Synthol Freaks Bodybuilders- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Did you know about the Synthol?

If you have been around bodybuilding, you have probably looked some of the bodybuilders or guys who use the Synthol.

Synthol Freaks Bodybuilders
synthol man

Seriously, you just laugh out loud and roll your eyes.


Such types of men are really existing

Well, most of the Crazy individuals look for anabolic steroid on the other hands some Lazy persons Go for Synthol or Site enhancement oil.

In my opinion: Synthol is just funny

crazy bulk banner

These guys are just trying to fool a lot of people by posting their huge or bigger pictures online.

They always claimed as natural.

But who believes?

I can believe when someone says that he had done a lot of training after using the steroid.

But I never ever assume when say workout combined with Synthol.

Even anabolic steroids are better than Synthol.

We have some examples of those men who never lifted a weight and done training.

What Is Synthol?

Synthol is basically a mixture of different oils along with an alcohol.

Synthol Injections
What is Synthol

Some of the Individuals who don’t want to workout, choose site enhancement oil, It is just a dumb idea to act

Firstly, it was started by bodybuilders to be bigger and cheats the other on stage

Most of the people don’t have any proper information about how to apply it and prescriptions.

Some of the peoples are just injected Synthol to any blood vessel, result in losing up the arms, needs an injection and some will lose their lives.

The main danger of injecting site enhancement oil is much more likely to develop abscesses in the muscles.

The abscesses or an injection can grow and spread within the tissue.

It can easily buy through online stores

No doubt, Synthol is a quick way to bulk up easily within a day.

Synthol is loaded with some serious and adverse effects such as stroke, infected muscle, and nerve damages.

According to the report: The synthetic oils are common in Thailand and almost 40 patients are admitted to the hospital due to the side effects.

These injections are safe on consumption, but the abuse of Synthol turns the muscle to rock and lead to amputations.

Meet With Some Of The Worst Synthol Abusers

Ok, let’s take a look at top Synthol freaks on the social media.

1) Arlindo De Souza

Arlindo De Souza, 43 year-old Brazilian bodybuilder has bicep around 29-inch and looks like a modern day Hercules.

Arlindo De Souza
Arlindo de Souza’s Biceps

This bicep is considered as very large in Brazil.

This size is not usually obtained due to a hard lifting of weight and pumping of iron.

It is mainly due to the injecting a lot of alcohol and mineral in the body.

Arlindo admitted that he has already taken a lot of steroids, vitamins, hormones, and even site enhancement oil (Synthol) for taking an extra advantage.

He said: I filled syringe and injected into my arm, so it swelled and I felt too much tired.

Before I work out a lot and did not get any desired result and decided to inject these type chemicals

After that Souza took medical advice, but doctors are refusing to operate because it is normal and we will only take action when if he becomes seriously ill.

He added: To get a body like mine is difficult to achieve without using steroids.

Some of the peoples take It but don’t admit it.

2) Moustafa Ismail

Moustafa Ismail has a bigger biceps than Arlindo De Souza’s and even he made world record

Moustafa Ismail
Moustafa Ismail Biggest Biceps

Size of biceps is 31 inches and he claimed that his bicep is a result due to the genetics, a lot of meat, and protein shakes.

In an interview with ABC, he said it hurts when people criticize me with bad comments and spread the rumors of fake.

They said: I did surgeries, injected oil Whether, In the reality, I have done the blood tests, ultrasound tests, and X-ray which shows that I have nothing abnormal.

Well, after a lot of work, his bicep looks unnatural and fake.

3) Sajad Gharibi

Sajad Gharibi, 24-year old weightlifter from Iran who shocked the internet with his impressive physique.

Sajad Gharibi Persian Hulk
Sajad Gharibi

Gharibi has an ability to lift up 386 pounds.

He is a big giant and a mountain of a man.

4) Romario Dos Santos Alves

Romario Dos Santos is another Synthol abuser

Romario Dos Santos Alves
Romario Dos Santos Alves

Santos Alves arm size is 25 inches.

According to the doctor: He would need to amputate both of the arms and muscles too.

Well, Santos said such types of compounds are addictive and discourages others from using harmful compounds

It seems like he realized his mistakes

5) Valdir

We don’t know a lot of information related to Valdir.

Valdir Segato
Valdir Segato

He has developed extreme gynecomastia, due to the abusing of Synthol.

6) Gregg Valentino

Gregg said: I don’t take synthol. I was taking Propionate

Gregg Valentino
Gregg Valentino

Synthol only stretches the fascia while Equipoise and Propionate double the result.

Oil can produce the stretch while drugs localized the growth.

7) Krill Tereshin

Krill Tereshin put his life at risk by developing unnatural muscle

Krill Tereshin
Krill Tereshin

21 years old man krill just increased the muscle size around 26cm in just only 10 days.

These guys have taken to a whole new level and blow up your mind.