ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech is an extremely powerful fat burning supplement which is a high-potency formula made of high-yield stimulant complex to oxidize fat in the body.

Thermodyne reviewIt helps in losing weight, and providing energy to the mind and body by creating and maintaining a thermogenic effect which increases metabolism, burns calories, and oxidizes fats at a fast rate.

Although it is a fat burner that helps in losing weight by burning fat and calories, it can also help in building lean muscles by providing a boost of energy that can be used to workout and develop lean muscles.


Mainly, the function of this product is to provide intense fat-loss and produce energy and stamina to workout and train harder without ever giving up on the goals of your dream body.

ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech works on a dual-functionality basis.

When a body builder or athlete would consume this pill, they will feel an immediate boost of energy which will motivate them to work harder on their exercising routines and help them get on with the training while staying super charged and fully encouraged to utilize the robust of energy gain.

On the other hand, it works on burning and removing fat from the body without doing any exercises or following any diets as well.

This scientifically designed fat-burning complex has been clinically studied and tested to get positive results on its fat-burning effectiveness and speedy weight loss with increased metabolism.

This product works on a 3-phase technology focusing on fat burning, testosterone boosting, and energy increasing, and provides the following functions:

  • Fat Oxidization
  • Body Shredding
  • Improved Focus
  • Increased Energy

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The formula of ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech is made of ten strong and active ingredients to speed up fat-burning and energy production.

Thermodyne ingredientsThe conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and a blend of powerful extracts from navel orange, sweet orange and grapefruit plants, and a popular testosterone booster – Tribulus Terrestris, add up to fasten the weight-loss and fat burning process through this supplement.

These ingredients are paired up with some of the fastest metabolism boosting and energy producing ingredients like caffeine, cocoa bean extract, guarana extract, and sterculia acuminate extract to enhance the body’s thermogenic effect and increase the metabolic rate to produce a boost of energy.

1. Fat Burning Blend:

The CLA – conjugated linoleic acid content in this supplement is effective for fat burning as well as muscle development, providing dual functions of cutting down fat and helping to build muscle mass.

The orange extract used in this formula is famous for inhibiting fat accumulation in the body, and helps melting away and blocking fats.

The grapefruit extract used in this blend also helps in losing weight while also providing antioxidants.

The Tribulus terrestris is a testosterone booster which helps in increasing metabolism to provide energy and motivation for working out to burn fats, and it also regulates the mood.

2. Energy Boosting Blend:

The supplement of ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech has surplus amount of caffeine to stimulate fat burning by thermogenesis, which helps in producing more body heat to burn calories and fats.

The guarana extract and sterculia acuminate extract present in this formula also help in losing weight as both are caffeine rich ingredients and promote fat burning.

The cocoa bean extract in another useful ingredient in this supplement that has fat reducing properties.


The scientifically studied and tested formula of ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech makes it a trustable supplement to use.

Thermodyne fat burner

The ingredients used in this product are well-known for their effectiveness in burning down fat and reducing weight caused by fat storages in the body.

Another advantage of this supplement is that it provides almost instant energy and helps body builders and other athletes to carry on with their hard trainings without any delays and hindrances due to lack of energy, as this supplement takes care of producing enough stamina to train harder and for a longer time than usual right from the first use of these pills.

This product comes with a money back guarantee and the buyers can test this product for a few weeks to judge its efficacy by themselves.

This supplement is particularly very beneficial for body builders in their cutting cycle to promote extreme fat loss while adding up the energy required to continue lifting.


This product comes in the form of capsules and is to be taken twice a day.

In the morning two capsules of this supplement should be taken with water, and the second dose of two pills should be taken in the afternoon or early evening with the meal before exercising.


This product should not be taken more than the recommended dose.

Avoid taking these pills late in the evening or at night or before your sleeping time, as the high amount of caffeine in this supplement may make it difficult to sleep due to the excess energy and alertness produced.

It is advised to not take any additional caffeinated foods or drinks when taking this supplement. Consult your health practitioner before taking this supplement in case of any serious medical condition.

This product is not meant to be taken by body builders during their bulking phase. If taken during the bulking phase, this should be coupled with an additional supplement advised by your trainer.

Never take more than four capsules in a 24 hour period and avoid taking more than two capsules within four hours.

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Consumers of this product reported fast results after using this supplement as directed.

thermodyne fat burner

In a study to find the effectiveness of ThermoDyne by Novex Biotech, the participants who were given this supplement showed noticeable reduction in body fat without making any changes to their dietary habits or exercising routines.

The active ingredients in this formula have shown to effectively burn fat and increase energy.

Most of the people who used this product believe that it is quite effective as a rapid weight-loss supplement.

It is a fast acting supplement to deliver quick fat burning results that help in shaping up the body by removing fat.