Tony Atlas Steroids: The Shocking Truth Revealed Inside! [2020]

This time is to judge the top time of the wrestler of the Golden age “Tony Atlas” after Dwayne Johnson of the Modern Bodybuilding.

In my previous blog, I have already judged the top bodybuilders and wrestlers of all the time.

Tony Atlas Steroids Or Natural?

Now, this time is to judge the strongest wrestler of all the time.

It is not an easy task to begin the judgment on wrestlers because they are just using anabolic steroids and PED’s for boost up the performance as well as the strength of the body.

Despite wrestlers and athletes, bodybuilders prefer anabolic steroids to define the shape of the body like bigger traps, wider shoulder, and the body covered with muscles.

They usually prefer it to win the competition like Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe.

They also intake the drugs to increased the strength levels and charged the performance.

Tony Atlas AKA Anthony White (birth name), Mr. USA, Black Atlas, Black Superman And Saba Simba. He was born on April 23, 1954

Tony Atlas has enjoyed the fascinating wrestling, weightlifting and bodybuilding career for several decades.

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He is an American bodybuilder, professional wrestler, and power-lifter as well.

He is very happy to earn a lot since he started his journey.

In the late 70’s an 80’s, Atlas headlined at the top due to the act like Ric Flair, Andre the Giant, and Hulk Hogan.

Sometimes the chances to earn money in the Pro-Wrestling is more because there are more opportunities are present to avail.

Tony earned more money in the wrestling business.

They can earn the millions of dollars through their salaries, endorsements, and multiple sponsorships.

Tony had given the best performance for many athletes promotions throughout his career.

Tony had done amazing muscle building and look for a championship.

Well, Tony has called by name of  “The Promoter’s Dream” by Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon, father of wrestling combined with Atlas and Rocky Johnson does the popularity and defined chiseled physiques.

Who Is Responsible For Anabolic Steroid Consumption In The Sports World?

Everyone that can gain the shape through anabolic steroids, insulin, Human Growth Hormone, and diuretics.

The old school bodybuilding and steroids look natural whereas the modern bodybuilding seems like the passion to develop an amazing body.

Does Tony Atlas Really Take Help From The Steroids?

The article is based on evidence or assumption completely. We do not know the actual situation.

Tony Atlas WWE Wrestling
Tony Atlas Wrestling

We can find out the steroid users through various pointers.

Some of them are mentioned as below

If we are going to judge an individual that is free from drug and whether steroid use so looking up the appearance is a great way to judge.

Physical appearance: Tony does look like that he has a strong physique and looks like a beast.

You can never find the 1980 summer upper bodies in the today’s wrestlers.

Tony body does not appear any drastic steroid sign like steroid gut and gynecomastia but, his body weight is exceeding than a natural range.

Look at the stats of his body:

Tony Atlas Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 6’2’’
  • Weight of the body: 240lbs (109kg)

The average man can gain the 197lbs with 6’2’’ height. The man with 6’2’’ height can build up this range naturally, although Tony is higher than 43lbs.

43lbs is not easy to build up while the steroids can help you to gain these range easily.

There are different types of steroids that can help you to achieve your goals safely such as the cutting steroids and bulking steroids.

Some of the anabolic steroids are responsible for increasing the strength and Performance.

The wrestlers and athletes usually prefer the PEDs to maximize the power.

The Background

Tony had also addressed tax issues.

Tony Atlas tax issue
Tony Atlas tax

The IRS tried to collect the money while most of the generation of that era is usually experiencing the tax issues.

I generally never faced any issues regarding taxes. Once a day he asked me that how I should pay the tax.

He replied $16,000 of check that should submit in the bank. We never had time to think about the taxes.

It seems like that Tony did not have any type of fear of the issues. He took slightly the complicated cases.

Same as divorced and taxes, he took slightly the anabolic steroid case as they were new in a market at that time.

The time, When Tony found himself alone in Maine for years, there was no money and at last he just married Monica and returned back to the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2006.

Tony has returned to the field as a screen manager for WWE from 2008 to 2010 and mid in 2012.

He just welcomed a tag team championship. Tony got divorced for the four times

The amazing record in the list that Tony can Bench Press for 405 pounds around three times.

Tony has gained multiple championship titles in the sports. One of the titles is “Mr. USA” which he earned three times.


At the age of 64, It becomes hard to maintain the sport physique, but it can be easy with the help of drugs

Tony Atlas Had Talked About Drug Use

After wrestling with Jimmy Korderas and Arda Ocal, the WWE Hall Of Fame Tony Atlas done the interview:

Too Much Too Soon
Atlas Too Much Too Soon

The name of the book is Atlas “Too Much Too Soon” in which there are different stories are published within the book.

Jimmy said about Tony Atlas that he is more cheerful than other wrestlers in the locker room and never look as upset.

Tony explained that there is a reason behind the act

He just relaxed by thinking about $1500 in the first week and $75,000 in the first year.

Atlas tried to say:  that his body did not try to practice the steroids

Tony Atlas said that: He never took the help of steroids and never used re-creational substances.

Whenever I used the Cocaine so, it takes me a year to get back in my life and to exit out from the circulation.

My body did not take help from any type of steroids or drugs.

We did not take time off to do this. We have just taken the time to relax yourself.

Generally, we did not take Performance Enhancing and any other drugs, we were just trying to take the relaxation.

The most of the wrestlers are working on average 355 days per year and maybe take 10 days off in the month of December may be, there was no any vacation time.

We could take the drugs to enhance performance and win the competitions.

Tony Atlas Steroids

Tony Steroids are similar to old-school steroids.

The most common old-school steroids are Dianabol and Winstrol.

The Dianabol is bulking steroid and Winstrol is cutting steroids as well as boost up the Performance of competition.

We do not know the actual Tony Atlas steroid cycle, but it seems like that his steroid cycle is incorporated with bulking and cutting steroids.


Tony Atlas has taken help from the steroids because they are not considered as illegal at that time.

Tony Atlas Bodybuilding steroids

Everyone can easily use the anabolic steroids after getting a prescription from a doctor.

According to Tony Atlas: In my days, the steroids are designed for the human.

If you get the something wrong that makes the condition worse. As I already know what is good for me and what is bad for me.

Atlas said that, there are many other bodybuilders who used the drugs as well.

As the summarized way, Tony has used steroids as they were new in the market and everyone has passion to try.

This case is similar to the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson, they are admitted steroid use and they have no any regret of this kind of action.