Top 10 Celebrities Rated For Their Beauty IQ

Celebrities are the perfect amalgamation of talent and beauty. While both the traits are God gifted, lot can be done to improve each element with smartness!

The Hollywood industry is simply blessed with some celebrities that are truly beauty smart.

Thankfully, their beauty hacks are no secret for their fans, people who admire them and desire to look as drop dead gorgeous as them.

So, its time to know who these celebrities really are and how impressive their beauty smartness is!

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The mother of two, American beauty Mila kunis has always inspired us with her with her struggleful journey in Hollywood.

Mila Kunis

Despite being in her thirties, Mila has the freshness and appeal to attract millions.

If we judge her on the scale of beauty IQ, Mila will score the most.

However, her beauty secret is no expensive surgeries and beauty treatments, as the ‘black swan’ actress follows simplicity to look and feel good.

To look her best, she ensures that her skin is completely free from makeup before going to bed.

The exotic beauty also applies lip balm to moisturize her lips and credits exercises for her super-toned body.

Well, that’s surely how she gives sleepless nights to poor men!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow:

The 44 years old, Gwyneth Paltrow never fails to impress us with her imposing personality and eternal beauty.

American Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow

Owing to her characters in Shakespeare in love and a Perfect Murder, the actress got noticed worldwide.

When it comes to maintaining her beauty appeal, the multitalented actress follows her doctor’s words precisely.

Interestingly, Gwyneth revealed that she takes care of her internal and external health, through natural means.

She uses a mild omega-3 oil to keep her skin healthy and nourished.

One of her famous quotes on beauty is, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.

That, or a kick-ass red lipstick”.

3. Beyoncé:

Beyoncé has every quality to rule our hearts, she is intelligent, spectacular, talented and what not.

beyonce day minnesota

Due to her iconic personality and right attitude, the ‘halo’ singer has achieved many milestones in her field.

While she is the best we have as a female singer, a quality that has a much contribution in her success is her beauty smart nature.

While Beyoncé has always credited her fans for her achievements, the 35 years old singer believes that using moisturizer and smiling every now and then can help you go a long way!

Well, it seems like these pieces of advice have worked well for Beyoncé herself!

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4. Cameron Diaz:

Who can resist praising the evergreen beauty and super talented actress Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz

Popularly known for her roles in the mask, the other woman and sex tape, the 45 years old ageless wonder still has the aura to engage her fans in herself.

Her charismatic personality and good looks have always helped her grab some flashy roles and climb the stairs of stardom in her career.

Cameron is naturally blessed with a luminous skin, though, she believes beauty is much more than that.

To stay beautiful and feel fresh, the former actress workouts regularly. She further tries to stay happy and engage herself in constructive work.

Never to forget mentioning, she also advised her fans to increase their water intake!

5. Taylor swift:

While I think of this American singer, the very word that clicks in my mind is the trend-setter!

taylor swift

She crossed her journey from being a superstar to a successful chanteuse with much glamour and grace.

Taylor swift has always impressed us with her mind-blowing transformations and looks.

The style icon revealed some of her beauty tips that add more to her beauty and help her look fresh for long.

For example, she advised to hydrate your skin with a good night cream, before you sleep. She also moisturizes her skin with the same night cream, right before she puts on her makeup.

She further advised her fans to apply foundation with their hands, for better application.

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6. Halle Berry:

We often wonder the secret behind Halle Berry’s perpetual youth.

Halle Berry

The 50 years old American actress rose to fame with her role in Jungle Fever, however, she reached the peak of her career after the success of Executive Decision.

Interestingly, the movie also named her an award and since then, Halle Berry became unstoppable.

Unlike most of the Hollywood actresses, the start looks as beautiful as she looks in her makeup.

The secret to her flawless and radian skin is a lot of attention and care. However, she frequently splashes rose water on her skin, which maker skin feel soft and fresh.

7. Blake lively:

Who does not feel Serena van der woodsen from Gossip Girl heart-throbbing?

Premiere Of Warner Bros

The 29 years old actress has always mesmerized us with her jaw-dropping beauty and blonde locks.

Blake has also impressed us with her acting skills in movies like the shallows and the town. But when it comes to maintaining her beauty, the start does not feel the need to spend a fortune on it.

With simple beauty hacks, Blake manages to look dead gorgeous as always!

One good example of her ‘economical’ self-care is that she uses mayonnaise to moisture her hair, before going to shower.

Well, this is a good, plus, pocket friendly tip for healthy hair!

8. Victoria Beckham:

Victoria Beckham, popularly known as posh spice is a source of inspiration for women.

Victoria Beckham

A successful singer-cum-businesswoman, Victoria has balanced her professional life very impressively.

Interestingly, Victoria’s personal life is as successful as her career as a singer is.

She has four children with David Beckham and managing everything so perfectly makes her sound like a Goddess.

But when it comes to her beauty maintenance routine, Victoria seems to go the unconventional way.

For instance, she prefers beauty products that contain bird poop. According to the ‘wannabe’ singer, the very agent in beauty products can help to cleanse and lighten up our skin.

Well, considering Victoria’s flawless skin, we believe she has a point!

9. Miranda Kerr:

The 34 years old Australian model Miranda Kerr boasts the ability to outshine the crowd.

Miranda Kerr

While Miranda’s modeling career started at a very young, she left no stone unturned to make her presence highlighted in the industry.

Kerr’s noticeable work as a model was for Victoria’s secret, the brand that gave her much recognition and acclamation.

Due to her charm and sex appeal, she managed to acquire great commercial exposure as well.

Even though, her personal life was no less like a rollercoaster ride, yet, Miranda’s efforts for her professional life did not go unnoticed.

While we talk about the beauty routine or smartness, we will find the Australian beauty to be a good improviser.

She can curl her eyelashes using a spoon! No really!

Besides, Miranda drinks Luke warm water mixed with lemon juice, to boost her digestion in the morning.

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10. Catherine- Zeta Jones:

The 47 years old Catherine-Zeta Jones is an ‘imperishable’ beauty with a remarkable beauty IQ.


In the late nineties, she was ranked on top in the category of ‘most beautiful people’ by sources like People magazine.

Interestingly, she managed to share a space in the category till 2004. While her beauty was praised worldwide, her sex appeal was also credited for her recognition.

Few of her movies, which did well, were Traffic, Entrapment and The terminal. It may be surprising to many of us that Catherine does something really amazing to make her locks shine!

Well, she drenches her hair in beer, so that the alcohol can do away with the build-up. Well, that sounds useful to me!

These simple hacks surely do not demand you to spend a fortune on your beauty routine.

All thanks to these smart celebrities, we can now preserve our beauty for long, or say, make it more appealing to the beholder!