10 Best Tips to lose weight Fast

Are you the victim of obesity?

If the answer is yes then you are not alone, in America only, every 3rd person out of 5 is obese.

fat women suffering from obesity

The results are actually alarming and then there are uncountable methods and ways that have been introduced whether they work or not, it is another thing but the question is even just for a second if we consider that some of those insane methods work, what will be their long term effects?

Because some of them do have real quick results to offer but the thing is that a short cut is not always the right way to reach a destination, sometimes it causes you more trouble than benefits.

After all that bad news, the good thing is you can actually lose weight without taking any insane drastic measure.

Moreover, this article has been designed to talk about such things that can actually be helpful in losing weight but they are not magical potent, you need to keep this thing in mind, you can use them to achieve your weight goal target without indulging in any irrational trap that can teach you a life time lesson but beware the lesson is more likely not to be pleasant one!

So, what are those things that without causing you any loss can help?

Keep reading and you will get the answer.

1. Smoothies are great:

Opt for a smoothie, it may come to you by surprise but in the reality, there are numerous recipes that literally have the potential of zero belly fat.

If you are a true lover of confectionery items and you cannot live without them, then pure natural smoothies can be your answer.

However, commercial shakes or drinks may not be able to provide you the same health benefits and they may cause your guts instability as well.

On the other hand, when you opt for vegan protein, it will offer you the same hunger relief, muscle gain and burning fat benefits. What else do you need?

2. Green Tea is more than what you think!

green tea for weight lossFirst of all, it is not just a cup of hot water with some flavors in it, it is more than that.

It is rich in antioxidants and numerous substances that are good for health and well being.

Green tea tends to mobilize the fat that is present in your body; it can actually enhance fat burning process during the workout session.

Moreover, it is really helpful in melting the belly fat by simply improving the overall activity of metabolism; it is also capable of accelerating the capacity of the liver to take part in the fat burning process.

As per a research, people who take 4-5 cups of this divine drink (tea) as short as 25 minutes exercise can lose 1-2 more pounds than those who are not tea drinkers over the period of merely 7 days.

There is an interesting fact as well and that is when an individual happens to take 4-5 cups of coffee instead of green tea, there is a tendency to get an increase in the belly fat as per a study that was conducted in Washington a few years back.

3. Mindful eating:

We often love our favorite TV shows so much that even when we take our dinners, we do not stop watching and enjoy our meal and TV simultaneously.

However, there is a problem with this habit when your mind is engaged in enjoying the show, you will never be able to savor & enjoy your dinner and you are more likely to eat more food when you mix your meal time with any other actions whether it is your studies, favorite show or some office related work.

Never ever, I repeat, never ever do any other thing when you are eating in your meal time.

How will it affect you?

When you know what you are actually eating, your all senses can focus on food, your mind tends to behave normally and let you eat in moderation, so conscious eating is good for your weight loss.

Bottom Line: Mindful eating is good for you.

4. Small dishes (plates and bowls):

small plate with the food You fill your plate with the food and you will eat all things on it. Unfortunately, it might be a culprit that leads you to over eating.

Always opt for small bowls and plates because, even if you refill them, you will end up eating less than it is usual for you, this little measure does not seem much to you right now but after one to two weeks, you will start observing the difference.

Moreover, usually, all the restaurants use large plates than normal, so do not get tricked, be focused and eat only that much that should be fit within a small plate or a bowl.

Bottom Line: Small plates and Bowls can be helpful in reducing the number of calories that you are currently eating without forcing yourself much!

5. Get up early in the morning:

Early riser not only, has a good start of their day because of their mood but when you get up early you can actually avoid 280 plus calories that as per a study, people, who wake up after 10:30 in the morning, tend to consume additional calories in their daily intake.

So, set your alarms and start waking up early to avoid those extra calories plus rising early can actually help you to keep your hormones in balance.

Bottom Line: Wake up early to welcome the sunny and a better day with better health choices.

6. Keep the bowl of Fruits and Veggies on the Kitchen Counter:

bowl of Fruits and VeggiesKeeping fruits and veggies in ready to eat form is actually quite a good idea.

Why? because taking 5-9 servings of fruits are recommended by many and it has tendency to make your slimming down journey a little easy but it is not easy at all to have so many servings, maybe once in a while you can maintain such huge number of servings but when it comes to carrying forward this routine on the daily basis, you can simply get annoyed and you are most likely to avoid this pattern.

So, the best solution is to keep those fruits and salad veggies in washed form in a wire basket or a bowl where everyone can easily see them and make a better choice when it is time to make a choice between a snack or healthy food item.

Bottom Line: from carrot, cucumber to apples, oranges, and apples; keep all the fruits and veggies in approachable range.

7. The Yolk (The Power House an egg):

Gone are the days when people used to dread egg yolks because as per new studies, eating an egg yolk can be a healthy option.

Eating the whole egg can be good for your metabolism as an egg yolk has several nutrients that can be helpful; the yolks are jam packed with vitamins that are fat-soluble and pivotal fatty acids.

Moreover, it possesses a significant element named Choline; it is highly a powerful compound that confronts the mechanism of the gene that stimulates the fat storage in the surrounding of the human liver.

Bottom Line: Eating egg can be a help.

8. Follow the half plate rule:

Veggies are high in fiberVeggies are high in fiber (that can keep you full), very low on calorie scale yet dense in nutrients.

All these things proving them to be best for weight loss so fill your lunch or dinner plate half with vegetable.

According to Danielle Omar (an expert dietitian), when you eat half of a plate of veggies, you are likely to consume fewer calories afterward because your hunger has been appeased to some extent and now you will end up eating less and feel full with less food.

Nothing can be better than targeting weight loss in such a way.

Bottom Line: This idea or trick may sound crazy but it does work.

9. Let the room temperature go down:

Let the temperature of the room gets down. Cooling in a room can be helpful in sleep but as per several research studies, it can trigger the belly stored fat that is quite stubborn to move.

Basically, body fat prevents the human body to feel cold and that is the point where turning air conditioning on can lead your body melt away brown fat.

Bottom Line: when your body feels cold, you tend to lose calories and they are in terms of fat.

10. Eat more:

You are willing to lose weight and here, we are suggesting you eat more?

What is the catch?

Well, eating 4 to 6 meals a day can actually help you because eating small portions and more frequently is great. They keep your metabolism active throughout the day and the levels of hormones balanced.

Moreover, it also keeps your body away from the starvation mood that is normally the case when you eat less in the entire day and large meals. Your body gets into the starvation mood and believe it or not, it is not good at all.

Bottom Line: Have 4-6 meals in a day but each should be healthy and small in portion.