Zone Diet – Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

By now, you might have an idea that Zone diet does not discourage you to quit your favorite food completely, but it does evaluate a particular item for you.

To bring that dip on the scale might be the most difficult task for you, but would you believe if you get a chance to burn fats while you are asleep?

The Zone Diet Review

Well surprisingly, this is possible through Zone Diet, as claimed by Berry Sears, the master-mind who invented this best-selling formula.

However, you need to keep in mind that Zone Diet will not bring dramatic results and that too, within overnight.

But don’t worry as this weight loss will only be of excess fats and not muscle and water.

As time passes, your clothes will start to loosen even if your scale doesn’t show any decline. So, what is this fad all about, let us have a look in this review.

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Some Dos and Don’ts of Zone Diet:

The special diet is based on 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

Healthy eating and food preparation at home

Every meal is protein-enriched (low-fat), for instance veggies, fruits, chicken, turkey, and fish. Plus, it also has certain level of healthy fats like olive oil.

You definitely do not have to stop eating some fattening food completely, but let’s say, if you are a carb-lover, then you might find it difficult to adjust to Zone Diet initially.

The diet encourages you to treat bread, grains, and pasta as snacks and not the main course items, foods you take to fill your stomach.

Secondly, it discourages from certain veggies that are high in sugar, for instance, corns, and carrots. Likewise, egg yolks and red meat fall in the unhealthy-fats’ list of Zone diet.

What meals are composed of in Zone Diet?

Zone low carb diet planWell, the composition of meal is very simple.  Every meal consists of 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fats.

So, your plate will have a small palm-size portion of protein-enriched item, 2/3 of the plate will have less-sugary fruits and veggies with a little bit of healthy fats such as olive oil, or roasted almonds.

Well, calories do matter in Zone diet. Women are allowed to take 1200, whereas men can have 1500 calories a day.

Needed level of effort:

Dieters need to follow every single rule of Zone Diet precisely. They are advised to take their first meal within the very hour of leaving bed.

The Zone diet plan

Furthermore, they must not stretch their food breaks to five hours as this can disturb put their metabolism to rest.

It is also advised that the dieters must take some snack before going to bed.

1. Restrictions:

It suggests a formula that cannot be altered in anyway. It encourages you to adhere to the following percentages while you take your meals, as well as your snacks:

  • 30% proteins.
  • 30% fats.
  • 40% carbs.

You cannot take all proteins in lunch and carbs in dinner. You have to follow the prescribed proportion, as there is no exception provided in the diet.

2. Shop & Cook:

the prescribed proportion might seem alien to you, as how can you prepare such a balanced diet for yourself.

But, there are dozens of Zone cookbooks, easily available in the market. And this is not it.

You can easily find Zone food journal online along with dining out tips and a list of grocery items.

Processed food? Well no. Processed and packaged foods are not required. But the official website does sell packaged meals to its customers.

3. Face-to-face meeting:

No personal meetings are required. Its standard guide is easily available online, which you can easily access and start to follow whenever you like.

The online guide is simple and doesn’t leave any confusion for its readers.

4. Workouts:

Zone diet doesn’t expect you to undergo rigorous workouts and extensive exercises, but yes, you have to perform some light exercises – but with consistency.

For instance, brisk walk is recommended along with 30 minutes of aerobic daily.

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What about restrictions/preferences?

Zone diet for women

  1. Is it fit for vegans – With 2/3 of your plate is filled with fruits and veggies, Zone diet, is definitely a suitable option for vegans too.
  2. Gluten-allergic people: Well yes, this diet is also suitable for gluten-allergic people since it discourages the consumption of wheat and barley products. But, it is recommended to verify labels on your meals to avoid any sort of allergic reaction.
  3. Low-salt content: Since the diet encourages natural and healthy foods instead of high in sodium processed foods, thereby, preparing a low-salt meal wouldn’t be a challenge for anyone.

Much to our relief, zone diet is a pocket-friendly formula that can be followed with minimum efforts from the dieters end.

Unfortunately, there are no official support groups available at the moment. But the website offers a support tool that comprises of a grocery list, food journal and some dine-out tips.

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