WatchOTC is a highly regarded website based on weight management.

It is considered to be an applicable source for extracting data and information that are updated meticulously.

It has been linked with a plethora of reliable sites including institutional and research websites.

We further support students through scholarship programs as an attempt to promote the idea of weight control for optimal mental and physical performance.

From exercises to wholesome eating, provide handy and practical suggestions that intend to pave way for a healthy well-being.

We encourage our followers to come up with their fitness concerns for explicit and accommodating solutions.


Our accredited workshop program will be based on:


Diet program will be conducted by a registered dietitian nutritionist who will provide customized assistance to every individual member of the activity.

weight loss workshopThe customized guidance will be tailored in consideration with the personal preferences, nutritional needs and lifestyle of the partakers.

The diet guide will promote balanced diet and discourage fancy foods.

It will further assist on the meal ideas, planning and preparation for the present and long term maintenance of weight.

Concisely, the nutritionist will help you learn to tackle your weight, step by step, methodically.  


The second half of the workshop is about fitness that is as imperative as diet.

fitness workshop

It will be led by a licensed fitness trainer who will persuade the members to discuss their habits and routine in person with the trainer.

The trainer will provide customized assistance pertaining to some adaptable and considerate level of training to the participants.

These activities will help them accomplish their fitness objectives, correspondingly.

To be a part of our workshop program, you need not to pay a single penny.

We ought to spread awareness on weight management and healthy lifestyle, and so, looking forward to accommodate your concerns without any personal benefit or whatsoever.