Vicky Pattison Weight Loss: Unexpected Results Photos Inside! [2019]

Vicky Pattison is  currently showing her new transformation and beach body after following a fitness and nutrition routine.

It has been over two years that Vicky quitted her turn on MTV’s Geordie Shore.

Vicky Pattison's weight loss

Recently the former queen of the jungle showed off slimmer and sexy frame through uploaded pictures on the Instagram.

The pictures are captioned with how she achieved an amazing bikini body.

Happy to say that all hard work is going to pay off. I had trained hard and followed the strict diet plan, I see the muscles which are indications of progress Yay! Now I just need a little push

She just dropped many pounds in just five months and comes to size six with the short and intensive workouts.

Vicky Pattison Lifestyle

Vicky Pattison drinking alcohol every night.

Unfortunately, the party lifestyle contributes to gaining excess weight.

In the year 2013, when Vicky went on holiday to Marabella, she showed off her picture in a pink bikini.

The picture with a pink bikini became internet headlines with a caption: Vicky displays complete figure as she struggles to lose excess pounds.

In the social media, 30-year old star discussed her own body insecurities and now she is happy with her weight loss.

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Where She Got Motivation To Lose The Pounds?

Vicky took seriously when some of the individuals criticized her appearance on the social media.

Vicky said: I’m shocked when I saw some of the negative comments

The comments are nasty, but the results are positive, Thus I decided to live a happy and healthier life.

Statistics Of Vicky Pattison

  • Height of the body: 5’6’’ (168cm)
  • Weight of the body: 123.4Ibs (56kg)


  • 35-25-34 (89-63.5-86 cm)

How Vicky Pattison Drop 50Ibs?

Vicky Pattison is one of the women who dropped from size 16 into a super lean size 6.

vicky pattison bikini picture

She just followed her own fitness and drop down the size from 16 to 6 in 5 months of the time-period.

Vicky said: losing weight and maintaining size is not easy, I fell off the wagon still size eight being with a boyfriend and social media

She made it possible without depriving herself and made it possible through a fitness DVD

The first thing I wanted to do when I have aimed for losing weight is first to drunk and dance on the tables

According to the Wright Stuff: I am not satisfied with this size because It is was not mine due to the aesthetic physique.

When I back to size 8, so still I wanted to reduce weight for high energy and living a healthier life.

I’m on the journey where I’m trying to improve my health to fulfill a dream of skinny.

I followed a training five days per week. I had issued with my legs, but loves my bum, and hips.

Vicky is against to completely go for a clean diet because she did not want to cut the groups of food for staying slim.

She added: I don’t eat a carbohydrate while people love bread

I never restrict myself for chocolate, carrots and, even hummus.

I eat the whole pot means 500 calories, but now I just have only chocolate

Vicky Pattison Daily Diet

The diet is simple and consisted of plenty of vegetables.

Vicky Pattison diet

She cut down the alcohol and junk foods as well.

Now her diet regimen is completely transformed and have fresh vegetables, some fresh fruits, and meals that are calorie monitored.

Vicky is more sensible to eat rather than cutting several foods.

The one major thing which she had done is cutting convenience foods such as the pre-pack sandwiches and potatoes.

1. Breakfast

The breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, button mushrooms, feta, variety of green smoothies, and green tea

2. Lunch

The lunch has listed for protein shakes, protein bar, chicken, goji berries, sweet potatoes, pine nuts, and Superfoods salad.

These salads are exciting and colorful.

3. Afternoon Snack

Vicky afternoon snack is always included green tea.

4. Dinner

The dinner is very good as it includes salmon, and chicken.

Sweet potatoes, brown potatoes, butternut squash and a lot of vegetables.

A lot of green tea cup and water is a perfect tonic for a day

Vick Pattison Top Weight Loss Tips

Vicky reveals her weight loss tips for comes to shedding four dress sizes.

Vicky Pattison fitness workout

She shared some crucial tips that definitely help you to lose weight

1. Set A Goal

First, you have to set a goal by reward yourself with the dress instead of reward yourself with foods.

Avoid thinking that you can’t do it.

2. Look Realistic Targets

Don’t panic yourself with a massive target that will probably bring down your motivation.

Don’t worry about what the scales say, because at the end they are just only numbers and you are a human being.

3. Reduce Toxins Intake

Toxins are the worst part as they are adhering towards the top to bottom.

If you are drinking alcohol, Gin or Vodka so alternate with a soda water and natural drink.

4. Increase Protein Intake

Increase protein intake from a variety of sources. Your main goal is to avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates such as white bread and potatoes.

5. Combined Exercise Routine

Always try to push your body with new and unique exercises.

Don’t think exercises are critical, and punishment for your body eaten.

Think what your body can do and surprise every day.

Incorporate some new challenges to make your task interesting.

Try to do with the squad, not do it alone.

Book something good and desire in mind for the holidays.

6. Don’t Buy The Clothes That Are Too Small

Don’t buy the clothes that are too small that will never fit your body.

Always buy clothes that fit for you.

Days Slim Is A Sustainable To Lose Weight

Most of the celebrity diet has emerged, but the Vicky Pattison’s weight loss is only a program that doctors and peoples are encouraged to promote and follow.

3 STRATEGIES I USED TO TRANSFORM VICKY PATTISONThe 7-day slim is developed by a team of fitness and professionals and you can buy from the Amazon.

Chris Kirk is an athlete and a long jumper, while David Souter is fat loss experts and a fitness trainer, and Roobie Thompson is a personal trainer

This is not a hard and fast, it just includes health food such as the fruits and vegetables and the healthier alternative to unhealthy foods.

It’ works for Vicky and definitely works for all.

Vicky had recorded how she lost her weight in a new DVD named as 7 Day Slim DVD in which she discussed all of the issues like how she has undergone amazing transformation and managed 10 minutes for workout per day.

The complete pattern of workout is featured on the DVD and there is no doubt that each of the workouts can sweat and burning a lot of calories in a very short period of time.

Most of the workouts that are designed to be fun like the fun animal moves are working great for the whole body and has similar effects to martial arts exercises such as Gorilla and sea-turtle.

The other workouts are designed for six to 10 minutes that have an ability to give intensive cardio exercises and bodyweight exercises for speeding up the burning of fat.

There are three types of workout in which Workout 1 is composed of Gorilla movement, Workout 2 included in the more gorilla movements, and Workout 3 has a lot of marital art inspiration.

You can find the best choices of food and workout in this 7 Day Slim DVD which is also available on the Amazon

Vicky Talked About Her Recent Weight Loss:

Vicky explained:  I was a size six and pretty much no life.

I’m too much focused on the health that is detrimental to my health.

To count the calories or restricted towards calories was not enjoying me an amazingly great of a life.

I was happier with my 10 sizes as well and had a zero apology to my current weight.