Steroid Uses for the Beginners: Top [14] Some Basic Questions!

There are many people who cannot grow muscle mass or increase body size unless they get some extra help from anabolic/androgenic steroids.

uses of steroids

This article will guide you briefly about the steroid use in beginners as well as suggestions from different people who have been using it to enhance their muscle mass and fortunately got lucky.

Mainly comprises of some frequently related questions about the steroid use will ease your understanding about the proper steroid use.

All the answers given are the combination of many statements from different experts and their knowledge about Steroids.

Ultimate Guide on Steroids Use

If you are merging steroids with your exercise plan, there are certain questions you must be asking like:

  • What Steroid should I take?
  • When to take?
  • What days in a week?
  • What will I gain?
  • Should I trust buying from websites?
  • Are Orals effective or Injectable?

If you are prepared to take steroids but need some essential piece of information regarding its proper use, read on.

Q1. What Are Steroids?

Steroids are synthetic androgenic hormones that are produced naturally in our body, one of the major hormones is Testosterone which is also known as the primary male sex hormone.

These days testosterone is being used by many bodybuilders for enormous strength gain and size, which is why it is becoming the best choice for bodybuilders.

Q2. Are you old enough to use?

It’s illegal to use steroids if you are under 21 which has a very scientific reason.

You see when you turn 21 the rate of your growth stops in a way that your height, would not get any taller neither the width of your shoulders go any broader.

Using steroids (talking about testosterone here) in early ages won’t provide any beneficial effects as your body is already developing sufficient amount of testosterone.

Your workout experience also counts, based on your exercise experience it would be wise for you to first acknowledge the basis of gaining exercise plans.

Unlike individuals who prefer steroid use after some 2-3 months of exercising.

Furthermore, your natural gains will occur side by side, anyone who has got sufficient natural gains from the only workout must not think about taking steroids, not at all!

Q3. No Needles for me, Can I take Tablets/Capsules?

Steroids are available in 2 form, oral and injectable.

By the name you can predict what these 2 types of steroids are, one is to be taken by mouth while the other is given via injections. But what’s the difference?

Oral steroids, which are in tablet form goes the first path of metabolism, which is through the GIT (Gastrointestinal tract), then it moves to the livers where it mostly gets destroyed before entering into the bloodstream.

Hence quite slow and little bioavailability.

Oral steroids are that’s why considered as hepatotoxic but scientists have recently managed to alter the formula by which an oral steroid can survive hepatic metabolism, they name the altering process 17-alpha alkylation (replacement of hydrogen with carbon to the 17th position of the molecule).

Oral steroids, which have gone through alkylation gives an ideal treat to the athletes, however, it elevates some of the liver values which we can see in LFT (Liver Function Test).

Injectable steroids are not to be taken intravenously because this mode of administration can cause lethal effects and sometimes death.

Which is why it must be injected by the IM route (Intramuscular) where the first path of metabolism is avoided.

Injectable steroids come in 2 main types, water based and oil based.

Water based steroids have the fast metabolism because of which they need to be taken daily, while oil-based have a much slower release rate because of which they are injected once or twice a week.

Q4. Where do you inject?

An injectable steroid should be injected into the gluteus maximum muscle, which is a muscle underneath your buttocks.

In order to avoid the swellings or sore one must adopt a proper sterile technique because sometimes these abscesses led to the death of a person.

Chances of these things reduced if you perform it under well maintained sterile area.

Your thigh muscles is another better location for injecting steroids since the number of dense muscles are quite much there.

Bodybuilders are using these two sites for heavy cycles where they have to inject oil-based steroid once in a week.

Q5. What’s an Ester?

The term Ester represents the chain of a steroid molecule at the 17th position.

Long ester means long chained steroid molecule which requires much time to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

While there are some short-chained steroids such as Testosterone Propionate which makes the hormone act fast as a result of which you need frequent injections.

Q6. What should you take?

Normally, a beginner cycle starts with 8 weeks of Testosterone and 4 weeks of Dianabol.

Testosterone strength should be 500mg per week while D-Bal at 25 mg daily.

Testosterone should be taken via injection twice a week while a tablet of Dianabol must be taken regularly.

Testosterone injections twice a week makes two ampules of 250 mg, one has to be taken on Monday and the other does depend on your performance requirement whether you want to take it on Thursday or Friday.


It depends on your feasibility whether which time is perfect for you.

Long-acting injections can be taken once or twice a week if your blood levels are normal.

Oral tablets of Dianabol or sustanol are short-acting and also have very short half\-life, you can cycle their dose throughout the day to keep the level sustained in your system.

To avoid the cramps and git discomfort, take them with a meal.

Q7. Should You Purchase Steroids from Online Pages?

Unless the steroid you are ordering is of premium grade and they are delivering the product themselves, you don’t have trust online scammers.

Many steroid products are being sold every day by the name of some well-known compounds which attracts people, especially the beginners who are so much eager to use steroids.

Beware of the false products as they could harm you in many ways.

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Q8. What will you gain?

As it may sound unsure because everyone has got a different physiological pattern by which their body gain some mass or energy level.

Some factors that can affect the rate at which your body gain is being proceeded are:

  • Quality of steroids and Quantity.
  • Your Cycle’s length
  • Cycle Practice: If you are new to the cycle you will gain more.
  • Your training, diet and resting patterns.

Q9. What does that mean for Frontload / Kickstart?

A front load is doubling the dose of the injectable steroids depending on its half-life.

Front load is achieved to reach a peak blood concentration which is not possible otherwise.

This trick is used to boost your body performance level under risk-free circumstances.

Kickstart of oral steroids includes the use of fast-acting steroids in slightly higher dose until the peak level of an injectable is achieved.

In frontload, you take 1000 mg of injectable while 30 mg of d-ball as a kick starter.

Q10. What are Anti-Estrogens/Oestrogens?

An Anti-estrogens are the compound which decreases the level of estrogen in your body.

Estrogen is a female hormone which increases the chance of Gynecomastia (enlargement of man boobs) and water retentions into muscles.

The reason is the aromatase enzyme which converts some steroids to estrogen by the aromatization.

Proviron and Nolvadex are the kinds of aromatase inhibitors, which overcome the side effects of Anabolic/Androgenic steroids by stopping their conversion to estrogen.

Q11. What is Gynecomastia?

The build-up of glandular tissue in man’s chest which later give it a breast like an appearance.

Some experts narrate it as a side effect of estrogens in men.

The awkward situation has happened to many males around the world where the normal option is surgical eradication.

Q12. PCT, what’s it?

After finishing ruthless steroid cycle, an essential tactic to restore the natural production of Testosterone is by going under Post Cycle Therapy.

PCT is very much important for those who want to maintain their gains, some of the chosen drugs for the PCT are Human Growth Hormones, Nolvadex or Clomid.


PCT is not in the 100% recovery but it’s just a way to kick-start the body for the extreme performance. Body recovery process takes weeks or sometimes months.

The best way to test if your body has recovered fully is by examining libido or by a simple blood test.

Q13. Pre-Steroid Use Blood Test

The importance of having a blood test before going to the steroid course cannot be avoided.

For the starters, pre-steroid blood test gives you a complete picture of your blood components and examine it safely.

When you go under steroid use, there will be some changes in your blood, which you can compare later with the values.

This will tell you if steroids are working on your or the recovery process is going smoothly.

Q14. Additional Benefit of Steroid Cycle- The High Libido!

After going under androgenic hormone (Testosterone) cycle, you will feel remarkable changes in your sex drive.

Your sexual performance will be a porn star and the efforts you’ll put to your partner will be much more than satisfied.

Some narrate this as a side effect, but not if you have a sexually prepared and active partner. Erection quality will be highly maximized as well.

Final Verdict – Beginners Steroid Use

These questions were meant to develop a better understanding in youths and those who are new to the steroid use.

Muscle building steroids

The knowledge regarding steroid cycles and factors which affect directly your body response can bring a positive change in your training session, hence give you a better-shaped body.

AAS (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid) are available in many qualities, choosing the right one can help you fulfill your body demands and let you achieve your muscle building goal in no time.

Needless to say, the administration of injectable should be handled with too much caution.

Your most concerned queries are given above which is enough to equip you with essential pieces of information about steroid use.

All the best and Have a Good Day!