Weight Watchers- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Research has shown that those who attend Weight Watchers meetings lose around 8 times more than those who try to shed weight on their own.

how to lose weight with weight watchers

The claim:

You can shed almost 2 pounds weekly.

The concept:

You might have always assumed that weight loss is only about shedding weight and losing the extra pounds.

However, the lesser known facts are that if you pick healthier choices with some behavioral changes, you can actually feel happy throughout your weight loss journey.

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Weight Watcher Diet – 2015:

Launched in 2015, the Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Program, was introduced with an aim to help people with healthy eating, proper workouts and right mindset.

Weight Watchers DietThis program is designed in a unique way.

Every food and beverage item is assigned with a SmartPoints value, which depends over its nutritional value (higher level of fats and sugar elevates the point value; and increased protein content lowers the point value).

It is all about making a smart eating choice.

Let’s say, if you have to choose between two options with similar caloric value, like a chicken salad sandwich and lobster soup (one cup serving) then sandwich is a smarter pick!

A face-to-face communication:

The lifeline of the plan is a multi-model contact that can be face-to-face meetings, chats and messages with people who have benefitted from the program.

You can also contact their team that is specifically trained in weight management practices.

It is pertinent to add that the new SmartPoints plan is far more helpful and fruit bearing than its former plan.

How exactly does this diet work?

Well there is no flat membership time, as many people who have joined it through OnlinePlus or word-to-mouth subscriptions, are yet a part of this program even after losing their excess weight.

In 2015, the new program Beyond the Scale was introduced by Weight Watchers.

As the name suggests, this program was launched with an aim to guide people to think beyond just losing weight.

It comprises of three components: healthy eating habits, fitness that suits your life, and adapting techniques that can help you change your mindset.

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SmartPoints value plan:

This new plan provides an eating plan to its members:

Weight watchers plan

It is a pattern that restricts calories, fats and carbs, but encourages protein.

However, it is not necessary to meticulously follow every detail of the plan, as you can eat anything as far as you stick to your daily targeted caloric intake.

This target is based upon your height, weight, sex and age.

From almost 290,000 food items listed on a phone app, users can easily inquire about the SmartPoints of their desired food item in moments.

Processed food choices usually have higher points because of the higher levels of saturated fats and sugar content in them.

Luckily, veggies and fresh fruits have zero points, which mean that you can eat as much as these items as you want, without the fear of going out-of-bounds.

Because they are more nutrient-enriched and low-calorie edibles, they are more filling than, let’s say, a chocolate bar!

Picking up a recipe of your choice:

The company has designed thousands of recipes, each assigned with SmartPoints value to help you to pick the most suitable one for your diet plan.

For instance, you have prepared any dish that is not the part of the database; you can easily count the points’ value through your mobile app or the company’s website directly.

Interestingly, vegetarian and gluten-allergic eaters can also find exclusive recipes designed for them.

Is there any guarantee of results?

Weight watchers results

There are several studies that have highlighted some important facts about Weight Watchers.

Some of these studies are:

  1. A research was conducted over four diet programs namely, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim Fast and Eat Yourself Slim. After some four weeks observation, participants following Weight Watchers diet managed to drop almost 6 pounds, as compared to Atkins that helped participants drop 10% of their weight. After this period, the dieters’ weight loss came at par and no visible difference amongst them was observed. This research was published in British Medical Journal in 2006
  2. A 2011 study in Lancet showed that Weight Watchers results are more effective as compared to other standard programs. A research was conducted over 772 overweight people who either followed Weight Watchers plan or some diet prescriptions from their doctors. After some 12 months period, participants following Weight Watchers diet marked a reduction of 15lbs, whereas the other group witnessed a drop of 7lb, throughout.

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Weight Watchers Diet – At a glance:

Weight WatchersWeight watchers diet is not just about eating healthy and limiting your caloric intake, but is far beyond that.

It is a forum where participants are provided with utmost support and professional counseling, which is what the most essential component of the plan.

Though, you can easily choose a plan online that you feel is the right one for you.

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