What New Body Type Are You?

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In this modern world, awareness about the diet and the body has risen to an all time high. From a business tycoon to a normal school going student, everyone wants to keep themselves in the best of shape. The problem however is that most people do not know which body type they are.

They are not aware whether their body is a stress body type with increasing fats around the organs especially the belly, or the sugar type with body producing extra sugar due to an increment of the sugar levels in the body!

You could be the Estrogen type with fat around your hips which is a clear indication of excess estrogen in the body and lastly a person could be the t type, a body type in which the body is not producing enough testosterone leading to additional fat developing.

Since we have had a brief little overview about the body types that are existent, why not take a look at them individually.

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stress bodyAs mentioned earlier, this body type is found in people who have fat around their belly or stomach region. Doctors around the globe say that this body type is a result of a human taking too much stress.

Stress leads to creating cortisol hormone – a hormone which regulates many of the discrepancies that occur in the body, in case of prevalent stress– which eventually leads to producing visceral fat, the fat that forms around our organs.

In such cases it is important to consume carbohydrates which help comforting stress levels and in producing the serotonin chemical via the brain. Secondly, one must also ensure that he or she takes quality sleep to prevent stress and its ‘aftermath’!


sugar type bodyWhen a body carries fat around the mid section and if it also has love handles, then the body type is called as the sugar body type. A person can get a sugar body type if his/her body has excess insulin within.

Since the body cannot find the real purpose of the excess insulin it stores it as body fat. This is also an indication of rising sugar levels in the body.

To curb this body type it is imperative that sugar reducing spices such as cinnamon, garlic, oregano and sage become part of our regular meal.

Recent studies have shown that Cinnamon reduces blood sugar level when they are consumed along with eggs. To reduce the sugar body type a person must add all afore mentioned spices to every meal that one is about to consume.


estrogen bodyWhen the body starts storing fat around the hip and thigh regions a person develops an estrogen body type. It is usually found in women especially in their child bearing years.

To keep the estrogen type body in check, a person should start consuming more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

The levels of phytochemicals in vegetables like these help in decreasing the levels of estrogen in the body and also assist in tackling weight issues. Now this leaves us with the last of our body type the T type.


Thyroid body typeThe t body type is found amongst people who have accumulated fat around their arms and find it extremely difficult to tone muscles. This body type however is extremely different form the ones mentioned above.

In all the cases studied above the body is producing excess hormones however a person gets a t body type if the body is not producing enough of the hormone, testosterone.

If the body is struggling to produce the specific hormone, than it is important to increase the intake of vitamin. Adding vitamin D, in particular, to the diet will greatly help with the purpose. Sea food is usually our go to source for proteins therefore consuming vitamin D rich fish will assist us in reducing the fat.

A great source of vitamin D can also be obtained by exposing oneself to a light source or taking supplements containing vitamin D, however the latter is not recommended for all.


At the end of it all it must be kept in mind that a certain body type usually occurs in negligence from the human. It is important that a person realizes the changes in body he/she is going through and also the phases in personal life which are bound to have a definite effect on the body.

An increase in stress levels leads to fat developing around the body and women during child bearing observe fat developing in the hip and thigh regions.

It is therefore imperative that a person corrects the frailties that exist in the diet and keeps oneself properly informed about the hazards of not following a certain diet plan and yes, it is definitely not harmful for a person to work out once in a while.

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