Weight Lifting For Women Who Ought to Burn Fat

It is commonly assumed that weight lifting has no role in shrinking the waistline and is merely workable for muscle growth.

Women, in particular, are often advised that they should avoid weight lifting, or their physique may turn into manly and brawny.

women's weight liftingWell, if you think the same that weight lifting is all good for bulking and has nothing to do with cutting and toning, then trust me, it’s just a misinterpretation!

In fact, the strange concept is far from the reality!

We generally get to see women turning to the gym, sweating out harder on cardio machine and expecting size zero figure in the end.

Even though, their expectations from their efforts are rightly justified, however, that’s not just the way how it actually works!

Khloe Kardashian has transformed her body in the past few years and shares tips to a ‘Revenge Body’ in 2017.

To make things work the way you want, you cannot miss weight lifting.

Weightlifting does not harm femininity and considering it the way, in any way is just not right. Regardless of your fitness targets, weightlifting is something you cannot miss to incorporate in your workout circuit.

From the general perspective, weight lifting is highly imperative for our health and fitness.

It has a plethora of benefits we can barely imagine. But since we are here to clear the misconception about its ‘manly-like’ effects, let us just focus on how wrong this belief is!

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Weight lifting for women

  • For shaped hips: Well-shaped hips add more to a woman’s sex appeal and hence, you might crave it secretly or openly. Interestingly, if you get to discuss the problem with a professional fitness expert, the one thing he or she will suggest you is to focus on weight lifting exercises. Apart from shaping them well, the kind of exercises are proven to strengthen and firm up your hips!
  • For maximum afterburn effects: For maximum toning, your body must have the tendency to burn calories at a regular pace. Indeed, cardio is a great aid when it comes to calorie burning, however, its effects tend to be short and last for a few hours. Quite the opposite, the ‘aftereffects’ of weight lifting are long and impressive. According to the research, the kind of exercises tends to keep your metabolism active for a period of 36 long hours. In a case like this, your body constantly burns fats, even while you are at rest or sleeping.
  • To annihilate extra fat: Losing weight the right way is all about reducing your fat percentage and protecting your muscles at the same time. To make sure you do that in a right way, simply add weight lifting exercises in your training program. These will speed up the metabolism and will prevent muscle wasting. According to a study, those who follow weight lifting program tend to lose way more fat than those who do not. It further suggests that weight lifting also helps with muscle growth that is likely to waste during the weight loss process.
  • To preserve or add on muscle mass: How well and how fast your body will shed fat is based upon the performance of your metabolism. Interestingly, your metabolism is likely to perform better if you have good muscles. In fact, this will make your body waste fat even while it is not active. According to the science, the older you get, the slower your metabolic activities get and hence, to keep them going and prevent weight gain, you need to make sure that you exercise. The best is to conduct weight training exercises, regularly.
  • To rev BMR: As stated earlier, having good muscles tend to have a positive impact on the speed of metabolism and vice versa. Normal aging also impacts your muscle mass and you start to lose it to some extent with every passing year. This can be prevented; again, with strength training exercises. However, having a proper, well balanced diet is as essential as the exercises are.
  • To increase strength: What’s better than you being dependent on yourself and not on your man? Who doesn’t want that? Amongst the hundreds of weight lifting benefits is the increase in strength that comes from muscle growth. With better strength, you can have a great confidence in yourself to do what once was impossible. So yeah, it’s more about empowerment!
  • Less effort in the gym: Seriously, only few of us love to spend time in the gym and we all love results that require minimum efforts and time from our end. If we compare the effects of cardio with weight training, we will realize that weight training exercises are far more fruit bearing than cardio is. Specifically, if we evaluate their ‘after-burn effects’, we can acquire much more from the 30 minutes of weight training exercises against the 60 minutes of cardio! Just notice the difference.
  • You are not getting muscular: So this is where we started from! If you are a woman and you believe, or have heard that lifting weight will give your body a masculine look, then trust me, the notion has nothing to do with the reality. Turning brawny and huge is not that simple for poor men as well. Indeed, lifting weight is essential and has a role in muscle building, however, that’s not all you require. To grow mass, the body requires a major supply or production of testosterone, without which, muscles cannot amass. Biologically, females do not have a greater tendency of producing this anabolic hormone and so, they cannot grow as big as men, no matter what! Bulking requires a calorie-enriched diet and an external force to supply or instigate testosterone production!
  • Good for your curves: The curvier you are, the more appealing you are to men! As stated earlier, weight lifting is extremely workable for the shaping and strengthening of butts and not just this, it is also proven to tone up the arms and thighs for a more defined, sexier look.
  • Good for your athletic performance: The benefits of weight lifting do not end here. If you are a sporty girl, then nothing can help you better than a weight lifting program. The kind of exercises is best to make your muscles stronger and give you the level of strength for endurance.
  • It allows you to enjoy a bit more carbs: No doubt, when you get into this journey of weight loss, the most overly repeated advice you get to hear from all is to control your carbs. Unquestionably, that’s very, very important; however, weight lifting can favor you by adjusting those extra carbs you take for your taste buds. Basically, weight lifting requires higher level of energy and so, the extra carbs would be utilized while accommodating the needed level of energy demanded.
  • To fortify your bones: Osteoporosis is a common concern in women, a condition wherein the bones get extremely weak and prone to break. The chances of osteoporosis increases as you start to age, and hence, prevention in the early ages is extremely essential. Fortunately, weight training serves to be a preventive measure against the weakening of bones. It is highly recommendable for the strengthening and fortifying of bones.
  • Keep you charged and active: Unlike cardio, weight training does not leave you feeling weary and low. It actually charges your body with energy and keeps you fresh all day long. According to research, it stimulates the release of a ‘mood-enhancing hormone’ that keeps you feel good and up throughout!
  • Good for your cardiovascular and brain health:

Your cardiovascular health is as important as your bone’s health. As you cross your twenties, it demands special care and efforts.

Fortunately, you can ensure a check on your cardiovascular health through a weight lifting program.

If we investigate the effects of weight training on our health, we will realize that it has a positive influence on our cholesterol.  On top of that, it regulates blood circulation, all that works in favor of a healthy heart!

But its not just the heart and bones weight lifting is benefitting for, it is equally effective for the smooth functioning and health of our brain.

According to some studies, we can rightly deal with some mental problems like stress and depression through weight training exercises.

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Next time you feel shy or reluctant in lifting weight, recall this long list of benefits it offers to our health and fitness!

women lift weight

It is as simple as that, you need to lift weight, to lose weight!

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So come on girls, add muscles, get toned, and rock the world with phenomenal strength and power!