Tips to take care of yourself Pre workout during Summers

Summers are here and these are the times to get ready for beach and backyard barbecues! No more hiding behind bulky and snuggly sweaters.

workout tips for summer

Though summers bring a spring to your step and make everything cheerful, including your workouts, let’s not forget that there are going to be days when you will not feel the happy and cheerful summer vibes.

Such few hot days are going to take a toll on you but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up something that you love.

When you love exercising outdoors, the summer heat can be overwhelming at times and can drain you, however, that does not mean that you can take a free pass from your workout.

 Here we share with you a few pre-workout tips that can help you sail through your summer workouts!

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1. Have Plenty of Water!

drink lot of waterHeat and humidity in summers can be a real buzz kill when it comes to working out. Exercising in high temperatures can be challenging for the body.

Yes, we have a natural cooling system in our body that helps us adjust to the heat but it can only take as much. Beyond a certain point, this cooling system literally breaks down.

The result is heat exhaustion and, in extreme cases, heat stroke.

You get in double trouble if the weather is hot and humid, as your sweat sticks to your skin and fails to evaporate.

This further increases your body temperature!

To keep yourself cool during the workout and prevent any unwanted interruptions in your workout, it is always recommended to drink water before your workout.

It does not have to be a whole bottle, just a few sips can do the trick. While you are exercising and after you have finished your workout, make sure you drink water.

Always keep a water bottle handy. Remember, our bodies are 50-60% composed of water and we tend to lose 2-3% of this water during a normal exercise session on a hot day.

So it is important to maintain this amount. Since we also lose electrolytes in our sweat, it is equally important to restore and replenish those electrolytes.

Instead of opting for juices, have some orange, apple or carrot slices before and during your workout.

2. Steer Clear of Sports Drinks

sports waterWe are all bombarded with advertisements promoting sports drinks and to be honest, it looks pretty cool to be holding an electrolyte-infused sports drink!

However, keep in mind that they are full of sugars and drinking a sports drink may refresh you but, it is fully loaded with unwanted calories.

This will defy your purpose of working out in the cruel summer heat.

3. Don’t Pressurize Yourself!

pressurize yourself If you have been used to working out everyday, summers are not the time to challenge your body.

Summers can make you sluggish and tire you down easily.

Plan your workouts according the weather you are going to encounter.

If you are an avid runner and run 4-5 miles everyday, plan for a brisk walk or a jog and remember to keep a water bottle with you.

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4. No Need to Burn Yourself in The Summer Heat!

burn yourself in summerYes, we all love our workouts but that doesn’t mean that we have to burn ourselves in the scorching heat!

Keep yourself updated about the weather forecast. Plan to do your workouts early in the morning or later in the evenings when the temperatures have cooled down a bit.

If you are an outdoorsy person, jump in a pool or sign up for aqua aerobics.

You’ll get the dual benefit of exercise and a good cool down!

5. Choose Your Sports Outfit Wisely!

techniques for workoutIf you are used to wearing figure-hugging clothes, it is time to let go.

Tight fitted clothes heat you up quickly.

Opt for loose-fitted shirts and shorts so that air can circulate over your skin and keep you cool during your workout.

Another thing to remember is to opt for light-colored clothing instead of dark colors.

Dark colors tend to absorb heat and give you a feeling as if you are enclosed in a warm blanket, something that you definitely don’t want!

Make sure you keep a cap with you and slather yourself with a good quality sun-block!

6. Keep Juicy Snacks with You!

eat juicy snacksIf you are an avid exerciser then you know the importance of having pre-workout snacks, as well as having snacks after a workout.

Since we are combatting summer heat, it is advised that you keep juicy snacks with you at all times.

They not only keep you hydrated but also maintain the level of body electrolytes.

Fruits like watermelon, oranges, kiwi are fantastic snacks to have!

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7. Listen to Your Body

get your summer bodyAlways be in sync with your body! If you don’t feel like working out or don’t feel like finishing your workout, don’t do it!

Pay heed to the heat and listen to your body.

A day or two off from your workout is not going to kill you!

Summers are Full of Fun but When It Comes to Working Out, Be Careful and Be Extra-Cautious! Always Listen to Your Body!