Trenavar – Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Trenavar is not alone; there are other some illegal steroids too that have substitutes in the form of prohormones.


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Trenavar review

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What is Trenavar exactly?

Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione (a quite tough name) is an extensively consumable pro-hormone.

Trenavar reviews

The exciting part is majority believe this Prohormone has Ten times better androgenic characteristics to offer than testosterone (the foundation of every steroid) seriously, not easy to believe but the reality is it is true.

It is a well-known fact that testosterone is strong growth hormone but do remember it is androgenic corresponds to the male-dominated body transformations with noticeable influence on the development of skeletal muscle.

Hence, Trenavar alters in the body, and it performs ten times better as compared to testosterone at intensifying androgenic traits.

A Brief History!

Trenavar is a somewhat new pro-hormone.

The supplement companies launched it for the first time in the year 2011.

Innovative Body Enhancement Supplements (San Bernardino; California) and PHF Supplements (Mandeville; Louisiana) started it.

Afterward, there have been several other brands on the market.

Before we use the term “Prohormone” back to back, let us explain to you (what it is)

What is a Prohormone?

First thing first, Pro-hormones are not steroids.

It is preferably a common misconception among the masses.

People consider it for their mass gain and fat loss while both have the similar tasks to perform and benefits to deliver, such as better lean muscle and a significant reduction in the fat content of the body.

However, both are entirely different on the molecular scale.

You cannot mix anabolic steroids with Corticosteroids, which is common for doctors to prescribe for the treatment of inflammation.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that are entirely relatable to the male hormones like testosterone.

We cannot neglect that all the changes of puberty period, testosterone is responsible.

It includes hair growth, deep voice, and better muscle and bone development.

These changes come in the category of androgenic and steroid.

Moreover, you can for sure expect some terrific job on their part; Intensifying every single male-dominated feature for both men and females.

This conversion thing may sound wholly flawless and harmless.

However, Pro-hormones do have their limits.

In spite of the dosage, your body can alter a limited number of steroid hormones.

While anabolic steroids are free from any such conversion and they do not have any restricted limitations either.

When it comes to an increase in the levels of hormones, steroids happen to begin this increase from the start.

You know what! this fine line happens to be the line between legal and illegal.

Legal Status

The steroids tend to have to have a direct influence on the development whereas pro-hormones need an additional step and it requires conversion.

Funnily enough if at the time of consumption, it is a steroid, it is illegal in most parts of the globe, but once it enters your system and then its conversion takes place, it is legal.

Like actually, funny but true.

For instance, Prostanozol (Prohormone) an alternative to Winstrol, do remember Winstrol is illegal.

Additionally, both (the steroid-Winstrol and Prostanozol) share the same benefits and side effects.

What is the working Principle for Trenavar?

Pro-hormone has to convert in the body to become an active hormone (a steroid hormone); so what does Trenavar change into?

Is trenavar Legal

Well, it is believed to have Trenbolone as its counterpart in the steroid family.

What is Trenbolone?

Also famous with the short name Tren, Trenbolone is an illegal anabolic steroid that is highly popular for rapid gains in muscle mass and decreased body fat, primarily delivering the user with that classic chiseled look that various bodybuilders hope to attain.

When you administer Trenavar, your body starts transforming Trenavar into Trenbolone.

It is weird but true, Trenbolone and Trenavar have just one difference, and it is just a single variation in ketone structure.

Usually, Pro-hormones are advertised with their steroidal counterpart, but as far as their structures are concerned, they do have a massive difference in their molecular structure.

Moreover, Trenavar is among those pro-hormones that almost mimics its steroidal counterpart structure.

The consumers of Trenavar experience the similar benefits just like the benefits of the anabolic steroid.


Trenavar has the similar double bonds as trenbolone has a 17-ketone, instead of a 17b hydroxy function.

When Trenavar enters the system, it immediately gets hydrolyzed into trenbolone.

Moreover, Trenavar also has another quality to offer, and it is possible to consume it in the oral form while the users take Trenbolone in the injection form.

There is more! Trenbolone and Trenavar have different cost ranges.

On one side, Trenbolone is a costly steroid to buy, but on the other hand, Trenavar caters a reasonable price range.


Well, Trenbolone has three bonds that are double, and this thing makes it difficult to generate it.

Trenbolone is likely to charge you somewhere six times more than the price of Testosterone.

The question arises, why on earth you even need it when the price range is irrationally high?

Due to these three bonds of double, which improves its flexibility.

It means it gets better tendency to fit among the androgen receptors as compared to testosterone, better in the progesterone and you know what! it also gets better at resisting metabolic activity.

These are just a few things that end up indicating trenbolone one of the most potent and useful steroids.

Hence, these are some point in which trenbolone is different from Trenavar.


The question is what else is essential for you to learn.

Let us find out!

Even though Trenavar is available as a supplementing product, some of its compounds are similar to anabolic steroids.

 Thus, you need to be extra cautious because the laws are kind of tricky regarding it.

Benefits / Trenavar results

You are all set to integrate this awesome Prohormone in your bodybuilding regimen, here is a list of benefits that you can experience with Trenavar.

Trenavar Results

1. Trenavar tends to offer superb strength to its users.

Therefore, it has great importance if you are into hard training.

2. A considerable benefit of this anabolic steroid that gives it an extra edge on all the other stuff that can provide the same benefits.

It does not cause any estrogenic effects. It is important to note that estrogen triggers female characteristics.

Therefore, it comes on top of the list when it is about developing gynecomastia.

3. You can also use prohormone for cutting.

Consequently, you can for sure expect that it will support you to eliminate all the bulkiness that you have achieved through fat and water retention.

It sheds your fat content and has a tendency to aid your actual cutting goals.

4. To measure the progress well, nothing can be better than vascularity.

Awesome vascularity improves the possibilities of success in any completion since Trenavar has a certain level of vascularity to offer.

By removing extra fat deposit, better flow of blood, and development in muscles, it happens to improve blood vessels and improve the visibility.

5. It noticeably improves the size and muscle ratio that give your muscle mass better definition and much better look.

Side effects of Trenavar

The side effects are harshly brutal with this compound, and the reasons are more than one.

1. Metabolic activity intensifies, and excess body heat causes the issue of dehydration in a quite severe manner.

Some athletes have reported about the darker hue of urine, parched most of the time, and an abnormal feeling of nauseous.

Therefore, users better adequately increase the water intake; avoid places where you get unnecessary exposure to heat.

One more thing, avoid the use of Trenavar for sale during the hot season, plus keep the AC temperature low at the night hours when you are using this prohormone.

2. Everyone likes the quick results, but you know what you should remember that quick outcomes often strain the body.

We do agree that the users will get rapid muscle gains and strength, which will put pressure on soft tissues and health of organ.

This can lead to the feeling of lethargy. Hence, it is vital to remain in the conservative dosage range, especially if it is the first time that you are using this compound.

3. Due to its Anabolic strength, it has excellent tendency to suck the carbs and take it to your muscle in the required form.

As a result, it tends to be responsible for the raise blood sugar levels, excessive lethargy, a feeling of dizziness, abnormal way of sweating and other relatable issues to low levels of blood sugar.

Even sometimes, the issue of low sugar can be so severe that you have to carry sugar everywhere for a safe side.

Wait..It’s not over yet..

4. As it is part of 17-alkylated compounds that can be consumed orally.

Hence, they tend to cause complications relatable to libido, even gynecomastia issues.

5. The severe level of suppression in the typical ratio of hormones is expected and it is mainly due to the swift changes.

Therefore, an appropriate PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is mandatory.

6. There is a high risk that Trenavar can damage vital organs of the body.

Moreover, a proper PCT is highly crucial to bring back the HPTA function and natural testosterone formation.

7. Being a member of 17-alpha alkylated, expecting liver strain from it is not a big deal.

Thus, supporting your liver is a must through abstaining alcohol and drugs that tend to harm the liver.

Trenavar cycle

A little info regarding dosage

Trenavar CycleTrenavar is a highly impactful and robust prohormone.

Thus, it will be cycled for only 30 days in low doses.

The experienced users of this prohormone suggest that the inexperienced users aka beginners better start with 10 to 20 mg/ day.

This dose can go in split intervals every day to reduce harmful effects.

Higher dose means you are also increasing the risk factor, and giving way to serious issue to attack, mainly it is likely to happen in the cycle during the third week.

Once your body becomes habitual for Trenavar, you will have a chance to opt for a higher dose of 30 to 40 mg per day.

As per the experienced consumers, the best possible option for Trenavar is stacking it with Equipoise, Primobolan, and Epistane.

This stack thing is for people who already have enough experience.

Moreover, whether you like to use Trenavar alone or you are willing to stack it with something, your Trenavar cycle need your support and keep you in the safe zone from health issues like liver issues and high blood pressure. 

On-cycle support

Despite being a non-methylated prohormone, the consumer should go for on cycle support.

Blood pressure needs to be in the right range and for that on-cycle support is essential.

Unfortunately, Trenavar occurs to decrease thyroid levels negatively and these lower levels are enough to form prolactin in the body.

Whenever your body has an excessive amount of prolactin, and it ends up lactation, sensitivity, and puffiness.

It is better to take inhibitor to be in the safe zone.

These Prolactin inhibitors can control the production of prolactin.

Hence, it will not let you experience any side as mentioned earlier effects.


Trenavar is excellent for allowing you to get the benefits of Trenbolone without getting involved in any illegal activity.

However, Trenavar is not free of side effects either, and some of its brands are quite harsh on the human.

Therefore, for many, it is not a suitable option either.

Knock! Knock!

These people can go for Trenorol.


Now, what is Trenorol?

Trenorol is excellent for generating results of Trenbolone.

Buy Trenorol

The best part is Trenorol does not cause you the harsh side effects that you may experience otherwise.

There are several testimonials of genuine buyers available throughout the net that you can analyze the productivity of Trenorol very easily.

The benefits of Trenorolv

  • You can consume it orally
  • Free shipment
  • Just in a month, you can have up to 15 lbs lean muscle in just the matter of a month
  • Awesome customer feedback
  • Zero side effects (hard to believe but accurate)
  • Crazybulk is a reliable brand
  • The production process takes place in GMP compliant facility

The negative points

  • Due to better quality and being with the products that are available in cheap price range due to their substandard quality, Trenorol may seem an expensive product, yet it is not because with this quality and in this price, it is not a bad bargain at all.
  • You can buy it only on the official website.

Bottom Line:

if you are willing to get Trenavar for sale or Trenbolone for sale, you can go for Trenorol.