The Rock Steroids: The Shocking Truth About Dwayne Johnson Inside! [2020]

A Legal Disclaimer: The article is just for entertainment purposes and based on evidence, we do not know the actual situation.

The list of successful bodybuilders and amazing wrestlers are very long.

The Rock Steroids or Natural
The Rock Steroids

The Industry is full of celebrities and the individuals that have a great aesthetic.

You may know some of the bodybuilding legends, and men of aesthetics like Arnold.

The others are Lou Ferrigno, Rich Piana, and Frank Zane.

One of the famous Wrestler is The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), who has the most successful career.

The most famous wrestlers as well as actors are the Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant, and John Cena.

After Arnold Schwarzenegger judgment for steroid use in my previous blog, this time has come for “The Rock”

The online forums are full of the discussion of anabolic steroid practice by Dwayne the rock Johnson.

While the majority think that he is a natural guy and his physique is a result of genetic, workout, and a combination of diet.

So, what is the truth?

Here, I have discussed complete and the real story behind the Dwayne Johnson Steroids.

First of all, we need to look at his background.

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Who Is “The Rock”?

The Rock AKA Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California.

He is well known by the WWE and his appearances on the big screen.

The Rock is not a professional bodybuilder, but he looks. Rocky Maivia AKA Flex Kavana, The Brahma Bull, The Great One, And The Corporate Champion.

One of the most famous celebrities in America, Comic Star, Action Star, Comic Book Hero, And Excellent Action Star.

He is the real-life rock wrestler and the champion for everyone.

He got many achievements throughout his career in the Pro Wrestling Field, United States Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Federation (Entertainment And WWE) And Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The other awards are included in the NCAA National Championship, Kid’s Choice Award, Mr. Olympia Icon Award, And Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

He had a strong desire to play the football and grew stronger. The wonderful performances of  Dwayne (The Rock) help him to become the part of Miami Hurricanes’ National Championship Team.

As the time passed, Dwayne realized to become a wrestler like his family and started training under the supervision of his father and won several competitions (the team Flex Kavana” won the USWA World Tag Team Championship for at least two times).

He got motivation and inspiration from his father “Rocky Johnson” who is really big in his days as a Pro Wrestler.

Dwayne mother’s father “Peter Maivia” was also a Samoan wrestler and included in the WWE hall of fame.

The other influences in his life are his grandfather, cousin, and the grandmother. They all were professional wrestlers.

You can say that he has a strong family history of the bodybuilding.

The Rock started the gaining popularity after signing a contract with the WWF and started training under the supervision of Tom Prichard, Achim Albrecht, and Mark Henry.

The Rock movies list is too long started from 1999 to 2017. Some of the movies are Beyond The Mat, Doom, Be Coll, Reno 911! Miami, Tooth Fairy, Fast Five, Empire State, Moana, Baywatch, And Jumanji.

Athlete Statistics:
  • Dwayne Johnson height: 6’5’’
  • Weight of the body: 255-265lbs (115.7-120.2 kg)
  • Dwayne Johnson age: 46 (May 2, 1972)

Body measurements:

  • Arms: 20’’
  • Chest: 50’’
  • Waist: 35’’
  • Thighs: 31’’

The Rock is higher around 35lbs than a natural range. It is possible for the steroid user and typical for the natural individuals.

So, what do you think?

Is The Rock on steroids for getting bigger or is he completely natural?

The Rock body transformation
dwayne the rock johnson

According to the different opinions, the steroids are the reason behind muscular physique.

Some of the people give credit to his genes and the family history of the bodybuilding.

First of all, he already accepted steroid use in front of all when he was teenagers (read below in detail).

So, some of the individuals think that he is still gearing.

Dwayne Has Talked About Steroids

In the interview with Fortune, he said that he had done steroids when he was only 18 years old with their friends.

The Rock has also discussed the criticism and difficulties of the journey of superstar Pro Wrestler to the famous superstar in the Hollywood.

The Rock claimed that he has never touched illegal drugs since.

If we focus on his lines, it means he never used steroids, but it sounds amazing or wondering because once you get benefits so, it becomes really hard for you to turn off the game because the result of anabolic steroids is too much addicted.

We did not know that what we were actually doing.

The Rock Transformation

Looking the gain timeline is a great way to distinguish between the natural or a steroid user.

The individuals who are steroid users can easily bulk up within five years of the time period, whereas the natty requires a more time period for achieving the goals.

The Rock appearance is getting improved day by day and If we compared him 20 years ago wrestling.

His transformation is really amazing as he packed up a lot of muscle and burn up the excess fat.

Physical Evidence Of Steroid Use

Despite the accepting steroid use, we can also know and get some idea about the anabolic steroid status by looking and examine the physical appearance.

The Rock body Transformation
The Rock Transformation

To examine the physical appearance is a great way because the majority develop some specific signs such as steroid gut, changes in the skull, wider traps and others.

Check out this link to get a complete list of steroid signs and how to spot steroid user.

1. Bigger Traps

The Rock Trap’s are the dominant muscle groups and bigger in the size.

To develop such kind of Traps like Dwayne is impossible for the natural bodybuilders while juicers are more likely to experience the bigger traps.

It is due to the drugs because the upper body or shoulders are responding very first to the steroids.

2. Changes In The Skin

His skin looks darker. The dark skin is a result of steroid use because steroid can increase the internal temperature.

The natural mechanism of the body pushes out the excess amount of heat from the body in order to protect the internal organs.

The white men are more likely to develop the pink color of the skin while black men get the darker shades.

3. Skull

The shape of the skull appears larger and has a more square shape.

Usually, the growth of the skull is a sign of HGH.

Human Growth Hormone can cause the growth of bones.

The Rock does not have an appearance of all steroid signs in his body like his body is never spotted with acne.

There are many treatments that can remove this type of signs.

For example, use of anti-estrogen drugs to inhibit the gynecomastia and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) during the steroid cycle.

Nutrition and Diet Plan

His diet consists of 5 meals per day in which the protein, carbohydrates, and sources of healthy fats are included.

The diet is incorporated with fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and vegetable sources.

Hercules Workout And Diet Plan
The Rock Diet Plan

The breakfast is included with beef and oats.

The meal plans consist of steak, fish, chicken, eggs, and protein powder.

His diet is based on the level of hard working. The Rock carefully selects the meal.

His meal plan is included in the lean meat, proteins, and the packed foods that help him to stay strong and lean.

The Rock dieting for the Hercules is entirely different. He ate almost 10 pounds every day and calories around 5100k Cal.

The separate 1000 calories are included in the eggs, vegetables, steak, and chicken.

The Dwayne Johnson supplements are basic like whey protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and variety of amino-acids.

The Rock famous cheat day has come after 3 to 4 months in which he eats favorite foods. The famous cheat meals are pizza.

One of the meal contains 12 pancakes, 4 double dough pizzas, and 21 brownies.

Workout Training

The Rock training has changed according to the character demand.

The Rock Workout Training
The Rock Workout

He focuses more on body weight exercises and strength training.

The Rock starts the training when he woke up at 4 am and spent time on the cardio for 30 minutes, and follow the training according to their goal.

The workout focuses the back, chest, leg, triceps, and biceps.

After taking the breakfast, he started the second session of the training which is based on the weightlifting.

The workout is the therapy and I can’t imagine my life without the workout.

For building of muscle and stay lean, he has followed the typical bodybuilder weightlifting.

Dwayne Johnson movies training for the role in Hercules has consisted of six months duration while San Andreas training is different.

The Dwayne workout principles are based on 40-60 minute workout in the gym that is based on extremely intense training.

You must concentrate on the workouts and avoid rest of the world while training.

The Rock Steroids

The possible steroids that he could have taken are:

There are different sources on the internet that thinks these steroids are probably included in The Rock steroid cycle.

Dwayne has definitely awesome genetics and the steroid use enhance the aesthetic.

Why testosterone? Because testosterone is responsible for the giant traps and huge muscle.

The HGH is responsible for developing the huge muscle and burn up the fat.

We mention HGH because it can increase the cranial and jaw muscle mass as well.

The stacking of HGH with Insulin can stimulate the growth of bones.

According to the experts and professionals, The Rock steroid cycle is based on the testosterone propionate 450mg, Primobolan 400mg, and  Masteron 300mg.


He already accepted the steroid use for around 2 weeks when he was only 18 years old.

The Rock body
The Rock Before and After

But, he never used again due to increase side effects.

We are not in the position to criticize someone for use of illegal drugs.

The physique like Dwayne Johnson is perfectly attainable for the natural bodybuilders but, it becomes easy for the steroid users in a short period of time.

The diet and exercises are enough to give the mind-blowing transformation.

It seems like that The Rock muscular physique, shredded and ripped Abs comes from the genes, diet, and working regimen.

The Rock is a real symbol of hard work and source of fitness inspiration for the millions of other people around the globe.

We should respect the real Rock talent and his willpower.