Superdrol Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Superdrol is a bodybuilding agent with powerful anabolic properties. Falls under the category of anabolic steroids, the agent was easily accessible, until few years back.

Superdrol reviews

The formula was created as a treatment for tumor, however, it was later found to possess great level of anabolic and androgenic powers.

Basically, the drug is a compound called Methasterone that was developed through dihydrotestosterone.

Methasterone is a chemical counterpart of drostanolone, the natural hormone that boasts potent anabolic properties.

Since the compound is engineered to perform like drostanolone, therefore, its effects are more of anabolic than androgenic.


  • The steroid is generally regarded as andro, however, superdrol is best praised for its speedy results.
  • It was essentially made for the medical purpose, as a treatment to address tumor.
  • The anabolic properties of superdrol are far more powerful than the androgenic powers of this steroid.
  • As it is somewhat identical to drostanolone, therefore it is sold by the name Methyldrostanolone.
  • Quite the opposite of other anabolic steroids, the steroid-cum-supplement superdrol is an ingestible formula. It does not require needles, injections or whatsoever.

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When it comes to muscle building, the steroid is said to be a great aid for the bodybuilders. Interestingly, its effects are often compared to the results of a popular steroid called anadrol.

Superdrol ReviewsThe similarity between their names is a clear sign that the muscle building effects of superdrol are equally satisfying like Anadrol. Yet, there are many users who do not agree to this similarity and favor Anadrol over superdrol.

According to them, Anadrol is comparatively potent and helpful in building mass than the latter.

In spite of this, Superdrol is a highly sought by weightlifters. The compound can give a major contribution in the growth of lean tissues and support muscle building to a greater extent.

As stated earlier, the speedy effects of superdrol are quite admired that are likely to produce shortly after the onset of cycle. It enables fast and hard gains within some 1-2 months of usage.

In addition to this, the formula is generally preferred to initiate the cycle. Furthermore, bodybuilders normally follow cycling as an attempt to deal with the androgenic effects associated with the drug.


  • The steroid can help to add up to 8-12 lbs of mass, though, pairing it with intense workouts and muscle building diet is compulsory.
  • Even though, experts relate its effects with Anadrol, yet, Superdrol does not produce water gains like it. But, the gains may not be as massive as triggered by Anadrol.
  • The drug is particularly good for the metabolism. Interestingly, its effects on metabolism tend to last for longer, making it more likely for the bodybuilders to gain some muscles even during the off-season.
  • If you wish to cut your fat levels and want some muscle definition, superdrol could be a smart choice for the purpose. It will protect your gains while removing the undesired fats for you. However, you need to ensure that you cut your calories and train your body accordingly.
  • Something that can never go unnoticed about Superdrol is the fact that it greatly supports recovery. It cuts down the recovery timings by healing the damaged tissues speedily.
  • As the drug has no contribution in fluid retention, thereby, the mass generated by superdrol is solid and of good quality. This rarely happens when bodybuilders use other steroids.
  • The steroid is more of a help for the increase in endurance. It supports longer trainings for better gains.
  • It delays fatigue while the bodybuilders train their body. This favors their overall performance and they train better; do more reps and lift more weight.
  • As there is no threat of estrogen effects, there isn’t a chance of moobs or fluid retention.
  • The steroid is quite helpful owing to its powerful anabolic properties. It is surely a relief for bodybuilders as it greatly supports muscle growth. But despite this, an excess of calories or inadequate exercises can result in an increase in fat levels.

Superdrol ingredients labelEXPERT’S ADVICE:

Superdrol hampers the natural production of testosterone.

Since the body needs healthy level of testosterone to ‘run’ smoothly, a deficiency can yield a plethora of complications for you.

The testosterone level in the body needs to be regulated through an external source. You must simply incorporate a quality testosterone boost in your Superdrol cycle.

In fact, adding a test booster in your stack is very essential as it is the best you can do to accommodate your body’s testosterone needs.

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Superdrol may not be as powerful as Anadrol, though, it does encourage growth. And not just the growth, it has many added benefits with no estrogen effects at all.

Superdrol results

But since it weakens the natural growth of testosterone, therefore, you must not forget to follow PCT (post-cycle therapy), following the phase.