FUPA- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

What is FUPA?

FUPA stands for the Fat Upper Pelvic Area and the Fat Upper Pubic Area.


The terms are used for describing the excessive accumulation of fat or adipose tissue, loose skin around the pelvic region.

What Is The Difference Between The Fupa, Pannus, And Panniculus?

FUPA is the slang term that is widely used in the magazines and medically the condition is called as the “Panniculus”

The word Pannus is usually referred to as the flap and the hanging tissues, there is a growth of unwanted tissues around the joint cavities, corneas and the heart valves.

But when we talk about the growth of unwanted tissues and the fat so it is considered as the “Panniculus”.

5 Stages Of FUPA:

People get Panniculus due to the obese and the overweight.

There are almost 5 stages of the Panniculus.

  • Stage 1: FUPA reaches the pubic hair, not to the genitals organs.
  • Stage 2: FUPA downs to the thigh crease and lies over the genital areas.
  • Stage 3: FUPA reaches down to the upper thigh area.
  • Stage 4: FUPA downs to the mid levels of the thigh.
  • Stage 5: FUPA moves to the knees from the thigh area.

What Are The Causes Of  FUPA?

When you are suffering from the fat content around the pubic area also considered as the “groin fat”, then you should need to understand about the causes of FUPA or accumulation of fatty tissues and the loose skin.

There are many causes of the development of FUPA in which some of them are mentioned as below:

1. Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is also the reason for developing FUPA because there was a laxity of the muscles around the pubic area.

The loose skin is probably the indication of skin stretching in order to birth a baby.

2. Genetics:

Obesity is a complex disease resulting in the variety of factors in which the most common cause is genetics. Like obesity, FUPA may also cause due to the genetics.

This is the most common reason for the development of FUPA.

Some men and women have more fat and have adipocytes concentrated in the groin area.

Sometimes it becomes more challenging to lose up the fat from groin area as compared to the other parts of the body because some fats are transformed as a stubborn.

3. High Level Of Stress For A Longer Period Of Time:

Stress act as a hammer for targets the FUPA to create.

When you are in the condition of anxious, your body tends to deliver the essential nutrients from the midsection to all over the body and the vital organs easily.

According to the Dr. Charles Perry (Plastic surgeon in the California), Only the poor diet is not responsible for the development of FUPA, stress can trigger the high storage of fat linked with the cortisol hormone.

Stress is mainly the cause of most physiological and the physical issues.

When your body is constantly feeling the stress, so the blood vessels are releasing the cortisol hormone.

 3 Ways To Reduce The FUPA:

The article contains the guide that how to lower your abdominal fat.

There are different methods for reducing the FUPA in which through food, through exercises and the surgical interventions are mentioned as below:

PART 1: How To Get Rid Of  FUPA With The Help Of Foods:

You can reduce the FUPA through maintaining the healthy diet.

proper foods

1. Incorporate The Vitamin C Into Your Diet:

The benefits of incorporating the Vitamin C in your diet that it can control the release of cortisol hormone.

To keep a check and balance the hormone level, a scientifically proven way for preventing the weight gain and the variety of health related issues results in the stress.

Vitamin C is also responsible for improving the cardiovascular health, increased the immune function and maintains the high blood pressure.

The source of Vitamin C is Guavas, citrus fruits, Broccoli, papaya, peas, tomatoes and peppers.

2. Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is the main ingredient in the weight loss smoothies, it can reduce the extra content of fat from the body.

Greek yogurt can play a role to minimize the FUPA as well as toning of muscles.

It contains the arginine, which is considered as the fat burning acid.

The protein content in the Greek yogurt makes you feel full for a longer period of time and reducing the cravings of food.

You can take the Greek yogurt with the other weight loss fruits and in the smoothie form.

Results in the weight loss, reduced FUPA and the toning of muscle.

3. Omega 3-Fatty Acids

The source of omega 3-fatty acids is fish, chia seeds and walnut. Omega-3 fatty acids are the proven way to reduce the level of the stress hormone.

Add omega 3- fatty acids in your diet for the deprivation of excess fat packets.

4. Roasted Turnips:

Turnips contain the ingredient called the “glucosinolates” which has the property of powerful antioxidants.

The antioxidant property and the anti-cancer property (against the lung, colon, breast and pancreatic) can play a role to remove out the toxic materials from the body and reduce the excess content of fat.

5. Spice Your Food With The Capsaicin And Cinnamon:

  • Capsaicin is well known for reducing the fat of the lower region by boosting up the metabolism rate.
  • Eat the meal before sprinkling some cayenne pepper.
  • Cinnamon is another spice that is also helpful in reducing the pubic fat.

6. Eat Lean Meats:

The protein diet is essential for weight loss, your body tends to produce the more muscle and reduces the fat content.

The protein diet can boost up your metabolism rate and reduce the excess fat to all over the body.

Avoid Processed Foods, Junk Food, Sugar Food, And Alcohol Consumption:

  • Avoid all those foods which are processed, sugary and contains the alcohol.
  • These types of foods can create the inflammatory effects around the belly fat area.
  • Add the green vegetables, fruits, and fish to your diet.

PART 2:  Top Exercises For The FUPA Or Panniculus Reduction:

exercises for FUPA

1. Mountain Climber:

The exercise is great for lower the abdominal fat and contributes in the muscle gain. Mountain climber also provides the strength to the upper body.

You will experience the small FUPA or Panniculus in a few weeks.

How Can You Perform It?

For a mountain climber, first you lie down on the floor in which your body, knees should touch the ground while the arm keeps straight.

  • Both the lower body and the upper body are flush.
  • Then allow your body to move as a push up position in which trying to legs remain in the same position as the whole body.
  • Make sure, your lower abs feel the pressure.
  • Switch these moves to the right leg and then left leg while increasing the speed.
  • Done this exercise for 2 to 3 sets with the 20 repetitions for the best and effective result.

2. Pelvic Thrusts:

Pelvic thrusts are the powerful exercise that can target the below region and very low parts of the abdomen and provides toning to that area.

How Can You Perform It?

  • Select a floor for the pelvic thrusts.
  • Lie down on the floor
  • Flat against the floor and bend your knees up and absolutely flat
  • Pull and tighten the abdominal muscles as you can feel the weight of your butt and then trying to raise your butt to above with the help of your knees.
  • Do this step for the 10 seconds and then returns to the original position.
  • Repeat this moves at least 10 times.
  • Perform 2 to 3 times each day for the effective result

3. Planks:

Planks are the way of burning up the fat of the lower abdomen as well as strengthening your upper body.

How Can You Perform It?

  • Straight into your body in a push up position.
  • Push position can straight the butt, the 60 seconds give you benefit to the whole body.
  • Once you get the balance, remain in the position for at least one minute.
  • The time duration is about the 15 seconds in the beginning.
  • Repeat this exercise for the 2-3 times daily.
  • You will experience the decreasing of bikini and Panniculus fat.

4. Crunches:

Crunches are the perfect Ab workout for reducing the FUPA. There are different types of crunches such as the floor crunches, reverse crunches, and upright crunches.

Reverse Crunches:

  • Lying down on the floor.
  • Move your hands behind your head.
  • Bend and raise your knees.
  • Make sure your direction of knees should perpendicular to the floor and heels should cross them at the ankles.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles, elbows should stretched and exhale.
  • The pulling of knees towards the chest can tighten your muscles.
  • Inhale and stretch the knees after the 5 seconds in order to line up with your hips direction without arching your back.
  • Release after a few seconds and then repeat.
  • Perform two sets in which the 15 reps.

The entire movement should be smooth and slow. Movement of the legs is linked directly with the movement of the abdominal muscles.

Upright Crunches: 

  • Standing in the straight position while placing your hands behind the hips.
  • Pull your tummy in through inhaling.
  • Now up your left leg for the few seconds as holding the straight possibly.
  • Then bring your left leg down in a slow and the controlled manner.
  • Try to keep the leg position straight.
  • Repeat this move for 10 to 15 times with the shifting of sides.
  • Everyday with upright crunches can allow you to shed the pounds and reduces the FUPA.

5. Incorporate HITT And The Cardio Exercises:

High interval trainings with intense workouts are effective in reducing the FUPA and reducing the weight.

The exercise can boost up your metabolism and stimulates the burning of fat.

  • Incorporate the HITT with the cardio routine.
  • Cardio exercises can pump the blood and oxygen to overall body and promotes the weight loss.
  • Some cardio exercises are swimming, jogging, running, dancing, playing and the walking.

6. Yoga And Relaxation Technique:

The yoga, meditation, and other relaxation technique allow you to reduce the fat through reducing the stress.

Decrease level of stress is associated with the lessen contribution of fatty tissues in the pubic area.

PART 3: Lower The FUPA Through Surgical Interventions:

Surgery is another option for reducing the FUPA but it should be your last option.


It can be done after the pregnancy C section, gaining or losing weight.

First you should follow the above mentioned guide, but in case if you don’t get any benefits from these methods so this is an option for you when your condition is interfering with your health.

There is a need for a doctor’s advice before deciding the surgery.

1. Liposuction:

Liposuction is preferred when you have a low or few deposits.

This procedure is safe and type is non invasive, prefers when there is a mild case of pubic fat.

The Liposuction FUPA method works for both men and women.

Liposuction is not suitable for the loose skin, it is only working with a resistant fat.

The procedure is done through a tube while the patient is placed under the local anesthesia.

The Tube can suck out the deposition of fat which cannot be eliminated through the diet and the exercises.

2. Monoplasty /Pubic Lift or Mons lift:

Monoplasty or the pubic lift is the surgical procedure for the overlying FUPA and tightening of entire underlying muscles.

The method is also known as the Pubic fit or the Mons lift.

The monoplasty can be done with a combination of vagina plasty for improving the overall health of the vagina called as the labiaplasty.

3. Abdominoplasty For The Massive Pannus:

Abdominoplasty is also called as the tummy tuck in which there is a proper removal of the excess fat as well as the removal of excess skin from the abdominal region

With these methods, chances of restoring your confidence and free from all worries.


When your FUPA is gone or reduced, then monitors and control the diet habits for preventing the development.

Because there is a chance to return back if your diet habit is unhealthy and the poor lifestyle.

Keep the exercise and healthy foods in your routine for staying in shape and reducing the risk of various diseases.