Steroids Vs HGH

If you are already aware with sports so probably you have heard many times “Athletes On The HGH”. There are several ways to enhance the performance, some of the most common are anabolic steroids and HGH. There is some confusion among the peoples that what is HGH in actually? These are available on the different … Continue reading "Steroids Vs HGH"

Twins Shortstop Jorge Polanco Suspended 80 Games For Violating Drug Policy

The steroid use among the sports is most common for boosting the performance. Here, Jorge Polanco suspended games for steroid use. He has been suspended for 80 games after testing positive for anabolic steroids and PEDs. The penalty was announced on March 18 Sunday by the commissioner (Major League Baseball), when the twins shortstop tested … Continue reading "Twins Shortstop Jorge Polanco Suspended 80 Games For Violating Drug Policy"

Usage of Steroids in Youngster

Ratio of Young Adults Uses Steroids for “Good Looks” Increased Drastically! In this era, we are surrounded by the people who are indeed very much an image conscious. Especially young teenagers who go after for even life-threatening options just to enhance their body appearance to impress a bunch of people. Latest investigation in the UK … Continue reading "Usage of Steroids in Youngster"