The best Diets of 2019 – U.S. News revealed

The Ketogenic Diet came last on the list…

Ranking of Top diets for slimming down and staying fit, unveiled

Best diets of 2018

Not every diet plan is the same and honestly, some of them are just fancy names of alkaline ash diets or alkaline acid diets.

We are living in the era of science and here, we can differentiate between the actual workable plans or fake ones that are not healthy by any means.

Well, recently, U.S. News and reports disclosed their rankings regarding the best plans and astonishingly, some of the rankings are quite way different than our general expectations!

Consecutively, weight watchers program has been on the number-one spot for losing weight plans.

Yes, you have read it correctly!

Oprah’s weight loss may give you an impression that it is good for your mom or someone who is in the forties or fifties, but this system is actually quite effective for people of all ages (it is due to its components.

Empty calorie food items are better at getting points whereas low-cal food items are less point rewarding).

Moreover, the team of judges, which decides the ranking, says this system is effective and smart.

This program also has secured its place in the top commercial diet plans and quick weight-loss diet programs.

Next in the queue, we have Volumetrics.

Low carb foodThis plan is about binge on low-cal foods, such as eating a full bowl of roasted carrots or cooked spinach will give you the same amount of calories that you can get through a handful of nuts.

However, still, this switch will help you to feel full for a longer duration and it needs more time to eat it.

Next in line plan is the best weight loss diet by Jenny Craig, an eating program that has pre-packed, healthy cooking methods, and limited size meals.

Next vegan diet and a flexitarian diet.

Fruit and juice on dietBoth of these plans are good because they involve less eating and meat that is dense in fat, dairy items, tons of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

The report also includes overall ranking, in connection with the prevention of disease and long-term health.

Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, both are at the number no. 1 position.


Use of meat on dietThe Mediterranean diet stresses on veggies, lean meats, and fats that are healthy. Moreover, on reducing the items like sugar, saturated fat, and red meat.

Hence, in America, people, who happen to follow it, livelonger and are less prone to diseases.

Whereas Dash diet emphasizes on low-fat dairy, veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean meat and reduction in protein with less fat content, dairy items, salt, and sugar.

From spots, three to five the ranking is as follows the flexitarian diet, weight watchers, and mind diet. These three mainly focus foods that are essential for brain health as well.

However, surprisingly, the famous and trendy keto diet, secured its place in the last rankings in the list of best overall diets.

There is a reason; keto diet emphasizes taking protein, fat and nixing carbs. These food choices make it a tough plan to adhere to.

Furthermore, this plan is likely to be an unhealthy option or dangerous for those who are suffering from liver and kidney issues because a lot of fat and protein processing is involved with it.

To cut a long story short, a plan that can inspire you to eat healthily and make better food choices should be your companion because eating healthy is all about taking more and more veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains and limit the intake of processed or unhealthy food items.

Thus, it is up to you whether you opt for Oprah’s program or DIY of your choice as long as you are happy to follow it, you will be on the right track, carry on!