Morgan Bartley Weight Loss

People from all around the world are sharing their weight loss success stories on different social networks. One of the most useful app for finding these people is Instagram which was a key app for Morgan Bartley to share her incredible weight loss success story. Unlike other people who lost 5-10 pounds, Bartley has just … Continue reading "Morgan Bartley Weight Loss"

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson embarked her weight loss in April 2016, and fast forwarding a year, the Pitch Perfect star has amazed everyone by losing almost 15kgs of her weight. Best known for her role as ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect, Rebel has been spotted in a slimming body that has truly amazed her fans. The 36 … Continue reading "Rebel Wilson Weight Loss"

Celebrity Weight Loss 2017

Normally it takes a long period of time to an individual when it comes to losing weight. Celebrities, on the other hand, have to accelerate the process of body transformation in order to present themselves in movies or TV shows because their lives depend on it. How do they that? What do they do? These … Continue reading "Celebrity Weight Loss 2017"