Things you need to know about Fad Diets for Weight Loss

Fad diets along with many tactics for weight loss are so much mainstream these days but do they really work?

what is fad diets?

According to the survey, obesity a.k.a weight gain is spreading so fast amongst a population from every region, which is why people are getting concerned about their health.

Many so called famed diet plan are getting introduced every day which people expects to be helpful, but again, it is only a gimmick mainly illustrated by celebrities.

It is because of these celebrities are people having so much expected from these diet plans even though they are not effective 100% of weight loss.

Not a single diet plan is effective is adopted solely, instead, it should be followed along with other things such as a proper workout plan and changing lifestyle to a whole new level.

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What Is A Fad Diet?

A fad diet itself is nothing but a diet plan which simply focuses on a particular group of food.

fad diets don't workStrictly sticking to certain food items such as grapefruit, cauliflower, cabbage or cheese can also be narrated as a fad diet.

Fad diets are not always necessarily up to the nutritional guidelines but still, it’s an eating regimen that most people in this world follow.

Atkins Diet is one of the famous diet regimens, apart from which Paleo diet and zone diet are also mainstream.

As far as weight loss concern, fad diet can contribute a little help if they are followed with additional efforts.

Why do people use Diet plans?

These days, every week gives birth to another diet plan which runs for an eon in the market.

To honest, obesity can lead you to many other serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer.

When you think you have an overweight problem you got to start working from that point.

Everyone is looking for a short and easy solution for weight loss which in other words “Doesn’t exist”, but even people still believe in this diet plans as an easy and fast way to burn calories.

Are these Diet Plans reliable?

There are plenty of weight loss programs each of which demands different diet and workout regimen.

how to lose weight with fad diets

Those diet plans which works are far from our eyes only because they do not get a proper marketing which is an important thing nowadays to bring something in public’s eye.

These diet plans have a background research data which further supports their claims, for example, Atkin diet is one of the famous diet plan created by Dr. Atkins, who studied so much about different food and their effects on the human body.

Comparing Atkin diet, which is basically a ketogenic diet to another diet that has carbs approaches, 12 months later it was found that weight loss was achieved by the people who followed the Atkins diet plan.

Fad isn’t a self-explanatory term, but it is given by the people who have been following a specific set of diets.

To make any diet plan works, you have to first research about the nutritional facts on it and the requirements your body needs.

The right diet plan which fits your body needs will eventually lead you to the right track of dropping some weight.

Examples of Fad Diet

So many Fad Diets are available with a catchy name in order to infiltrate people’s mind.

The more catchy or clever your diet name is, more chances that it will go viral on a social media.

Here are the diet plans which are considered as Fad Diet these days.

  • Blood Type Diet
  • Lemon Detox Diet
  • Morning Banana Diet
  • 5:2 Diet
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
  • Grapefruit Diet
  • Master Cleanse
  • Sugar Buster
  • Zone Diet
  • South Beach Diet

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Do these Plans work?

All the diet plans have one thing in common, they limit your calorie intake and make you stick with one type of food only.

control calorie intake for weight lossBy looking at the facts about some people who have temporarily achieved their desired results, while others got failed in it and returned back to their normal eating habit.

This indicates a single fact that staying hungry all the time can cause hindrance in any weight loss program and results in a full failure.

This is a dangerous thing because once you get no success your eating habit gets so bad that you gain some more pounds instead of dropping any.

Jumping over to another diet plan can cause a problem in your metabolic pathway, making it slower for you to digest and gain more calories.

Is there an Alternative for the Diet Plan?

Who says there isn’t? Weight loss cannot only be achieved by following the diet plans which are mainstream because of some celebrities. But you can induce it by altering certain things in your lifestyle.

Adding a clean and balanced diet can help you achieve weight loss for a longer period of time, a little exercise can further accelerate this process.

Having said this, there are diet plans present in an excess quantity out of which one can fit your body demands.

If it doesn’t then you have to research it by yourself to find the best solution for you. Needless to say, changing lifestyle and eating habits is the best alternative.

Is there any Shortcut?

Many popular diet plans creator wants people to believe that they are the fastest way to reduce weight. Sadly, it is not entirely true.

celebrities taking fad diets for weight loss

There is no version of losing weight instantly, there is no fast, painless method that works overnight to burn your fats.

Some diet pills claim to give faster results which some people have experienced as a true statement while most people found them not working at all.

The best diet pills require you to keep your workout routine active even though they claim to induce a faster weight loss.

Fad Diets usually include starvation which is a big problem for most of the people since they already have put themselves in this ugly overweight situation.

Starving immediately can cause harmful effects on their health esp. mental health.

Final Summary

From the facts mentioned above, we can conclude that Fad Diets are just another way to make fool out of yourself.

Kim Kardashian on Atkins DietJust like magic diet pills do not work quickly, Fad diets which require you to have particular food don’t work either if you are looking for a long run.

Here is a simple idea, Weight Loss can only be achieved by getting fully dedicated to changing your lifestyle and everything in it.

It requires a certain sort of disciplinary measures and commitment.

The only best solution for weight reduction or to lose weight is to have a healthy diet and proper workout combined together.

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