Celebrity Trainer “Jorge Cruise” Reveals Why You Are Not Losing Weight

His experiences with celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez

Wonder why you are so much behind in achieving the fitness goal?

You might have done everything but we always miss the most significant factor and keep avoiding it in our lives. This is what Celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise has the answer for!

He is the biggest name in the world of fitness, he has transformed much-renowned celebrity’s bodies into an artistic fitness sculpture.

From Jennifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie, trainer Jorge Cruise has given them an ideal body shape and size along with a proper and healthy life style.

Jennifer Lopez losing weight by Jorge CruiseWhile working with all these famous celebrities, celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise found a common denominator that has been deviating his clients from different intervals.

It’s not any magic pill that they couldn’t take nor any form of special exercise, it’s simply “Stress”.

According to Jorge Cruise stress is a common threat that has been damaging his client’s eating habits.

He explained it very wisely that people face a lot of stressful situations in their daily routine, some of them are caused by the job, family or any other personal reasons.

The reason they take too is why they end up their day overindulging in food which is not good for their health.

This over eating can also be induced by the over consumption of alcohol which of course most people do for stress relief.

Cruise explained that drinking alcohol can lead you to eat more than you do usually, and your calorie consumptions shoot high which is definitely an alarming sign in weight loss phase.

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It simply devaluates all of the clean eating habits you adopted for the day.

Which is why Jorge Cruised has published his latest book The 3 Choices which is actually based on the three step strategy he taught his clients in order to prevent late night eating and drinking.

The 3-Hour Diet (TM) On the Go. Jorge Cruise Author

In his book, he mainly focuses on 3 factors.

  1. Be Imperfectly you- It’s about admitting yourself that now you have come to these stressful situations which are actually caused by yourself, in this case forgiving yourself is the great effort one could make in order to take the pressure off.
  2. Don’t hold your breath- Our breathing pattern somehow defines our physical fitness. Based on some scientific facts about how it affects our hormonal level and metabolism Cruise encourages his clients to breathe through their nose rather than by mouth. Getting a grip on certain breathing techniques can bring you the feeling of calmness.
  3. Move to improve- Exercise or any physical movement is good for overcoming the stress, Cruise said. It is better than any sort of medication. Doing simple push-ups or jogging can enhance the level of dopamine and endorphin which helps in stress eradication.

By following these three steps, Cruise believes that one can get a complete grasp on their stress, hence unhealthy attitude like late night over drinking and over eating can also be managed.

Final Summary

  • Celebrity Trainer Jorge Cruise claims that late night drinking and over-eating has been ruining his client’s efforts to lose weight.
  • He says that Stress is the reason of over-eating after a long stressful day.
  • Using 3 ways strategy he assures one can get over with stress, so with the over eating and over drinking problems.
  • The strategy mainly includes accepting yourself while you’re stressed and deal with it, improve your breathing pattern and some physical exercise can also reduce stress.

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