Viasil Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

In our lives, we try to please everyone that we care about. Men who are happier in their lives are more mentally and sexually fit.

Speaking of sexual health, it has a great effect on your lifestyle as we speak.

Viasil is the latest male enhancement formula which has generated the most positive reviews globally.

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viasil reviews

Men who fail to satisfy women in bed are more like boys who have low physical stamina and energy.

Male enhancement pills use safer ingredients to elevate your sexual stamina and penis size.

Some men enhancement pills are known for increasing penis size, but not everyone works the same.

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Men are using ED Pills for greater endurance level and enhanced orgasm, which is key for better sex.

They are well designed to overcome problems like:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Loss of Libido
  3. Low endurance level
  4. Premature ejaculation

What Is Viasil?

Viasil is the latest over the counter male erectile dysfunction supplements, which has a plant formula inside every capsule.

The supplement is basically for men who have a low energy level, stamina and performance issue during sex.

The plant extract in Viasil gives you a huge erection in a rapid onset of time, which leads to brighter confidence in a man that wins the heart of a woman!

Usually, men are not confident due to their weak mental state or flaccid penis.

The ingredients in Viasil tend to work together to deliver limitless heat in the game which you would totally change your image as she knows.

Pros and Cons of Viasil

Viasil provides a wide range of benefits including sexual, physical as well as mental.


  • Induce erection no matter what age group you are of
  • Improves libido in men who have been empty for a long time
  • User does not need a prescription
  • It is a research-based product
  • Price is affordable
  • Promotes sexual confidence
  • Viasil offers the money back guarantee
  • Equip you with natural endurance
  • FDA Approved


Available only on the official website.

How Does Viasil Works?

Male ED Pills review
Male ED Pills

After looking at the mechanisms of Viasil, we concluded; there are 3 main ways by which Viasil achieve its mechanism.

  • By increasing the blood supply which is a perfect condition for male penis, upon proper blood supply each segment of the penis will receive an equal amount of blood which is necessary for the erection. The cause of erectile dysfunction is primarily a poor blood supply which is now totally being taken care of.
  • Stimulating the mitochondria that are generally called Power House of the Cell. When the mitochondria are overall stimulated the human body begins to produce heaps of Nitric Oxide. NO is a powerful ingredient which aids physical performance as well as maintains high-grade stamina.
  • Increase testosterone production is one of the main benefits which most male enhancement over the counter pill delivers. Increased testosterone means a man can perform with great vigor with being completely mentally sound. Not to mention testosterone supports the sexual performance and penis size the most

Another mode is the ATP generation which, according to the physiology can also be the result of mitochondrial stimulation.

About ManufacturerWho Makes Viasil?

As an expert in herbal products, we mostly prefer supplements from highly reputable companies.

Viasil is a male enhancement brand by Swiss Research Labs, which is located in Switzerland, according to the company they use completely natural and side effects free ingredients.

They are specialized in erectile dysfunction and libido enhancement in men, which improve their sexual experience.

Viasil IngredientsWhat Makes Viasil So Effective?

The formula of Viasil is loaded with a number of ingredients, each of which is capable of improving the sexuality of men.

Ingredients of Viasil
Viasil Label

Finding scientific studies about the following ingredients is quite easily online.

  • Pomegranate Extract

The purpose of adding Pomegranate extract means users will taste Ellagic acid in Viasil formula. Ellagic acid is the same ingredient that makes Viagra effective in battling against Erectile Dysfunction. There are almost 60 studies which conclude Pomegranate extract effective in treating ED. The secret is the sudden boost in blood supply caused by the extract that delivers a massive, stronger and harder erection.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris maintain the flow of testosterone in your blood by stimulating its production. When this occurs the blood sugar level of a person is well-maintained plus his libido will rise. Testosterone that will be produced will be in free form instead of the bound ones which then converted into estrogen by DHT.

Greater stamina and remarkable endurance level is the result.

  • Horny Goat Weed

As the name suggests, epimedium is a Chinese plant which has a use in sex for centuries. The secret behind horny goat weed is the secretion of Icarrin which increases blood flow in the penile chamber thereby increase the sexual urges.

  • Zinc

A precursor of Testosterone, Zinc is an essential mineral for the body which plays sundry important roles during sexual intercourse. Zinc strengthens the shape of DNA which in turn improves the overall immune system.  Zinc provides benefits to the reproductive system of both men and women.

  • Citrus Sinensis

Citrus Sinesis according to many health pages is the valid source for improving blood supply, but in addition, it also provides a stronger dose of Flavanoids. These are the ingredients that boost ATP generation, increase energy and makes the sex long lasting.

It is often called as Sweet Orange.

Other Ingredients

In the official website, you can also see Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng in the formula which is responsible for boosting energy.

Viasil Customer Reviews – Does It Really Work?

It is true that the user has to wait for minimum of 2 weeks before experiencing Viasil results.

The maximum time period is 45 days, after which you will begin to see the results in the shape of better sex and higher stamina.

If you are healthy enough, then using Viasil may drop results sooner.

What customers are saying about Viasil?

Let’s find out.

It can really help you in the bedroom experienced- no kidding!

Viasil seems to work better than Viagra and that I knew right after using it for the very first time.

My erections are going through the roof and sex is great now!

Gary Green – NY

I am 45 and Viasil worked on me!

My wife who is 32 cannot get enough of sex for which I had to order something.

At first, I thought of buying testosterone supplement which rumors to build muscles and gives you sexual leverage, but one of my friends advised me Viasil.

It is available without a prescription at a reasonable price which is just I was looking for.

Within 2 weeks I am a changed man and as far as my wife concerned, she is happier than before.

Eric Brown – Colorado

Final Verdict

There is a concept about sexual energy, that you cannot synthesize it in a lab either you can increase it in a glimpse.

The proper way to increase sexuality in men is to provide the basic ingredients that work naturally as the normal body does.

The combination of these ingredients is the main focus for any Erectile dysfunction (male potency) pills, in Viasil about 8 ingredients work in the chorus, which MIMICS the natural phenomenon and thereby altering it for good.

Viasil is one of the rare formulae that combines the best ingredients for erectile dysfunction and sexual performance.

You don’t see Pomegranate extract and Tribulus in the same jar even though they work best for increasing men’s virility.


Q1: Does Viasil increase penis size?

A: Viasil itself does not affect the SIZE OF PENIS significantly because it is designed for increasing sexual performance. However, using Viasil with penis pumps or Kegel exercises you can affect the penis length and girth.

This is because some of the basic ingredients in Viasil promote blood supply that is needed for increasing penis size.

Q2: How Viasil return policy works?

A: Viasil 60-days money back guarantee to make sure the user will return the unused package within 60 days’ period of time. All your money will be refunded excluding the shipping and handling charges.

Q3: How much Viasil Cost?

A: Bottle with 10 capsules of Viasil will cost you $74.99 in the official link. Purchasing Viasil in bulk can reduce the price and help you take more dosages for weeks.

Q4: How to take Viasil?

A: The normal dose of Viasil is 1 capsule per day. You must take a single capsule 30 minutes before having sex or you can simply take one in the morning. Note, taking Viasil at workplace unlike many male potency formula is safe as it doesn’t cause unpredictable erections.

Q5: Are Viasil Supplements Safe?

A: The Swiss company made sure users don’t have to see the negative outcomes. For which they conducted researches on Viasil, each of the studies concluded as side effects free where users are only feeling sexual urges with no sign of discomfort.

Q6: Are Viasil results permanent?

A: Taking Viasil for a month can give you an incredible form of energy which you can use for sexual indulgence for about a month. Take it for 2 months and you will become sexually confident for months, but if you continue to use Viasil for 304 months there will be a chance you will develop stagnantly and exceeding testosterone secretion which is a sign of well-being and healthy body.