This is why you should stop dieting immediately

stop dieting

Almost every month a new book hits the market and it becomes the best seller. It sells like hot cakes but if you go through it you will come to know that the ideas shared in it are almost same like the previous ones. Food lists may be different but they are all on principles of deprivation, external rules, and focus on weight loss.

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You can easily lose weight by following any diet plan out there. But you need to understand that following a strict diet also has side effects. You can at times feel over whelmed, angry, frustrated, and you start to blame yourself.

You need to break the mindset of dieting. You need to eat food with peace, break the rules, feel happy when eating, and eat what you want and whenever you want not caring about the calories. Most importantly, don’t worry about the weight.

Essential reasons to stop dieting today

1. Deprivation Doesn’t Work

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Keep it in mind that a restrictive mindset often leads to eating good food all day. You keep telling yourself that this is the last food item that you will eat but basically you are not able to convince your mind and appetite.

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All or nothing thought actually leads you to eat all what you have. And diet plan goes to the next day. Instead, savor yourself a piece of whatever food you want to eat and eat it happily. This way your craving and all or nothing thought will disappear.

2. Dieting is stressful on body

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Dieting is stressful to your wellbeing; it not only affects your mental, physical and emotional being but also leads to weight gain in long term. The gap between restriction and overeating actually leads to weight gain. You also lose touch with your body. You don’t know whether you are full, empty, satiety or satisfied.

But with time and trust on your body, natural signals are sent. By paying attention to these, your body will settle at natural healthy weight for you. So best is to stop worrying and start living your life.

3. Diets are not made for an individual

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You are the only expert of your body and no one knows your body as you do. When you understand this then you don’t need to follow anyone on popular pages and magazines or the nutrition gurus.

Every single human has a unique body with different system. So do not go by ones way. You need to eat based on the following factors, age, weight, height, activity level, hormonal health and stress levels.

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Keep in mind that your calorie intake is different than other. If one can burn 1450 calories by just laying all day in bed, does not mean you can too, their metabolism rate maybe faster than yours.  Some days you are hungry, other days you are not so just trust your body and feel what it is asking for.

4. Diets do not tell about emotional hunger

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When our emotions, feelings, mental and spiritual hunger is not met well we feel empty and hungry. Then you start eating to fill this void but no food in this world is ever satisfying. It’s also considered to eat emotionally at times all fine. But,no this is not right!

You need to address your problems faced emotionally. Like sit and ponder that am i you sad, lonely, sick or irritated. Do not just start consuming food when not sure what actually you are facing.

5. Diet pills

diet pills

Your doctor may talk to you about trying diet pills for women if you are not losing weight on your own. Whether you have a food addiction or you are obese or facing problem in order to figure out how to eat carefully. Diet pills actually speed up your own efforts. There are pills like Phenq or Phen375 that block the absorption of fat into the body, while other pills, such as Garcinia Cambogia, help to curb your appetite.

The advantages of diet pills are that it helps you keep motivated and you can easily control your weight. You can also easily maintain your life style. But there are disadvantages too. Like, when you stop taking diet pills you may also stop watching your calories.

Without the pills intake you may also begin to gain weight. Diet pills don’t teach you how to properly eat, so unless you’re proactive in securing a healthier lifestyle, once you stop the pills, the weight loss will stop as well.

Prescribed diet pills are safe as they have been approved by FDA for weight loss. Also, they have less side effects. Weight loss pills though are not that good.  You may experience more adverse effects after you take weight loss supplements and so-called diet pills, since their labeling standards are not the same as those of pharmaceuticals.

You may initially love the idea of losing weight but you are unaware of the damage these pills will be causing internally.

6. Other options other than diet pill

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Diet pills are not the only way through which you can lose weight. You should use diet pills under the prescription of your health care or doctor. You’ll eventually gain the weight back after taking diet pills if it’s the only action you’ve taken against your weight.

Instead of relying on pills, try to have a lifestyle that is active, you should exercise on daily basis. Also, go for running and jogging. Eat healthy like salads and fruits. Avoid oily and junk food. Also drink plenty of water. Do not mix your thirst with hunger. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary food.

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A healthy diet teaches you the right way to eat so you can manage your weight indefinitely. No such thing in the world can help you lose weight except your won will power.

If you really want to lose weight then instead of relying on all the artificial ways you should adopt a healthy and natural way to lose weight.

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