and it is often used for the treatment of many medical conditions such as inflammation of arthritis.

Moreover, Corticosteroids are derived from the adrenal (hormone).

Cortisol and Corticosterone have an influential impact on the human body immune system because it can perform the significant role in subsiding the inflammation.

Corticosteroids are often confused with anabolic ones but nature is different.

Examples where Corticosteroids is helpful:

  • It can be helpful in treating osteoarthritis
  • It can be helpful for Chronic Asthma
  • It can be helpful for preventing severe Asthma attacks
  • It can help repairing
  1. DNA damages
  2. damage of lining of joints that are part and parcel of arthritis
  • It tends to reduce the pain in the many treatments due to its anti-inflammatory features.
  • It helps significantly in the symptoms of redness, limited movements (due to pain) and in signs of heat.
  • It is helpful in treating the diseases that are associated with autoimmune conditions like
  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Bowel diseases
  3. Scleroderma
  4. Lupus
  • However, the long-term use is not recommended even in the worst conditions
  • because they kill white blood cells to improve the patient’s condition and a drastic reduction in white blood cells is not a very good sign either.
2. Anabolic steroids have the potential to
  1. increase the productivity of protein development
  2. optimizing muscle mass of skeleton.

There are many medical conditions that cause damage in the muscle region of the human body

such as Cachexia is an event related to inflammation, which triggers the destruction of muscles and weight loss in the scenarios like the last stage of cancer and AIDS/HIV.

Furthermore, the situation gets even worse and these medical conditions lead the body to

  • The reduction in the appetite
  • Suppression of the bone marrow
  • Reformed conscious and exhaustion

Whether or not body wants to lose weight it has to because of losing lean muscles.

Thus, the body goes into the state of “hypo-anabolic”.

Anabolic steroids are pretty much helpful in this state and the patient is likely to gain weight again if he is taking the proper diet of high protein with anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids can also be helpful in anemia.

What is anemia?

In anemia, red blood cells fail to transfer oxygen to the tissues.

  1. Kidneys maintain the formation of new blood cells
  2. Kidneys secrete a hormone “erythropoietin”
  3. iii.    When the ratio of oxygen is low in the blood
  4. Erythropoietin signals the production of new red blood cells
  5. So, in the condition of renal failure, Anabolic Steroids are really helpful in stimulating the formation of new red blood cells

Steroids are even prescribed by the pediatric endocrinologists for the young age children who have issues of growth or muscle mass.

  • They are also very helpful in chronicle diseases such as cancer and AIDS
  • It can also be helpful in the cases of delay puberty
  • Testosterone is quite essential in such conditions and it is also a type of androgen
  • Testosterone is quite impactful for height, fat-free mass and gaining weight
  • Another use of Testosterone is to improve libido in old age men
  • Moreover, it can also treat gender “Dysmorphia” because tends to produce masculine characteristics
  1. Deep voice
  2. The enhanced quantity of red blood cells
  3. Bone mass
  4. Facial hair
  5. Muscle mass
  • Additionally, Doctors recommend Anabolic steroids in numerous male therapies, such as

Pharmacological androgen therapy or androgen replacement therapy.

  • It can also be helpful in treating hypogonadism

Types of Legal Steroids

There are various types of Anabolic steroids that general public can use.

All the steroids have several benefits. However, they do have side effects too.

Moreover, all the advantages of these steroids mainly cater

  1. Body shape
  2. Stamina
  3. Weight loss
  4. Muscle mass improvement and healing

To buy these steroids, authorized doctor prescriptions are mandatory otherwise their issuance is not possible.

1. Anadrol:

A Powerful steroid for body weight gain within a short period of time

  • A50 or Anadrol 50 is helpful in gaining weight.

However, it is believed to be harmful to the liver and it can cause bloating and headaches.

  • Experts suggest adding it in the starting of the cycle, as the results are quite rapid.
  • Syntex (a drug company) produced this compound in 60’s.
  • this is a very effective compound or drug for raising the red cell count in the human body.
  • it can also treat serious diseases for instance anemia.
  • Epogen (non-steroidal hormone), a strong androgen, is also in use to increase the red blood cells in the body system.
  • It is a more direct approach and does not cause any side effects.
  • Anadrol 50 was believed to be out of the market as well as Syntex stopped its operation in 1993
  • but the compound still has been in research due to its effectiveness in the disease of AIDS/ HIV.
  • Moreover, it can easily let the user put on 20-30 lbs.
  • however, it is likely to cause water retention and can reduce the attractiveness of a person and it is kind of a side effect.
  • It can shape up muscles and provide a lubricant for the joints. In addition, it happens to decline the chances of any injury.
2. Anavar:

Anavar was launched as a gentle anabolic.

Anabolic that is great for the use in young children.

  • it is a common belief that steroids can play a pivotal role in dramatic growth and development. However, this thing does not seem true in the case of Anavar.
  • to enhance the linear growth, this compound is highly effective due to its anabolic effects.
  • as this drug has a mild effect to offer, this is not very ideal for improving either strength or development of muscles.
  • Moreover, people can combine this compound or drug with other anabolic substances, for example, Winstrol as well dbol.
  • These types of combinations are great at giving ideal appearance with the more defined look.
3. Clenbuterol:
  • Clen is another name for Clenbuterol.
  • It is a highly powerful stimulant and normally athletes use to burn excess fat.
  • This compound basically raises the human body temperature and produce more heat than usual.
  • It is quite addictive and this may cause side effects such as
  1. Increase in heart rate
  2. Dryness of mouth
  3. Insomnia
  • Moreover, when Clen is combined with hormones of Thyroid like Cytomel, the fat burning process gets almost double.

Hence, it seems to be perfect for sportsmen or athletes, who want to lose fat fast just prior to their match or any competition.


side effects of steroids
Why you Shouldn’t Take Steroids

Why there was a legal action against a few steroids?

  • there is no denying that legal steroids are the synthetic option to increase muscle mass and weight.
  • But unfortunately, in the name of temptation, many bodybuilders and athletes start abusing or misusing this synthetic option.
  • Besides, many have lost their lives or some of their body functions are not working properly due to the over dose. Thus, the general public has placed on these substances.
  • However, it is important to note that moderation or balance is necessary.
  • These stimulants have benefits to offer but they have side effects too.
  • In the USA, under the Act of 1990 and 2004, these stimulants come in the classification of Schedule III of Steroids Control Acts.
  • Many countries around the globe have the similar kinds of law but they are a little lenient as compare to the USA laws.
  • to avoid unethical or illegitimate distribution and trafficking of the drug, these legal laws were called.
  • but the distribution is still possible, especially through the internet. It is one of the most common distribution sources for many drug abusers.
  • That is why conversations via the internet are usually monitored by law enforcement agents. However, it is still a debate whether this act is the violation of citizen’s right to privacy or not.
  • But the monitoring activity is in public interest plus nothing specifically written in the US Constitution that makes this monitoring activity against the law.

Signs of Steroids Abuse

  • To understand its signs, it is necessary to understand what the term “Steroid Abuse” is.
  • It is the over dose of anabolic that causes users harm.
  • There are quite visible side effects of this anabolic abuse.

However, the effects are dependent upon the types of it as well as individual genetics response toward those types.

  • The most common side effects are high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and liver damage. But these side effects can be counteracted by monitoring and control
  1. blood pressure
  2. cholesterol

Furthermore, the obvious side effects are the external effects on the user’s body. 

The examples of side effects;

  1. Water retention
  2. Gynecomastia
  3. Hair loss
  4. Excess growth of hair
  5. Acne

However, these all symptoms or signs can be remediated or can be avoided if only the users take the right precautionary measures.

  • One of the misconceptions is that anabolic abuse is normally common in the old age people.
  • However, even the teenagers are getting involved in this anabolic abuse.
  • The statistics are quite provocative in teenagers.
  • The ideal body image is causing all these troubles and the idea has come from the media and peer comparison.
  • The situation is alarming as children and teenagers’ brain are still in growth stages.
  • Additionally, there are clinical studies, which confirm that certain anabolics can cause brain cells or hyperexcitability (aggression, over excitement or the unpredictability)
  • it indicates, parents, to keep a keen eye on the activities of their children to avoid any such scenario.

Side Effects and their Remediation

We have been discussing that how helpful and effective steroids can be for an individual as they increase muscle growth and strength.

These are highly likable qualities in bodybuilders and athletes.

However, this article cannot be complete without covering the side effects of various types of anabolic.

1st problem:

Different anabolic tends to cause water retention and this water retention leads to the high blood pressure problem.


The user should keep a good check on the intake of sodium, do some cardiovascular exercises, or take a lower intake of therapy of aspirin.

2nd Problem:

High levels of Cholesterol, it mainly depends upon which type of anabolic the user is taking.


The user should go for the healthy lifestyle or balance a nutritional diet.

3rd Problem:

Atrophy of testicles, normally this happens when the human body stops producing testosterone hormone due to the excess external supply of testosterone through the abuse or anabolic.


There is no remedy for this situation except minimizing the external source to recommence the natural post secretion cycle of testosterone.

4th Problem:

Acne problem is quite a common side effect of anabolic and it happens due to its androgenic nature.


Cleanliness can subside the effects to a large extent. The user should use 2% salicylic acid to wash the body.

Moreover, there some antibiotic treatments are also available.

Final Comment

  • Legal or illegal supply of steroids will carry on in virtual or real life market in future too and there is no second opinion about it.
  • The right use of these compounds can deliver the results that can improve the performance of an athlete
  • Body builders can achieve their impressive physique.
  • Medical community can use these compounds to treat severe medical conditions due to their effectiveness.
  • keeping the dose to the prescribed quantity is the best possible way to keep the side effects at bay.


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